Best Pokemon Emulators (Android, iOS, Windows & Mac)

You’ll need an emulator to play your favourite Pokemon games on your Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac device. There are numerous excellent emulators available, the majority of them are free, while others are not.

We’ve included the most well-known, recommended, and top-rated Pokemon emulators below, organised by device type (PC, MAC, Android, iOS) and game type. (GBA, NDS, and 3DS)

Pokemon Emulator List

1mGBAWindows, MAC OS, UbuntuGBAClick here
2My Boy! Free – GBA EmulatorAndroidGBAClick here
3My Boy! – GBA EmulatorAndroidGBAClick here
4John GBA Lite – GBA emulatorAndroidGBAClick here
5CitraWindows, Mac OS, LinuxNintendo 3DSClick here
6OpenEmuMac OSGBA/NDS/GBCClick here
7Visual Boy AdvanceWindowsGBAClick here
8GBA4iOSiOSGBAClick here
9DraStic DS EmulatorAndroidNDSClick here
10John GBA – GBA emulatorAndroidGBAClick here
11My OldBoy! Free – GBC EmulatorAndroidGBCClick here
12John GBC Lite – GBC emulatorAndroidGBCClick here
13My OldBoy! – GBC EmulatorAndroidGBCClick here
14John GBC – GBC emulatorAndroidGBCClick here
15VBA-M for MacMAC OSGBA/GBCClick here
16VBA-M for WindowsWindowsGBA/GBCClick here
17DeSmuMEWindowsNDS32-bit (x86)
18No$GBAWindowsNDSClick here
19iNDSiOSNDSClick here
20RetroArchWindows, Mac, LinuxGBC,GBA,NDS, etc.Click here

Best Pokemon PC Emulator

There are numerous good Pokemon emulators for PC, however we recommend Visual Boy Advance or mGBA for playing GBA ROMs on your PC and DeSmuME for playing NDS ROMs. The vast majority of players use these emulators, which fully accept cheats. As a result, we strongly advise you to remain with these.

Android’s Best Pokemon Emulator

MyBoy is the greatest Android emulator available! and Drastic for NDS ROMs, as well as JohnGBA for GBA & GBC ROMs. They both encourage cheating and fast-forwarding.

Best iOS Emulator

Because of obvious reasons, there is currently no proper iOS emulation. To play your favourite Pokemon ROMs on your iPhone, you’ll need to use EclipseEmu, a web browser-based emulator. It works with the majority of the ROMs we’ve tested, so it should work with the majority of them.

Best Mac Emulator

We strongly recommend OpenEmu for Mac users. It is the preferred method for playing Pokemon ROMs on your Mac device. It is compatible with the GBA, NDS, GBC, N64, NES, PlayStation, and a variety of other formats.

Emulators: Free vs. Paid (For Android Users)

While the free versions of the emulators are sufficient for playing your favourite Pokemon games, if you want to experience everything the emulator has to offer and avoid commercials, you may need to purchase the premium edition of the emulator.

In most circumstances, it makes little impact, but commercials can be really irritating at times.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.