Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter

Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter

Download Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter GBA Rom (Pre-Patched)

Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter is a GBA Rom Hack made by c067912881 which is based on Pokemon Fire Red. It is now available to download and was last update on August 23, 2018.

  • Creator: c067912881
  • Version: Demo Fixed
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: August 23, 2018


In Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter you play as Yellow in the manga to locate the missing Red, who vanished following the battle he fought against Bruno. The Elite Four is on the hunt for Pikachu, who fled after the fight. Now they’re after you because you’re looking after Pikachu until you find Red. 


  • Play as Yellow
  • Capture all the Pokemon she obtains in the manga
  • You don’t need to worry about Gyms
  • Yellow’s Pokemon only evolve with a special item (eg. Ratty evolves with a Sharp Tooth)
  • Play chapters 4-7 from the manga
  • New OW sprites
  • Ride Doduo
  • Surf on a surfboard with Pikachu!
  • Day, Night and Seasons system
  • Gen 4 – 5 moves
  • Fairy type included

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Q: Where are the items that will evolve Yellow’s Pokemon?
A: It’s forced evolution now.

Q: Why was this hack restarted 3-4 times?
A: Bugs, glitches, etc…

Q: Are you continuing your other hacks; Blue and Green Chapter?
A: They will be in the future.

Q: Can I continue off of my current .sav?
A: Yes, you can if you were playing the most current Beta.



You can download the Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter GBA ROM from this page and you can download an Emulator for your device from this link to play the game.