Pokemon Clay’s Calamity 2

Pokemon Clay’s Calamity 2

Download Pokemon Clay’s Calamity 2 GBA Rom (Pre-Patched)

Pokemon Clay’s Calamity 2 takes place some years after Clay’s Calamity I, in which the main character, Clay, starts on a mission to become champion through the open world of Kanto. Clay then goes into hiding and is never seen again after finishing the league. Clay’s incredible agreement of every trainer and gym leader rocked Kanto so deeply that all of the gym leaders became stronger in an attempt to never let someone damage their world again.

  • Creator: fabulator
  • Version: v5.1 (Completed)
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Updated: May 22, 2018


What exactly do you do? Clay must be found and defeated!

Experience the most difficult Pokemon game ever produced as you travel through the entirely open world of Kanto with Pokemon from all three generations. Gym leaders are the most powerful foes you may face (second only to the Elite Four), and Pokemon are extremely versatile.

Every Gym Leader you defeat moves you closer to obtaining Clay. To finish this Pokemon game, you must solve the riddle and defeat Clay.


  • Open World- Travel anywhere you wish
  • Start with a Magikarp and Master Ball