Pokemon Fluorite Version

Pokemon Fluorite

Download Pokemon Fluorite Version GBA Rom Hack (Pre-Patched)

Pokemon Fluorite Version is a GBA Rom Hack made by Danny0317 based on Pokemon Emerald. It is now available to download in English and it was last updated on February 19, 2016.

  • Creator: Danny0317
  • Version: Beta 3
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: February 19, 2016


The tale of Pokemon Fluorite takes place four years after the events of Pokémon Emerald. Team Aqua and Team Magma are no longer in existence… in Hoenn.

Rumors about Team Aqua and Magma spread throughout the Hoenn region. However, no one believes them because they are only rumors.

The story begins with Team Aqua outlining their plans for the region in the midst of a thunderstorm. Soon later, a very identical event unfolds in another town, involving Team Magma, who have similar goals but actually use Groudon.

Two years prior, a scene depicts a player, at 13, receiving his/her first Pokémon, an abandoned Aipom, from a daycare. A year later, the player is now living happily in his or her hometown of Tentrem Town. His/her mother requests that he/she pick up some food at the Angel City Pokémart, which is two routes, one town, and one forest away. Having an Aipom should make that job much easier. However, along the journey, the player not only stops a robbery, but also meets a strange man who gives him/her a Pokédex and meets a strange group called “Team Magma.” When the player returns home to give his/her mother the groceries, a gang of teenage kids enters the house and asks him/her if he/she wants to join an organization called the “Regma Rangers,” the objective of which is to stop Team Aqua and Team Magma from causing harm to the region. After some persuasion, the player agrees.

In order to become a Pokémon Master and defeat every gym in the unique Regma area, the player must also carry out missions against Team Aqua and Team Magma, which results in teleportation, incarceration, and even being moved to another area.

How will it finally arrive to that point if these events take place throughout the year previous to the Team Aqua and Team Magma sequences that first started the game? How will Team Magma obtain Groudon, Team Aqua Kyogre, what will result, and how will the player prevent this from occurring?


  • A whole new story
  • Selected Pokemon from Gen 1-6
  • New region, Regma, with over 16 towns
  • Decapitalization
  • New sprites (soon)
  • Physical/Special split
  • Controllable boats
  • Reusable TMs




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You can download the Pokemon Fluorite Version GBA ROM from this page and you can download an Emulator for your device from this link to play the game.