Pokemon Nameless FireRed Project

Pokemon Nameless FireRed Project

Download Pokemon Nameless FireRed Project GBA Rom Hack (Pre-Patched)

Pokemon Nameless FireRed Project is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed. It is now available to download in English and it was last updated on February 28, 2017.

  • Creator: azurile13
  • Version: Alpha 1.02
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: February 28, 2017


  • Physical/Special Split
  • Gen IV – VI Attacks, Abilities, and Items
  • Mega Evolutions
  • Removed those badge stat boosts


  • Expanded dex; every non-legendary Pokemon obtainable
  • Hidden abilities
  • 120 TMs
  • OR/AS level-up movesets
  • Proper forms for Pokemon like Kyurem, Arceus, Burmy, Unown, etc.


  • Pokemon generation methods- Hidden Grottoes, pedometer-based Honey Trees, Swarms
  • Field effects for abilities such as Synchronize, Magnet Pull, Cute Charm, Compound Eyes, Flame Body
  • Dynamic dex areas to indicate swarms, roaming, and other stuff
  • “Wild triggers” such as babies automatically have 3 perfect IV
  • Updated non-berry oriented Pickup table
  • Phone system


  • Two Day-cares
  • Phone notifications for eggs
  • Destiny Knot, Power items, 100% Everstone, 80% slotted ability inheritance, pokeball inheritance, etc.
  • Move tutors & TMs can both be inherited from either parent
  • Lamarckism


  • Unlimited TM uses
  • Gigantic pockets
  • Oval Charm, Shiny Charm
  • Gen VI shiny rates
  • No grinding required
  • Cannot run indoors

Useful Stuff

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  • Encore doesn’t fail even if used before a move
  • Trainers mention Pokemon they don’t have in their dialogue
  • Can’t nickname a Pokemon that’s already been caught before
  • Discharge targets in a double battle
  • Tailwind doing nothing
  • Seafoam Island boulders disappearing


Bela, Chaos Rush, colcostyles, daniils, Darthatron, DoesntKnowHowToPlay, FBI Agent, Jambo51, JPAN, karatekid552, KDS, kleenexfeu, Knizz, MrDollSteak, Navenatox, Nex, Shiny Quagsire, Taの境界, tayub121, Touched, 874521 

You can download the Pokemon Nameless FireRed Project GBA ROM from this page and you can download an Emulator for your device from this link to play the game.