Pokemon Radical Red All Pokemon Changes

Pokemon Radical Red

Read Pokemon Radical Red All Pokemon Changes

At its foundation, Pokemon Radical Red is a difficulty hack with additional features, akin to Drayano60’s enhancement hacks, which grant access to practically all Pokemon while simultaneously adding necessary benefits.

It has various amazing features such as Mega Evolution, Pokemon from Gen 1-8, Dynamax Raid Battles, Hisuian Forms, a Much Higher Difficulty & Much More!

If you’re seeking for all Pokemon radical red alterations, we’ve got you covered! Click here to read all of the info for Pokemon Radical Red.

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Notable buffs are denoted with a (!), (!!) being an insane change 

Version: 3.02

Pokemon Radical Red All Pokemon Changes

Ability Changes

Illuminate – Boosts accuracy by 1.2x. Also has its existing field effect.

Flame Body/Steam Engine/Magma Armor – Field effect reduces the amount of steps needed to hatch eggs by 4x instead of 2x

Frisk – Now also has the functionality of boosting item spawn chances for wild Pokemon (like Compound Eyes/Super Luck).

Truant – Can now use healing moves on turns where you loaf around.

Emergency Exit – Now only forces the switch at the END of the turn (Normally, if you reach the threshold for Emergency Exit to proc you must switch out immediately). Also doesn’t force a flee in Wild Battles

Defeatist – Activates at 1/3 health instead of ½.

Corrosion – Now also has the functionality of allowing Poison moves to damage Steel types.

Iron Fist – Raised Iron Fist boost from 1.2x to 1.3x. Now also boosts Sucker Punch, but does not boost Wicked Blow.

Toxic Boost – Now immune to poison status damage on top of its existing functionality.

Flare Boost – Now immune to burn status damage on top of its existing functionality.

Illusion – 1.3x damage boost when in Illusion mode.

Forecast – Now sets weather depending on what weather rock is being held (Castform), and will set weather again when using Weather Ball.

Rivalry – 0.75x damage when attacking non–target gender –>1x damage when attacking non–target gender.

Shield Dust – Now also avoids damage from entry hazards.

Solar Power – No longer decreases HP at end of every sun turn.

Gulp Missile – Now reduces Speed instead of Defense in Gulping Form

Mega Launcher – Now also boosts Snipe Shot, Octazooka, and Flash Cannon.

Bulletproof – Now also blocks Snipe Shot, Flash Cannon, and Spike Cannon.

Water Compaction – reduces Water type damage by 50% on top of its current functionality 

Flower Gift – boosts Speed by 1.5x in Sun instead of Special Defense, no longer boosts partner in Double 

Battles (1.5x Attack and 1.5x Speed on Sun)

Quick Feet – boosts Speed by 2x when afflicted instead of 1.5x

Liquid Voice – Now also gives a 1.2x boost to Sound Moves

Zen Mode – Changes form regardless of health (So, becomes Zen Mode as soon as Darmanitan is switched in)

Reckless now also boosts Explosion, Self Destruct, and Misty Explosion

Ice Body now has a 30% chance to inflict frostbite on the top of its existing functionality 

New Abilities

Blademaster – Boosts sword/cutting moves by 1.2x and gives them a +1 crit ratio.

Moves affected by Blademaster: Sacred Sword, Secret Sword, Psycho Cut, Cut, Slash, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, False Swipe, X–Scissor, Solar Blade, Fury Cutter, Razor Shell, Shadow Claw, Stone Axe, Ceaseless Edge.

Striker – Boosts kicking moves by 1.3x.

Moves affected by Striker: Blaze Kick, Jump Kick, High Jump Kick, Triple Axel, Triple Kick, Stomp, Mega Kick, Low Kick, Rolling Kick, Trop Kick, Pyro Ball, High Horsepower, Double Kick.

Feline Prowess – Doubles Special Attack (special Huge Power).

Flaming Soul – If at full HP, fire-type moves have +1 priority (Fire-type Gale Wings).

Sage Power – Automatically locked into the first move chosen, but boosts Special Attack by 1.5x (Gorilla Tactics for Special moves).

Surprise! – Random Effect on a switch in (Delibird signature ability).

ORAORAORAORA/Raging Boxer  Punch moves hit twice, with second hit deals 0.5x (Mega Machamp signature ability).

Bad Company  Prevents self-lowering stat drops and recoil (Mega Duraludon signature ability, combos with Draco Meteor/Steel Beam).

Parasitic Waste  Attacks that can poison also heal for 50% (Mega Garbodor signature ability).

Mountaineer  Immune to Rock attacks and Stealth Rocks

Bull Rush – Boosts Speed by 1.5x, Attack by 1.2x on the first turn (same activation requirements as Fake Out) 

Primal Armor – Reduces damage received from Super Effective Attacks by 50%

Self Sufficient – Heals 1/16 at the end of every turn.

Fatal Precision – Super Effective Moves from this Pokemon can’t miss and receive a 20% damage boost.

Bone Zone – Bone-Based moves ignore immunities and also deal double damage on not very effective. (Cubone, Marowak, Alolan Marowak signature ability)

Blubber Defense – Reduces the amount of damage the pokemon takes while its HP is full. (essentially Multiscale)

Quill Rush – Boosts Attack by 1.2x & Boosts Speed by 1.5x on the first turn (Essentially Bull Rush)

Move Changes

Drill Peck has an increased crit rate.

Shadow Punch 60BP –> 80 BP

Chatter 65 BP –> 80 BP

Lovely Kiss 75 Accuracy –> 85 Accuracy

Triple Kick 10BP –> 20 BP

Charge Beam 90 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy, 100% chance to boost SpA instead of 70

Explosion, and Selfdestruct halves defense of the target again, but BP is reduced to 150, and 100 respectively.

Head Smash 80 Accuracy –> 85 Accuracy

Poison Fang 50BP –> 75 BP

Diamond Storm Physical–> Special

Tail Slap 85 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy

Fly 95 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy

Shadow Claw 70 BP –> 80 BP

Attack Order 90 BP –> 120 BP

Slam 75 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy

Arm Thrust 15 BP –> 25 BP

Dragon Hammer 90 BP –> 100 BP

Skull Bash now raises both Attack and Defense on charging turn rather than just Defense.

Parabolic Charge 65 BP –> 75 BP

Revelation Dance 90 BP –> 100 BP

Snipe Shot Crit rate increased to +2 from +1, 80 BP –> 70

Octazooka 65 –> 80 BP, 85 Acc –> 100 Acc, 100% chance to lower speed. Boosted by Mega Launcher.

Overheat 90 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy

Draco Meteor 90 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy

Psycho Boost 90 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy

Fleur Cannon 90 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy

Leaf Storm 90 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy

Inferno 100 BP –> 120 BP

Mega Drain 40 BP –> 60 BP

Jaw Lock Dark –> Fighting, 80 BP –> 90 BP

Misty Explosion Now also halves the target’s Sp. Def

Beat Up Now a 2-5 multi-hit move with 25BP

Revelation Dance Normal –> Fairy

Flash Now an Electric Attacking Move with 60BP, 100 Accuracy, 50% chance to lower the Attack

Rock Smash 40 BP –> 60 BP

Cut Normal –> Steel with 75BP, 100 Accuracy

Razor Shell 95 Accuracy –> 100 Accuracy, has a high chance of critical hits instead of a 50% chance to lower Defense

King’s Shield Does not lower attack anymore

Wide Guard Now can fail on consecutive usage (Same formula as Protect)

Strength Sap PP 10 -> 5

Needle Arm BP 50->95

Roar of Time Now an 80 BP 100 accuracy Special Dragon Tail (negative priority that forces the opponent out if it lands), currently not obtainable in a normal playthrough

Shell Side Arm 90 BP->100 BP Special New effect: Bypasses abilities and has a 10% chance to inflict poison.

Volt Tackle – Now does 25% recoil damage rather than 33%

Gear Grind Acc 85->100

Head Charge – Now has a 10% chance to lower Defense (so that it gets boosted by Sheer Force for Tauros)

Jaw Lock – No longer traps the user from switching out

Ice Hammer – Accuracy 90->100, No longer lowers the user’s Speed

Low Sweep 65 BP->60 BP (Technician boosted)

Luster Purge BP 70->85 5 PP->10 PP (Meloetta, Latios) 

Mist Ball BP 70->85, 5 PP->10 PP (Meloetta, Latias)

Snap Trap – Type Grass->Steel, 35 BP->100 BP, 100 Acc->85 Accuracy, PP 15->5 (Physical Steel Magma Storm)

PLA’s Frostbite has replaced Freeze status. Note, that it’s still called “freeze”.

New Freeze:

  • Freeze inflicts 1/16 damage to the afflicted Pokemon at the end of the turn, and also halves Special Attack (special burn)

Will-O-Wisp is guaranteed to hit when used by a Fire-type

Thunder Wave is guaranteed to hit when used by an Electric-type

Rock Tomb Accuracy 95->100

Metal Claw Accuracy 95->100

Fire Fang Accuracy 95->100

Ice Fang Accuracy 95->100

Thunder Fang Accuracy 95->100

Mud Shot Accuracy 95->100

Hyper Fang Accuracy 95->100

Icy Wind acc 95->100

Electroweb acc 95->100

Snarl acc 95->100

Air Cutter acc 95->100

Air Slash Acc 95->100

Glaciate acc 95->100

Light of Ruin acc 90->100

Razor Leaf Acc 95->100

Rock Throw Acc 90->100

Take Down Acc 85->100

Slam 90 Acc->100 Acc

Fake Out 10 PP->5 PP, Feather Dance 15 PP->5 PP

Rock Slide 90 Acc->100 Acc, 30% Flinch->20% flinch

Stone Edge 80 Acc->90 Acc

Tri Attack 80 Attack->90 Attack

Aeroblast Acc 95->100

Power Whip Acc 85->90

Swagger Acc 85->90

Hammer Arm Acc 90->100

Diamond Storm Acc 95->100

Drill Run Acc 95->100

Zen Headbutt Acc 90->100

Play Rough Acc 90->100

High Horsepower Acc 95->100

Steel Beam Acc 95->100

Strange Stream Acc 95->100

Crush Claw Acc 95->100

Flying Press Acc 95->100

Pin Missile Acc 95->100

Aqua Tail Acc 90->100

Blaze Kick Acc 90->100

Circle Throw Acc 90->100

Dragon Tail Acc 90->100

Icicle Crash Acc 90->100

Rock Blast Acc 90->100

Double Hit Acc 90->100

Dual Chop Acc 90->100

Belch Acc 90->100

Bone Rush Acc 90->100

Giga Impact Acc 90->100

Meteor Beam Acc 90->100

Frost Breath Acc 90->100

Scale Shot Acc 90->100

Rock  Wrecker Acc 90->100

Sky Uppercut Acc 90->100

Steel Wing Acc 90->100

Double Slap Acc 90->100

Fury Attack Acc 85->100

Swagger Acc 85->90

Fury Swipes Acc 80->100

Submission Acc 80->100

Genesis Supernova (Mew Z-Move) has been changed to give +1 to all stats upon hit

Eevium Z has been modified to also work on Eeveelutions, but only gives +2 to Offensive Stats (Shell Smash without the Defense drops basically)

Frenzy Plant – 160 BP, 4 PP, 100 Acc recharge move but does not need to recharge on kill. 80% chance to badly poison.

Blast Burn – 160 BP, 4 PP, 100 Acc recharge move but does not need to recharge on kill. 60% chance to burn.

Hydro Cannon – 160 BP, 4 PP, 100 Acc recharge move but does not need to recharge on kill. 60% chance to freeze (frostbite)

Meteor Assault – 160 BP, 4 PP, 100 Acc recharge move but does not need to recharge on kill. 60% chance to paralyze

New Moves

Dark Hole  100 BP Special Dark Move 5 PP with a 40% chance to sleep, bypasses Substitute (Not currently obtainable in a normal playthrough)

Forbidden Spell  5 PP move that can call one of 8 random moves: Shell Smash, Healing Wish, Dark Hole, Tail Glow, Roar of Time, Quiver Dance, No Retreat, Soul Robbery 

Aqua Fang – 80 BP 10 PP Physical Water Move with no secondary effect, boosted by Strong Jaw

Soul Robbery – 100 BP 5 PP Special Psychic Spectral Thief (steal opponents boosts before attacking) Currently not obtainable in a normal playthrough

Sonic Slash (New signature ninjask move) – 10 PP move Single Target Flying Physical Move: 140 BP if the user’s speed is 3* the target’s speed or greater, 120 BP if 2* the target’s speed, 80 BP if less than 2* the target’s speed

– Sappy Seed – 95 BP 100 Acc 5 PP Single Target Grass Physical Move: Deals damage and leaves Leech Seed(if applicable) on its target (Cradily, Parasect, Leafeon, Maractus)

– Zippy Zap – 50 BP 100 Acc  5 PP Single Target Electric Physical Move: +1 Priority move that always results in a critical hit (Pikachu/Raichu, Zebstrika, Togedemaru, Morpeko)

– Freezy Frost – 95 BP 100 Acc 5 PP Single Target Ice Special Move: Eliminates stat change after dealing damage. This effect occurs even if they are behind a sub, or if it faints the enemy Pokemon. (Cryogonal, Pikachu-Belle, Regice, Mr. Mime-G/Mr. Rime)

– Sparkly Swirl – 95 BP 100 Acc 5 PP Single Target Fairy Special Move: Eliminates status conditions in the user’s party after dealing damage. This effect occurs even if they are behind a sub, or if it faints the enemy Pokemon. (Aromatisse, Comfey, Shiinotic, Mr. Mime, Pikachu-Pop Star)

– Bouncy Bubble – 90 BP 100 Acc 5 pp Single Target Water Special Move: Deals damage and 50% of the damage is restored to the user (Wailord, Milotic, Pikachu-Surfing, Pincurchin)

Draco Barrage (Only on AI in Hardcore and select Dragon Pokemon at Level 85/100)

100 BP move that is physical/special depending on which stat is higher, bypasses Fairy Immunity, deals ⅓ damage recoil to the user

Stone Axe – 65 BP 100 Acc Rock Physical Move that traps the opponent and deals damage at end of turn for 2-5 turns(Fire Spin effect). Makes contact, Blademaster boosted.

Ceaseless Edge – 70 BP 100 Acc Dark Physical Move: Traps the opponent and deals damage at end of turn for 2-5 turns(Fire Spin effect). Makes contact, Blademaster boosted.

Infernal Parade – 60 BP 100 Acc Ghost Special Move: Has 30% chance to burn the target, deals double damage if the opponent is afflicted.

Barb Barrage – 60 BP 100 Acc Poison Physical Move (Does not make contact): Has 30% chance to poison the target, deals double damage if the opponent is afflicted.

Headlong Rush – 120 BP 100 Acc Ground Physical Move – Attacking move that lowers user’s Def/SpDef (Close Combat effect) Makes contact.

Triple Arrows – 60 BP 100 Acc Fighting Physical Move – Attacking move that has 100% chance to lower the opponent’s defense, and gives focus energy boost after hit (Focus Energy gives +2 Crit ratio). Striker boosted, makes contact. 

Chloroblast – 120 BP 100 Acc Grass Special Move –  Attacking move that has ⅓ recoil (Special Wood Hammer).

Victory Dance – 15 PP Set Up move that gives +1 Attack, Defense, Speed (Physical Quiver Dance)

Bitter Malice – 60 BP 100 Acc Ghost Special Move: Has 30% chance to Freeze, deals double damage if the opponent is afflicted.

Esper Wing 40 BP Psychic Special Move, +1 Priority, 10% Chance to Lower Spec Def so it’s boosted by Sheer Force

Mega Evolution Changes

Camerupt HP 70->90, Mega Camerupt HP 70->90, Attack 120->100, Def 100->110, SpDef 105->115 

Mega Audino Ability Healer->Regenerator

Mega Glalie Attack 120->135, SpA 120->105

Mega Abomasnow Ability Snow Warning->Slush Rush Speed 30->60 (!)

Mega Steelix Ability Sand Force->Heatproof

Mega Banette Ghost -> Ghost/Normal

Mega Ampharos Ability 1 Mold Breaker->Thick Fat, Hidden Ability None->Mold Breaker

Mega Houndoom Ability Solar Power if base Ability is Flash Fire, Dark Aura is base Ability is Early Bird/Unnerve, Attack 90 -> 110

Mega Slowbro Ability Regenerator if base Ability is Oblivious/Own Tempo, Battle Armor if base Ability is Regenerator 

Mega Sceptile Ability Lightningrod -> Technician, Attack 110 -> 135, SpA 130 -> 110 (!!)

Mega Gallade Ability Blademaster if base Ability is Steadfast, Inner Focus if base Ability is Justified

Mega Absol Type Dark->Dark/Fairy, Ability Magic Bounce if base Ability is Pressure, Blademaster if base Ability is Super Luck/Justified

Altaria HP 75->85, Mega Altaria HP 75->85

Mega Garchomp Defense 115->105, Speed 92->102

New Megas

Mega Butterfree (Butterfreeite found in Viridian Forest with Rock Smash):




Mega Machamp (Machampite Power Plant)


Raging Boxer


Mega Garbodor (Garbodorite Silph Co)


Parasitic Waste


Mega Kingler (Route 18)


Tough Claws


Mega Snorlax (Route 23)


Thick Fat


Mega Lapras (Seafoam Islands)


Liquid Voice


Mega Drednaw (Route 19)


Strong Jaw


Mega Coalossal (Rock Tunnel Rock Smash)




Mega Orbeetle (Route 2 Rock Smash)


Magic Guard


Mega Toxtricity (Mandatory event)


Punk Rock


Mega Duraludon (Mandatory event)


Bad Company


Mega Copperajah (Surf in Vermillion)


Sheer Force


Mega Centiskorch (Beat Ace Trainer in Route 8 after you get Mega Ring)




Mega Sandaconda (Beat Ace Trainer in Route 15)




Mega Flapple (Beat Trainers in Celadon Hotel after Mega Ring)


Dragon’s Maw


Mega Appletun (Beat Trainers in Celadon Hotel after Mega Ring)




Mega Alcremie (Get ingredients for a girl’s cake in Saffron)


Self Sufficient



Any move Bolded indicates new compatibility compared to Vanilla Gen 8

Not listed but also present are the stat buffs from the latest gens!

I’ve changed some Pokemon to be able to have their hidden abilities as normal abilities; this is so you don’t have to go through the DexNav/Bottle Cap grind in order to obtain their HA.

Also, you can view Base_stats.c to view the base stats, possibly held items, and abilities for all Pokemon, and the learnsets to view the level-up learnsets of all Pokemon as well.


All Pokemon with Pickpocket->Infiltrator

All Pokemon with Keen Eye->Frisk

All Pokemon with Shell Armor -> Battle Armor

All Pokemon with White Smoke -> Clear Body

All Pokemon with Air Lock -> Cloud Nine

All Pokemon with Power of Alchemy -> Receiver

All Pokemon with Poison Point -> Poison Touch

Rattled has been removed from the game (to make room for Unseen Fist).

– Cubchoo Rattled-> Swift Swim, Yamper Rattled->Competitive, Toxel Rattled->Lightningrod, Magikarp Rattled->Hydration, Bonsly/Sudowoodo Rattled->none, Dunsparce Rattled->None, Snubbull Rattled->defiant, Poochyena Rattled->Moxie, Whismur Rattled->Scrappy, Clamperl Rattled->Hydration


Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur learn Sludge at level 15 instead of Sweet Scent, Sludge Bomb at Level 39 instead of Worry Seed, Venusaur Learns Chloroblast at Level 60, can learn Dig from ™

Charmander gets Fire Lash as Egg Move

Blastoise learns Shell Smash at Level 82

Butterfree SpA 90->95

Beedrill learns Megahorn at Level 100, and Gunk Shot from Move Tutor (!)

Pidgeot can learn Focus Blast from TM, Hyper Voice from ™

Raticate HP 55->60, Attack 81->91

A-Raticate Attack 71->86

Fearow Keen Eye->Frisk,  Ability 2->Technician, Attack 90->100, Speed 100->115, learns Double Hit on evolution, Brave Bird at Level 48 and from ™ (!)

Arbok Poison->Poison/Dark, HP 60->75, Defense 69->75, HA Unnerve -> Strong Jaw, learns Jaw Lock at Level 44

Pikachu learns Fake Out at Level 1, ExtremeSpeed at Level 36, Zippy Zap at Level 57, Calm Mind from TM

Pikachu-Belle Electric -> Electric/Ice can learn Icicle Spear from Move Tutor

Pikachu-Rock Star Electric -> Electric/Steel can learn Iron Head from Move Tutor

Pikachu-Pop Star Electric -> Electric/Fairy can learn Dazzling Gleam from TM

Pikachu-Libre Electric -> Electric/Fighting can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

Pikachu-Flying Electric->Electric/Flying can learn Hurricane from Move Tutor

Pikachu-PhD Electric->Electric/Psychic can learn Zen Headbutt from Move Tutor

Raichu HP 60->70, Attack 90->100, SpA 90->100, Can learn Calm Mind from TM

Sandslash Attack 100->110, Defense 110->120, SpA 45->25, SpDef 55->65, learns Spikes, Spiky Shield at level 1

Sandshrew-A learn Ice Shard from Egg move and at Level 5

A-Sandslash Ability Snow Cloak->Slush Rush, Hidden Ability Slush Rush->Ice Scales (!), Attack 100->110

A-Sandslash learns Spikes, and Spiky Shield at level 1

A-Ninetales Ability 2 None->Serene Grace,  learns Aurora Veil at Level 75, Can learn Energy Ball by TM

Wigglytuff Cute Charm->Sheer Force, learns Moonblast at Level 50, Lovely Kiss at Level 65

Zubat, Golbat Ability 1 Inner Focus->Infiltrator, Ability 2 None -> Sniper, Hidden Ability Infiltrator->Corrosion

Oddish learns Strength Sap at Level 54

Gloom learns Strength Sap at Level 62, Apple Acid at Level 66

Vileplume learns Strength Sap at Level 67, Apple Acid at Level 70

Parasect HP 60->80, Attack 95->110, Defense 80->100, learns Crabhammer at Level 47, Sappy Seed at Level 44

Venomoth Type Bug/Poison->Bug Psychic Defense 60->65, SpA 90->95

A-Dugtrio Attack 100->110

Meowth-G learns Bullet Punch as Egg move

Persian Attack 70->80, SpA 65 -> 60, HA Feline Power, can learn Dazzling Gleam from TM, Surf from HM

Persian-A SpA 75->55, HA Feline Power, can learn Dazzling Gleam from TM, Surf from HM

Golduck Type Water -> Water/Psychic, ability Damp -> Swift Swim, HA Cloud Nine -> Neuroforce, SpA 95 -> 100, Speed 85 -> 100, learns Nasty Plot at Level 41 and from Move Tutor, Teleport from ™

Poliwrath learns Surging Strikes at Level 66, and can learn Flip Turn from ™

Machop learns Mach Punch at level 1

Machamp can learn Drain Punch from TM

Victreebel Defense 65->70, SpDef 70->75, can learn Gunk Shot from Move Tutor

Tentacruel Attack 70->60, Defense 65->80, SpA 80->90, can learn Flip Turn from TM, Nasty Plot from Move Tutor

Golem learns Headlong Rush at level 46, learns Head Smash at Level 60 instead of Heavy Slam, learns Body Press and Heat Crash from TM

Geodude-A, Graveler-A Magnet Pull->Rock Head

 Golem-A Sturdy->Magnet Pull learns Head Smash at Level 60 instead of Heavy Slam, learns Volt Tackle at level 68, can learn Body Press and Heat Crash from ™

Ponyta-G, Rapidash-G Psychic/Fairy->Fire/Fairy, learn Flame Charge at Level 10 instead of Confusion, Flame Wheel at Level 25 instead of Psybeam, Flare Blitz at Level 50 instead of Psychic

Rapidash-G SpA 80->60, Speed 105->125, learns Fire Lash on Evolution & at Level 1

Rapidash Ability Run Away->Reckless, HA Flame Body -> Flaming Soul, SpA 80->60, Speed 105->125, can learn Fire Lash at Level 1 and Evolution, Jump Kick at Level 55 (!)

Slowbro-G Attack 100->75, Defense 95->105, SpA 100->115

Dodrio Ability Run Away->Rock Head can learn U-turn from TM

Dewgong Ability Hydration->Ice Scales (!) Attack 70->50, SpA 70->90, can learn Scald from TM

Muk Ability Stench->Regenerator

Muk-A learns Parting Shot at Level 1, Sucker Punch at Level 63

Gengar Ability 1 Cursed Body->Levitate

Kingler learns Aqua Jet at Level 1, Meteor Mash at Level 69, Ice Hammer at Level 75, Ice PunchIron Head, and Close Combat from Move Tutor

Voltorb Hidden Ability Aftermath->Galvanize

Electrode Hidden Ability Aftermath>Galvanize, Attack 50->55, SpA 80->100,  learns Tri Attack at Level 1, Court Change at 57,  Flash CannonHyper VoiceFocus Blast, Weather Ball from ™

Exeggutor can learn Earth Power, Weather Ball from Move Tutor, Learns Chloroblast at Level 68

Exeggutor-A can learn Weather Ball from Move Tutor, Learns Chloroblast at Level 68

Cubone Ability Lightning Rod -> Battle Armor, Hidden Ability Battle Armor -> Bone Zone

Kanto Marowak Ability Lightning Rod -> Battle Armor, Hidden Ability Battle Armor -> Bone Zone, HP 60->80, SpA 50->30, learns Head Smash through Egg Move

Marowak-A Ability Cursed Body -> Lightning Rod, Hidden Ability Lightning Rod -> Bone Zone

Hitmonchan Attack 105->115, learns Sucker Punch at Level 50 instead of Detect

Hitmonlee Limber->Unburden, Hidden Ability Unburden->Striker,  learns Sucker Punch at Level 29 instead of Brick Break, learns Pyro Ball at Level 66

Farfetch’d Type Normal/Flying->Fighting/Flying, Hidden Ability Blademaster, HP 52->75, Defense 55->70, SpDef 62->77, learns Sacred Sword at 60, learns Drill Peck at Level 72, can learn ™ Brick Break. Signature item change:

Stick: Boost Farfetch’d Crit rate +2 -> Boost Farfetch’d Crit Rate +1 + Boost Speed by 1.5x

Farfetch’d-G can learn Roost from ™,  Drill Run from Move Tutor

Primeape Hidden Ability Defiant->Gorilla Tactics (!!)

Onix HP 35->50, Attack 45->60, Defense 160->150, Speed 70->65, Onix learns Earthquake at Level 57

Hypno Hidden Ability Inner Focus -> Psychic Surge (!)

Kangaskhan Learns Seismic Toss at Level 100 (!!)

Seaking Swift Swim->Lightningrod, Hidden Ability Lightningrod->Rain Dish, learns Aqua Jet at level 1, Fishious Rend at Level 60

Mr. Mime Hidden Ability Technician->Misty Surge, HP 40->50, learns Sparkly Swirl at Level 62

Mr. Mime-G learns Freezy Frost at Level 62

Pinsir learns Megahorn at Level 60, Double-Edge at level 69, 

Lapras Water/Ice->Water/Dragon, Ability Shell Armor->Hydration, learns Dragon Pulse at Level 50 instead of Sheer Cold, Wish at Level 60, Dragon Hammer at Level 70, Outrage as Egg Move, gets Scald by TM

Tauros SpA 40->70, learns Head Charge at Level 76, can learn Play Rough, Flare Blitz from Move Tutor

Vaporeon can learn Calm Mind from TM

Jolteon learns Spikes at Level 1, and can learn Calm Mind from TM

Flareon Ability Guts->Toxic Boost (takes no poison damage in RR), Defense 60->70, SpDef 110->100, SpA 95->65, Speed 65->95, learns Sacred Fire at Level 70, can learn TM Calm MindStomping Tantrum from Move Tutor

Jynx Ability Oblivious->Dry Skin Defense 35->50, Speed 95->100, learns Psystrike at Level 65, Psycho Boost at Level 80, Aura Sphere from move Tutor

Kabutops Ability Swift Swim -> Weak Armor, Hidden Ability Swift Swim -> Blademaster, learns Razor Shell on Evolution, Sacred Sword at Level 63

Aerodactyl can learn U-turn from TM

Snorlax learns Wood Hammer at Level 65

Zapdos learns Bolt Beak at level 1

Dragonite learns Dragon Hammer at Level 100

Articuno HA Snow Cloak->Shield Dust, Attack 85->70, Speed 85->105, can learn Calm MindFocus Blast from ™, learns Aura Sphere from Move Tutor

Articuno-G Attack 85->70, Defense 85->95, Speed 95->100, Learns Espur Wing at level 1, can learn Roost, Defog, Focus Blast from TM

Zapdos-G can learn Defog, Dig, and Roost from TM

Moltres-G can learn Roost, Scorching Sands, and Defog from TM


Meganium Grass->Grass/Fairy, Hidden Ability Overgrow->Triage (!), can learn Play Rough from Move Tutor, Dazzling Gleam from TM, Draining Kiss on Evolution & at Level 1

Typhlosion Ability Blaze ->Flash Fire, Hidden Ability Flash Fire->Flaming Soul (!!), learns Scorching Sands at Level 61 and from TM

Totodile, Croconaw, Feraligatr Ability Torrent -> Sheer Force, Hidden Ability Sheer Force -> Strong Jaw

Feraligatr learns Aqua Fang at Level 69, Jaw Lock at Level 72

Furret Ability Run Away->Adaptability, Attack 76->86 (!), learns Sucker Punch at Level 32 instead of Rest, 36 Extreme Speed, 56 DoubleEdge instead of Hyper Voice

Noctowl HP 100->110, Learns Espur Wing at level 1, Oblivion Wing at Level 70 instead of Dream Eater

Ledian Bug/Flying->Bug/Fighting Ability Early Bird->Iron Fist Attack 35->90, SpA 55->35, SpDef 110->100 (!), learns Power-Up Punch on evolution & at Level 1, Lunge at Level 38, Drain Punch instead of Double Edge at Level 47, First Impression at Level 55, Victory Dance at Level 70, Close Combat at Level 70 and from Move Tutor. Learns Bulk Up by TM

Ariados Ability Insomnia->No Guard, Attack 90->95, Speed 40->70,  learns Gunk Shot at Level 46 and from Move Tutor, Megahorn at Level 49

Crobat Ability 2: Sniper, SpA 70->90

Lanturn  learns Parabolic Charge at Level 43 instead of Take Down

Xatu SpA 95->105, Speed 95->105, Learns Espur Wing at level 1

Ampharos learns Tail Glow at Level 75

Bellossom Type Grass->Grass/Fairy, HP 75->85, Attack 80->70,  learns Moonblast at Level 1, Fiery Dance at Level 64

Sudowoodo HP 70->90

Politoed can learn ™ Flip Turn

Jumpluff Ability Hidden Ability Infiltrator->Aerilate, Attack 55->85, SpA 55->35, can learn Solar Blade from ™

Aipom learns Quick Attack at Level 1 instead of Scratch

Sunflora Grass -> Grass/Fire HP 75->95, SpA 105->135, Speed 30 -> 55, learns Flame Burst at Level 1 and on Evolution, Seed Flare at Level 50, Fiery Dance at Level 60, can learn OverheatFlamethrowerFire Blast from TM, Mystical Fire from Move Tutor

Quagsire HP 95->100, Def 85->90

Espeon learns Fiery Dance at Level 65, can learn TM Teleport

Umbreon learns Sucker Punch at level 25 instead of Assurance, and can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor

Murkrow can learn U-turn from ™, Knock Off from Move Tutor,

Girafarig Inner Focus->Sap Sipper, Hidden Ability Sap Sipper->Parental Bond, learns Boomburst at level 56

Forretress Level 42 learns Lunge instead of Iron Defense

Dunsparce Defense 70->80, SpDef 65->75m learns No Retreat at Level 41 instead of Endeavor

Granbull Type Fairy->Fairy/Fighting, Ability 2 Quick Feet->Strong Jaw, HA Rattled->Bull Rush, HP 90->100, learns Hammer Arm at Level 55, Flare Blitz from Move Tutor

Qwilfish Ability 1 Poison Point-> Prankster,  Attack 95->105, cannot learn Haze from Egg Moves (Too powerful with Prankster), can learn Gunk Shot from Move Tutor

Scizor learns Psycho Cut at Level 1, Curse at Level 65, Close Combat from Move Tutor, Calm Mind from ™, 

Delibird Hidden ability insomnia->Surprise!, Attack 55->100, Speed 75->105 (!), learns Extreme Speed at Level 60

Shuckle Ability Gluttony->Solid Rock

Heracross learns Drill Run from Move Tutor, And First Impression at Level 100, can learn Calm Mind, and Outrage from Move Tutor

Teddiursa, Ursaring can learn High Horsepower from Move Tutor

Magcargo Ability Magma Armor->Simple (!!), learns Power Gem at Level 29 instead of Rock Slide, No Retreat at level 64. Learns Shell Smash at level 100

Corsola Natural Cure->Regenerator, HP 65->85, Def 95->100, SpDef 95->100

Corsola-G Ability 2 None -> Unburden

Octillery Suction Cups->Mega Launcher, Hidden Ability Moody->Skill Link, Speed 45->75,  Level 58 learns Snipe Shot instead of Hyper beam, learns Icicle Spear, Pin Missile, Aura Sphere from a move tutor

Mantine SpA 80->90

Houndoom learns Fiery Wrath at Level 56

Kingdra learns Snipe Shot at level 70

Donphan HA Sand Veil->Technician can learn Rock Blast, and Drill Run from Move Tutor, Bonemerang at Level 65. 

Stantler Frisk->Reckless learns Horn Leech at Level 33 instead of Role Play, Hyper Voice from TM, Play Rough from Move Tutor

Miltank Attack 80->85

Tyrogue learns Skull BashFake Out as Egg Move

Hitmontop learns Sucker Punch at Level 28 instead of Counter

Entei can learn Earthquake from ™, Close Combat from Move Tutor

Tyranitar can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor


Sceptile Grass -> Grass/Dragon, Attack 85 -> 105, SpA 105 -> 85, learns Scale Shot at Level 80

Blaziken learns Triple Arrows at Level 56

Mightyena Ability Quick Feet->Strong Jaw Attack 90->95, learns Psychic Fangs at Level 1 instead of Thief, Jaw Lock at Level 48 instead of Take Down

Zigzagoon-G learns Pursuit from Egg Moves

Linoone HP 78->85, Attack 70-85

Beautifly SpA 100->105, Speed 65->75

Dustox HP 60->80, Attack 50->40, SpA 50->60

Shiftry Attack 100->120, SpA 90->110, learns Parting Shot on Evolution

Swellow Hidden Ability Scrappy->Aerilate, learns Boomburst at Level 65

Wingull Ability Hydration->Rain Dish, HA Rain Dish->Hydration

Pelipper Ability Drizzle->Rain Dish, HA Rain Dish -> Drizzle

Gardevoir learns Recover at Level 70, Aura Sphere from Move Tutor, Ice Beam from TM 

Masquerain Bug/Flying->Water/Bug HP 70->80, learns Hurricane from Move Tutor

Slakoth, Slaking Buff to Ability Truant: Can now use healing moves on turns they loaf around (!) Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor, Slaking learns Double Edge at Level 66

Ninjask learns First Impression at Level 36, Sonic Slash at Level 54, can learn Drill Run from Move Tutor

Whismur Ability 2 None->Oblivious

Loudred HA Scrappy->Punk Rock

Exploud Ability Ability 2 None->Scrappy, HA Scrappy->Punk Rock, Attack 91->81, Speed 68->73, learns Overdrive at Level 63

Hariyama can learn Drain Punch from ™

Delcatty Ability Normalize->Wonder Skin, Hidden Ability Wonder Skin->Feline Power, SpA 55->65, can learn Draining Kiss from ™

Mawile learns Double Iron Bash at Level 100(!!)

Medicham can learn Close Combat from move tutor

Manectric HA Minus->Intimidate

Plusle Ability 2 None->Lightningrod, HA Lightningrod->Transistor, Speed 95->110, can learn Weather Ball from Move Tutor, Surf from TM, can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor

Minun Ability 2 None->Lightningrod, HA Lightningrod->Galvanize, Attack 40->85, Defense 50->75, SpA 75->50, SpDef- 85>40, Speed 95->110, learns Double Edge at Level 43 instead of Thunder,  Extreme Speed at Level 50, Fake Out at Level 54, can learn Surf from TM, can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor

Volbeat Bug->Bug/Electric,  Ability Swarm->Prankster HP 65->85, Attack 73->47, SpA 47->90, Speed 85->100, can learn Volt Switch from TM

Illumise Bug->Bug Fairy, HP 65->85, Attack 47->90, SpA 73->47, Speed 85->100

Swalot Hidden Ability Gluttony -> Magic Guard, Attack 83 -> 88, Defense 83 -> 88 SpA 73 -> 93, SpDef 83 -> 88, learns Blizzard, Focus Blast, Hydro Pump from TM, Earth Power from Move Tutor

Sharpedo learns Aqua Fang at Level 75

Wailord Ability Oblivious->Blubber Defense, HP 170->150, Attack 90->50, Def 45->80, SpA 90->105, SpDef 45->80, Speed 60->50, learns Bouncy Bubble at Level 55, can learn Focus Blast from Move Tutor

Camerupt HP 70->90, learns Slack Off at Level 63, Steam Eruption at Level 66, Magma Storm at Level 72 Scald through ™

Grumpig HP 80->90, learns Slack Off at Level 66

Spinda all stats 60->80

Glalie HA Moody -> Refrigerate, learns Quick Attack at Level 1, Fake Out at Level 45, can learn Hyper Voice from TM

Vibrava Hidden Ability Tinted Lens

Flygon Ability 2: Compound Eyes, Hidden Ability Tinted Lens, HP 80->100, SpA 80->100, learns Headlong Rush at Level 70

Cacnea, Cacturne secondary ability->Water Absorb, Hidden Ability Water Absorb->Sand Rush

Cacturne Attack 115->120, SpA 115->120, can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor

Altaria HP 75->85, Calm Mind, Brave Bird from ™, Hurricane from Move Tutor

Zangoose Ability Immunity->Tough Claws, Defense 60->70, SpDef 60->70, Speed 90->100, learns Fake Out at Level 40

Seviper Ability Shed Skin -> Merciless, HA Corrosion -> Fatal Precision, HP 73 -> 83, Defense 60 -> 83, SpDef 60 -> 83, Speed 80 -> 100, learns Gunk Shot at Level 53, Hypnosis at Level 65, Fire Blast from TM, Gunk ShotPower WhipIce Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang from Move Tutor

Lunatone SpA 95->105 Speed 70->90, learns Future Sight at Level 33 instead of Heal Block, Photon Geyser at Level 41 instead of Future Sight

Solrock Attack 95->105 Speed 70->90, learns Photon Geyser at Level 41 instead of Solarbeam, can learn Flare Blitz from Move Tutor

Whiscash Ability 1 Water Bubble->Hydration, HA Hydration->Water Bubble (named Cash Splash for Whiscash), can learn Aerial Ace by TM

Torkoal Ability Drought->Shell Armor, HA Shell Armor->Drought Attack 85->75, SpA 85->95

Claydol SpA 70->80, learns Shore Up at Level 1 and on Evolution

Lileep, Cradily learn Power Gem from Move Tutor

Cradily Ability Suction Cups->Storm Drain, learns Sappy Seed at Level 68

Armaldo learns First Impression at Level 66

Milotic Defense 79->84, Speed 81->86

Castform All stats 70->85, along with changing form Forecast also activates weather depending on what weather rock Castform is holding

Kecleon HP 60->85, Attack 90->100

Banette learns Poltergeist at Level 64 instead of Phantom Force, Learns Double Edge at Level 68

Tropius Grass/Flying->Grass/Dragon, SpA 72->92, Speed 51->81, Learns Draco Barrage at Level 52, can learn Weather Ball from Move Tutor

Chimecho HP 75->90, Speed 65->80, learns Forbidden Spell at Level 50

Walrein Hidden Ability Oblivious->Fur Coat, HP 110->90 (!!), learns Baby Doll Eyes at level 1, learns Scald by ™

Clamperl gets Shell Smash as an Egg Move

Huntail Water->Water/Dark, Ability Swift Swim->Intimidate, Hidden Ability Water Veil->Defiant, learns Psychic Fangs at Level 1, Aqua Fang at Level 50 instead of Hydro Pump, Crunch at Level 65, Liquidation from Move Tutor

Gorebyss Water->Water/Fairy, SpA 114->104, Ability Swift Swim ->Dazzling, Hidden Ability Hydration->Regenerator,  learns Moonblast at Level 65, can learn TM Dazzling Gleam

Relicanth Attack 90->105, Defense 130->115

Luvdisc Type Water->Water/Fairy, Ability Hydration->Soul-Heart, SpA 40->100, learns Lovely Kiss at Level 40 instead of Aqua Ring, Dazzling Gleam from TM (!)

Bagon can learn Wish from Egg Move

Salamence learns Refresh at Level 1

Regirock Hidden Ability Sturdy->Solid Rock

Regice Hidden Ability Ice Body->Filter, learns Freeze Dry at Level 71, Freezy Frost at Level 75

Registeel learns Double Iron Bash at Level 1 (!)


Turtwig learns Shell SmashGrav Apple as Egg Move

Turtwig line Ability 2 None->Self-Sufficient, HA Battle Armor->Rock Head

Torterra can learn Sleep Powder at Level 1, Head Smash at level 65, Headlong Rush at Level 67,  High Horsepower from Move Tutor

Infernape Attack 104->110, SpA 104->110, Speed 108->113, learns Pyro ball at Level 68, can learn Aura Sphere from Move Tutor, can learn Drain Punch from TM

Empoleon Hidden Ability Defiant->Competitive, learns Baby Doll Eyes at 13, can learn RoostBrave BirdCalm Mind from TM, Nasty Plot from Move Tutor

Staraptor learns Double Edge at Level 65 

Bibarel Def 60->80, SpDef 60->80, Speed 71->50

Kricketune Ability Swarm->Technician, Attack 85->95, Def 51->71, SpDef 51->71, Speed 65->80,  learns Pin Missile at Level 22 instead of Focus Energy, can learn Bullet Seed, Rock Tomb, Bulldoze from TM

Luxray Electric->Electric/Dark, learns Sucker Punch at Level 49 instead of Scary Face, Zing Zap at Level 56, Volt Tackle at level 63 instead of Wild Charge, Nasty Plot from Move Tutor

Roserade learns Ancient Power at Level 50, Apple Acid at Level 70, Silver Wind, Draining Kiss from TM, Clear Smog from Egg Move

Rampardos learns Accelerock at Level 70

Bastiodon Ability Sturdy->Dauntless Shield

Wormadam-Sandy Attack 79->59, SpA 59->79

Wormadam-Trash Attack 69->59, SpA 69->79

Mothim Attack 94->84, Speed 66->80, can learn Hurricane from Move Tutor

Vespiquen Ability Pressure->Queenly Majesty, HP 70->85, can learn Hurricane from move tutor, can learn Leech Life from TM

Pachirisu Ability Run Away->Prankster, HP 60->75, SpDef 90->95, can learn TM Reflect, Can learn Play Rough from move tutor

Floatzel Ability Swift Swim->Water Veil, Hidden Ability Water Veil->Technician (!!) HP and Attack 105->90,  learns Fake Out on Evolution, learns Bite at level 1, Hydro Pump at Level 51 instead of Agility, Surging Strikes at Level 80

Cherrim Signature Ability received buff, Attack 60->100, SpA 87->60, learns Stun Spore at level 1, Sleep Powder at 16, Solar Blade at Level 43, Double Edge at 53, can learn X-Scissor from ™

Ambipom Learns Mud Bomb at level 12, learns Arm Thrust at Level 60

Driftloon learns Extrasensory at Level 30

Drifblim learns Extrasensory at Level 30, learns Air Slash at level 34 instead of Swallow/Spitup, Hurricane at Level 1, Strength Sap at Level 58, learns Nasty Plot, Air Slash, Hurricane from move tutor (!)

Lopunny Normal->Normal/Fighting, learns Mach Punch at Level 23, Double Edge at Level 69, can learn Brick Break from TM (!)

Mismagius Ghost->Ghost/Fairy, HP 60->70, Defense 60->70, learns Moonblast at Level 70

Honchkrow Speed 71->96, can learn U-Turn from TM, Knock Off from Move Tutor

Purugly HP 71->100, Defense 64->79, SpDef 59->74, learns Slack Off on Evolution, learns Double Edge at 44, Nasty Plot from Move Tutor, can learn Bulk Up from TM

Skuntank SpA 71->91, can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor

Bronzong learns Teleport from ™

Chatot Speed 91->101, learns Boomburst at Level 45 instead of Uproar, can learn Hurricane, Play Rough from Move Tutor

Gabite can learn Stomping Tantrum from Move Tutor

Garchomp learns Earthquake at Level 70, can learn HM Fly

Riolu, Lucario learn Mach Punch at Level 1

Drapion Attack 90->80 (Stat nerf, but he has access to Wicked Blow; Overall a buff), Drapion learns Wicked Blow at Level 64

Toxicroak can learn Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Earth Power from Move Tutor

Carnivine HP 74->89, Defense 72->82, SpDef 72->82, SpA 90->55, Can learn Leech Life from TM

Lumineon Ability Swift Swim->Dazzling, HP 69->79, Attack 69->59, SpA 69->96, SpDef 86->69, Speed 91->101, learns Tail Glow at Level 59 (!), Hurricane at Level 64, and can learn Hurricane, Hydro Pump from Move Tutor, can learn Roost from TM

Abomasnow learns Aurora Veil at Level 1,  Ice Hammer at level 58 instead of Sheer Cold

Lickilicky Ability Thick Fat -> Unaware, Attack 85->95, Speed 50->30

Electivire Type Electric->Electric/Fighting, Hidden Ability Vital Spirit->Iron Fist, Attack 123->113, Special Attack 95->105, learns Mach Punch at Level 1, Plasma Fists at level 70 instead of Thunder. Can learn Close Combat, Aura Sphere from Move Tutor, and Bulk Up from TM.

Magby line Ability 2 None->Magma Armor

Magmortar Hidden Ability Vital Spirit->Mega Launcher, Attack 95->80, Speed 83->98, learns Magma Storm at Level 66, Steam Eruption at Level 70, gets Aura Sphere from Move Tutor, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Scald, Meteor Beam from ™, can learn Terrain Pulse from ™ 

Togekiss learns Brave Bird from ™, can learn Calm Mind from ™, Moonblast at Level 66/77 respectively(!!)

Leafeon Attack 110->130, Defense 130->110, Ability 2 Leaf Guard->Sap Sipper, learns Jump Kick at Level 1, learns Sappy Seed at Level 70, learns Stomping Tantrum from Move Tutor, Learns Calm Mind from ™ 

Glaceon Ability 1: Snow Cloak, Ability 2: Snow Cloak->Ice Body, Hidden Ability Ice Body->Slush Rush, Base Hp 65->80, Attack 65->45, Defense 110->100, Speed 65->75, learns Freeze Dry at level 41 instead of Last Resort, learns Last Resort at level 50,  learns Earth Power from Move Tutor, Learns Calm Mind from ™ 

Mamoswine learns Baby Doll Eyes at level 1,  Headlong Rush at Level 100

Gallade learns Sacred Sword at Level 59 instead of Stored Power, Psycho Cut at Level 72, Shadow Claw from ™

Probopass Hidden Ability Sand Force->Levitate, Hp 60->65, Attack 55->45, SpA 75->80

Dusclops can learn Leech Life from TM

Dusknoir Hidden Ability Frisk->Hustle,,learns Hammer Arm at 64 instead of Future Sight, learns Dynamic Punch at Level 75,Shadow Claw from ™, Leech Life from ™ , Close Combat from Move Tutor

Froslass Attack 80->95, SpA 80->95, learns Freeze Dry at Level 58

Spiritomb Hidden Ability Infiltrator->Intimidate,  learns extrasensory at 34, Parting Shot at Level 65

Rotom-Fan Ability Levitate -> Motor Drive, learns Hurricane upon evolution, learns Air Slash at Level 47

Rotom-Heat learns Lava Plume at Level 47, Flamethrower from ™ (!)

Rotom-Mow learns Giga Drain at Level 47, Chloroblast at Level 60 (!)

Rotom-Wash learns Scald at Level 47 (!!)

Rotom-Frost Can learn Freeze Dry at level 54

Uxie learns Hypnosis at Level 1

Mesprit learns Recover at Level 1

Cresselia can learn Recover at Level 61

Phione, Manaphy learns Moonblast at Level 51

Shaymin learns Sleep Powder at Level 5, Recover at Level 51 (!)

Shaymin-Sky learns Hurricane at Level 86


Emboar Blaze->Reckless, HA Reckless->Bull Rush,  learns Jump Kick at level 55 instead of Roar, can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

Oshawott Line Ability 2 None->Shell Armor

Samurott Water->Water/Steel, Hidden Ability Shell Armor->Blademaster, Attack 100->108, SpA 108->95, Speed 70->85, 90->95 HP, learns Razor Shell at Level 70 instead of 18, Learns Scald at Level 18 instead of Razor Shell, learn Shell Smash at Level 70 (!!)

Watchog Ability Keen Eye->Analytic, Hidden Ability Analytic->No Guard, HP 60->80, Attack 85->100, Defense 69->74, SpDef 69->74, learns Mega Kick at Level 36 instead of Hyper Fang, Dynamic Punch at Level 50 instead of Slam

Stoutland HP 85->90, Attack 110->115

Liepard Ability Limber->Moxie, Attack 88->98, SpA 88->78

Simisage, Simisear, Simipour Hidden Ability is now Sage Power, a Gorilla Tactics but for Special Attack (!)

Simisage can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor

Musharna Hidden Ability Telepathy->Unaware

Unfezant Speed 93->108, learn Slash at Level 23 instead of Detect, learns Drill Peck on Evolution, can learn Drill Run from Move Tutor

Blitzle, Zebstrika Motor Drive->Sap Sipper, Hidden Ability Sap Sipper->Flare Boost, learns Flame Wheel at level 31 instead of Stomp, Flare Blitz at level 53 instead of Thrash, Zippy Zap at Level 58, Bolt Strike at level 65 instead of Ion Deluge, can learn ™ Flamethrower

Swoobat HP 67->75, Defense 55->65, Learns Espur Wing at level 1, can learn Hurricane from Move Tutor

Audino learns Moonblast at Level 65

Throh Ability Inner Focus -> Technician, Defense 85->95, SpDef 85->95

Sawk Hidden Ability Mold Breaker->Contrary, learns Hammer Arm at Level 55

Leavanny Hidden Ability Overcoat->Blademaster (!), learns Sacred Sword at Level 60, Victory Dance at 73

Whimsicott can learn Weather Ball from Move Tutor

Petilil learns Baby Doll Eyes at Level 1, Recover at Level 33

Lilligant learns Chloroblast at Level 54,learns Apple Acid at Level 65, Seed Flare at Level 70, can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor

Krookodile learns Wicked Blow at Level 60

Darmanitan can learn Trick Room, Teleport from TM (for Zen Mode)

Darmanitan-Galar learns Ice Hammer at level 10

Maractus Hidden ability Storm Drain->Grassy Surge, Attack 86->106, SpA 106->85, learns Sappy Seed at Level 52

Crustle Speed 45->55

Scrafty, Scraggy Ability 2 Moxie->Intimidate, HA Intimidate->Moxie

Sigilyph can learn Hurricane from Move Tutor

Yamask, Cofagrigus, Yamask-G, Runerigus Hidden Ability None->Shadow Shield

Archeops Ability Defeatist buff: Half Attack/Special Attack when below half HP changed to Half Attack/Special Attack when below 1/3 HP, can learn Meteor BeamBrave Bird from TM, Hurricane from Move Tutor

Garbodor Ability Stench->Gooey, Attack 95->115, Speed 75->60, can learn ™ Poison Jab, Earthquake, Superpower from TM, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Thunder Punch from Move Tutor

Gothitelle learns Psycho Boost at Level 70

Reuniclus can learn TM Teleport

Swanna Hidden Ability Hydration->No Guard Attack 87->77, SpA 87->97,  Speed 98->108, can learn Hydro Pump at Level 47 and from Move Tutor, can learn Blizzard and U-Turn from ™ 

Vanilluxe Attack 95->90, Speed 79->84

Sawsbuck Attack 100->110, Speed 95 -> 105,  can learn ™ Bullet Seed, EarthquakeRock Slide

Emolga Ability Static->Motor Drive, Attack 75->55, SpA 75->95

Escavalier learns Double Iron Bash at Level 67 (!)

Frillish learns Destiny Bond from Egg Move

Jellicent Hidden Ability Damp->Water Bubble, Defense 70->80, SpA 85->75 (!)

Alomomola can learn Flip Turn from TM

Klinklang Hidden Ability Clear Body -> Steelworker (!), learns Volt Tackle at Level 64, can learn Superpower from TM

Eelektross Hidden Ability None -> Fatal Precision, Attack 115->105, SpA 105->115, can learn Fire Blast from TM, Hydro Pump from Move Tutor

Beheeyem Ability Telepathy->Analytic, HP 75->95

Chandelure Hidden Ability Infiltrator -> Shadow Tag

Haxorus can learn Scale Shot at Level 74 instead of Giga Impact

Beartic Type Ice->Ice/Fighting Attack 130->140, learns Ice Hammer at Level 65, can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

Cryogonal Special Attack 95->110, learns Freezy Frost at Level 63

Accelgor Ability Sticky Hold->Unburden, HA Unburden->Sheer Force (!), can learn Taunt from TM

Stunfisk Ability Limber->Water Absorb (!), can learn Volt Switch from TM

Stunfisk-G Ability Mimicry->Filter, Learns Aqua Tail as Egg Move

Druddigon HP 77->90, Speed 48->41, learns Dragon Hammer at Level 70, Roost from ™

Golurk HP 89->100, Defense 80->90, SpDef 80->90, learns Headlong Rush at level 58

Rufflet learns Quick Attack at Level 1, Double Edge at Level 54

Heatmor Hidden Ability White Smoke -> Fatal Precision, Attack 97 -> 90, Speed 85 -> 100, learns Dynamic Punch at Level 73, Stone Edge from TM, Power Whip from Move Tutor

Bouffalant Speed 55->65, learns Head Smash as Egg Move, Heat Crash and Body Press from ™, learns Headlong Rush at level 58

Hydreigon can learn Draco Barrage at Level 85(!)

Terrakion hidden ability None->Blademaster, learns Aura Sphere from Move Tutor

Virizion hidden ability None->Blademaster, learns Aura Sphere from Move Tutor

Cobalion hidden ability None->Blademaster, learns Aura Sphere from Move Tutor

Zekrom can learn Earthquake from ™

Kyurem and its forms can learn Ice Punch from ™

Keldeo Hidden Ability None->Blademaster

Meloetta will keep her Form changes outside of battle (can stay in Pirouette form). Learns Extrasensory at Level 46, Luster Purge and Mist Ball at Level 68, can learn Rock Slide, Bulk Up from TM, Body SlamAura Sphere from Move Tutor


Chesnaught Ability Overgrow->Bullet Proof, HA Bulletproof->Iron Barbs, learns Horn Leech at Level 41 instead of Mud Shot, Close Combat from Move Tutor

Delphox Hidden Ability Magician->Magic Guard, learns Future Sight at Level 74 instead of Fire Blast, Mind Blown at Level 85 instead of Future Sight, Nasty Plot from Move Tutor (!!)

Talonflame Attack 81->91

Pyroar Hidden Ability Moxie->Adaptability (!)

Floette line (including Floette-Eternal) Ability 2 None->Natural Cure

Floette, Florges can learn Draining Kiss from TM

Gogoat Defense 62->72, SpA 97->67, SpDef 81->87, Speed 68->74, Can learn Bullet Seed from ™ 

Furfrou Attack 80->90

Pancham learns Sucker Punch as Egg Move

Pangoro Hidden Ability Scrappy->Quick Feet, learns Wicked Blow at Level 70

Meowstic HA Feline Power, Sp Attack 50 -> 63, can learn Mystical Fire from Move Tutor

Honedge, Doublade No Guard->Blademaster

Aromatisse Ability Healer->Fairy Aura, Attack 72->62, Defense 72->82, learns Sparkly Swirl at Level 61

Slurpuff Attack 80->90, SpA 85->75

Barbaracle can learn Ice Punch from Move Tutor

Clawitzer Speed 59->72, learns Snipe Shot at Level 70, learns Origin Pulse at level 100

Heliolisk learns Boomburst at Level 70

Tyrantrum learns Accelerock at Level 52, Scale Shot at Level 64

Aurorus learns Boomburst at Level 1, Diamond Storm at Level 63 instead of Hyper Beam, Power Gem from Move Tutor

Dedenne Hidden Ability Plus->Electric Surge, SpA 81->91, learns Draining Kiss from TM

Carbink learns Recover at Level 65

Goomy learns Wish as Egg Move

Goodra can learn Dragon DanceGiga DrainScald, and Drain Punch from ™. Learns Dragon Hammer at Level 75.

Trevenant Attack 110->120, Defense 76->82

Swapped all Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist forms Attack, Special Attack.

Gourgeist Hidden Ability Insomnia->Flare Boost

Avalugg Own Tempo->Filter, learns Icicle Crash on Evolution, can learn Ice Shard at level 5

Noivern SpA 97->102, learns Aeroblast at Level 75

Diancie can learn Draining Kiss from ™


Decidueye Hidden Ability Long Reach->Tinted Lens, SpA 100->95, SpDef 100->85, Speed 70->100, learns Thousand Arrows at Level 65

Toucannon HP 80->90, learns Flare Blitz from Move Tutor

Gumshoos HP 88->98

Crabominable learns Ice Shard and Mach Punch at Level 1

Oricorio learns Quiver Dance at Level 60

Lycanroc learns Headlong Rush at level 52

Lycanroc Midnight learns Head Smash at Level 58,learns Precipice Blades at Level 60

Wishiwashi HP 45->55 (both forms)

Toxapex learns Recover at Level 68

Mudsdale Ability 1 Own Tempo -> Striker, Hidden Ability Inner Focus -> Tangling Hair, learns Slack Off at Level 65

Lurantis Grass->Grass Fighting, Speed 45->55

Shiinotic HP 60->75,  learns Sparkling Swirl at Level 60

Tsareena Hidden Ability Sweet Veil->Striker, learns Grav Apple at Level 66

Comfey learns Sparkly Swirl at Level 58

Oranguru Hidden Ability Symbiosis->Sage Power, Def 80->110, SpDef 110->80, can Learn Hyper Voice from ™ 

Passimian SpDef 60->75, can learn Mach Punch at Level 1, Court Change at level 54, Sucker Punch at Level 56, 

Silvally – Does not need to hold memory for typing, uses form changer in Cinnabar Labs. Therefore, it can now use any hold item! RKS System->Battle Armor, All Stats 95->100 (!!)

Komala HP 65->75

Turtonator Ability 1 Dauntless Shield-> Battle Armor, Ability 2 None->Magma Armor, Hidden Ability None->Dauntless Shield,  HP 60->70, Attack 78->58

Togedemaru Ability Lightning Rod->Motor Drive Attack 98->108, learns Zippy Zap at Level 47

Drampa Hidden Ability Cloud Nine -> Fatal Precision, HP 88->103, Attack 60->50

Dhelmise learns Spirit Shackle at Level 64

Kommo-o can learn Draco Barrage at Level 85

Tapu Lele, Fini, Koko, Bulu can learn Play Rough from Move Tutor

Xurkitree Attack 89->74, Speed 83->98

Guzzlord Ability 2 None->Dark Aura, HP 223->203, Defense 53->73, SpDefense 53->73, Speed 43->23, learns Pursuit at Level 1, Parting Shot at Level 50, Sucker Punch at Level 63, Dragon Hammer at Level 73 instead of Dragon Rush, can learn Draco Barrage at Level 77


Scorbunny Hidden Ability Libero -> Protean

Cinderace learns Court Change at level 62

Greedent learns Recycle at Level 65, Heat Crash from ™

Thievul SpA 87->97, Speed 90->110, learns Mystical Fire at Level 42, can learn Mystical Fire from Move Tutor

Eldegoss HP 60->75, SpA 80->90

Dubwool HP 72->82

Chewtle/Drednaw learns Aqua Jet, can learn Flip Turn from TM

Drednaw learns Aqua Fang at level 72, can learn ™ Brick Break

Boltund Attack 90->100, SpA 90->80, learns Ice Fang from Move Tutor

Coalossal learns Power Gem at Level 60

Flapple learns Scale Shot at Level 72, Learns Dragon Energy at level 100 (!)

Appletun learns Leaf Storm at Level 66

Sandaconda learns Quick Attack at Level 1 

Cramorant Defense 55->65, SpA 85->100, Speed 80->105, learns Surf at Level 49 instead of Thrash

Barraskewda Hidden Ability Propeller Tail -> Swift Swim

Clobbopus, Grapploct Fighting->Water/Fighting, learn Low Sweep at Level 20 instead of Brick Break, Brutal Swing at Level 55, Arm Thrust at Level 75, Aqua Jet, Mach Punch as Egg moves, Flip Turn from ™

Grimmsnarl learns Reflect/Light Screen at Level 1

Obstagoon learns Sucker Punch at Level 63

Perrserker HP 70->90, SpA 50->30 learns Bullet Punch from Meowth-G as an Egg Move

Cursola Ability 2 None -> Unburden, HP 60->80, Attack 95->75, Speed 30 -> 55, can learn Mystical Fire from Move Tutor

Sirfetch’d Steadfast->Blademaster, HP 62->82, learns Sacred Sword at Level 75,can learn RoostCut from TM/HM, can learn Drill Run from move tutor. Leek Stick gives +2 to Crit Ratio like it does in Vanilla Gen 8.

Mr Rime attack 85->65, SpDef 100->90, Speed 70->100, learns Freezy Frost at Level 62

Alcremie learns Moonblast at Level 60

Falinks Fighting -> Fighting/Bug, HP 65->75, SpA 70->60,can learn Leech Life from ™  and Bug Bite from Move Tutor

Pincurchin Electric->Electric/Water, HP 48->68, Attack 101->81, learns Bouncy Bubble at Level 63, can learn Volt Switch from TM

Frosmoth Defense 60->65

Stonjourner SpDef 20->50, Speed 70->80

Eiscue, Eiscue-NoIce Attack 80->100, SpA 65->45,  learns Ice Shard at Level 65

Indeedee M/F learn Expanding Force at Level 65

Morpeko Attack 95->110, learns Zippy Zap at Level 65

Cufant Ability Sheer Force -> Heavy Metal, Hidden Ability Heavy Metal -> None

Copperajah Ability Sheer Force -> Heavy Metal, Hidden Ability Heavy Metal -> None Defense 69 -> 79, SpDef 69 -> 79, learns Double Iron Bash at Level 80, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Focus Blast from TM (!!)

Arctovish SpA 80->55, Speed 55->80

Arctozolt Speed 55->80, SpDef 80->55

Dracovish Strong Jaw does boost Fishious Rend

Duraludon HP 70->85, Hidden Ability Stalwart -> Clear Body, learns Steel Beam at Level 75 

Zarude Ability 2 None->Defiant,  learns Pursuit at Level 1, Sucker Punch at Level 70, Knock Off from Move Tutor

 Glastrier learns Ice Hammer at Level 68


Growlithe-H HA Justified -> Rock Head

Arcanine-H HA Justified -> Rock Head, Attack 115 ->125, SpA 95->85, can learn Headlong Rush at Level 60

Kleavor Ability 1 Swarm -> Technician, HA Steadfast -> Blademaster, HP 70 -> 85 SpA 45->30

Braviary-H Ability 1 Keen Eye -> Frisk, HA Defiant -> Competitive, HP 110 -> 115, Attack 83 -> 58, Defense and SpD 70 -> 80, learns Espur Wing on evolution

Wyrdeer Ability 2 Frisk -> Sap Sipper, HA Sap Sipper -> Fur Coat, Attack 105 -> 80, Defense 72 -> 82, SpD 75 -> 85, SpA 105 -> 110

Electrode-H  HA Aftermath -> Reckless, Attack 50 -> 55, SpA 80 -> 95, Learns Court Change at 57

Samurott-H Ability 2 None -> Shell Armor, HA Shell Armor -> Blademaster,  HP 90 -> 95, Defense 80 -> 85, SpA 100 -> 95, SpD 65 -> 70, Speed 85 -> 90, learns Shell Smash at Level 70 (!!)

Decidueye-H Ability 2 None -> Striker, HA Long Reach -> Quill Rush (same as Bull Rush), HP 88 -> 98, Defense 80 -> 85, SpA 95 -> 75, SpD 95 -> 100, Speed 60 -> 70

Qwilfish-H Ability 1 Poison Point -> Poison Touch

Overqwil H 85 -> 95, Defense 95 -> 100, SpA 65 -> 55, SpD 65 -> 80

Avalugg-H ability 2 Ice Body -> Sturdy, HA Sturdy -> Technician, HP 95 -> 100, Attack 127 -> 132, Speed 38 -> 28 (!!)

Sneasel-H ability 2 Keen Eye -> Frisk

Sneasler can learn Earthquake from ™ 

Basculegion Male Ability 1 Rattled -> Reckless, can learn Spirit Shackle at Level 54

Enamorus learns Fleur Cannon at Level 100

Decidueye-H Ability Tinted Lens->Quill Rush

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