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Pokemon Radical Red

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Pokemon Radical Red, at its core, is a difficulty hack with additional features; quite similar to Drayano60’s enhancement hacks, which provide access to nearly all the Pokemon while also adding relevant buffs.

It has various amazing features such as Mega Evolution, Pokemon from Gen 1-8, Dynamax Raid Battles, Hisuian Forms, a Much Higher Difficulty & Much More!

If you’re looking for all Pokemon Radical Red changelogs, we’ve got you covered!

Note: Search inside the Page by pressing ctrl+f or use the “Search” option on your browser to look for a specific version, or just use the table of contents.

Pokemon Radical Red Changelog


General Changes

  • New Dex! Check out https://radicaldex.pixelslug.eu/ for the up to date pokemon changes! [Huge huge thank you to Ash and Yda for setting this up!]
  • Added all Gen 9 Pokemon (including Iron Leaves & Walking Wake) and Gen 9 Moves/Abilities
    • Revival Blessing, Doodle, Order Up, and Spicy Extract are currently unimplemented so their respective Pokemon cannot learn them. 
    • Tidy Up currently doesn’t remove hazards/substitute
    • To save space, the Paradox Pokemon use the same cries as their contemporary forms & have the same Dex numbers.
    • Tera is not implemented
    • Mycellium Might, Guard Dog, Costar, Opportunist, Commander, Cud Chew are not implemented
    • Protean, Dauntless Shield, Intrepid Sword, and Battle Bond nerfs from Gen 9 were not applied!
    • Hail has been updated to snow in Gen 9. No longer causes residual damage at end of turn, but boosts defense of Ice types by 50%. Snow no longer boosts the chances of frostbite.
    • Various (mostly useless) abilities were removed to fit Gen 9 abilities: Klutz, Aura Break, Pastel Veil, Color Change, Anticipation, Mirror Armor, Power Spot, Healer
    • Blademaster has been changed to Sharpness from Gen 9, which boosts the power of slashing/cutting moves by 50%. 
  • Gym rematches are now required in non-Hardcore mode before fighting Koga (Brock, Misty, Surge) 
    • Pewter City Gym has sand in overworld for rematch 
    • Cerulean City Gym rains in overworld for rematch 
    • Surge has auto electric terrain for rematch
    • Erika has auto grassy terrain for rematch
  • Route 20 now has permanent snow [Pryce Location]
  • Cinnabar Gym has sun in overworld
  • Buff to partner Lance in the Gio 3 Tag fight to be less frustrating
  • Fishing will now never fail
  • EZCatch cheat code allows every ball to have 100% catch rate
  • Surge no longer gives Light Clay in rematch, can now be found across Celadon City pond
  • Celadon Starter Eggs have all starters in its pool now [Including gen9!]
  • Route 21 opens up from Pallet Town after receiving Pokedex for a small patch of grass for additional early game encounters.  
  • Additional new area in Viridian Forest with additional encounters 
  • Replace Hisuian Egg option from Egg Giver to Paldean Eggs
  • Can now go into Stat Scanner straight from the summary screen (including in battle and in PC) 
  • Added evolution methods viewable in Stat Scanner
  • Add Gen 9 moves to Learnset Randomizer 
  • Made Anti-AI abuse in Hardcore Mode more lenient
  • Cerulean Cave Tyranitarite->Diancite 
  • Remove Diancite from One Island rewards
  • Nerd in Saffron House sells EV Training Gear, Destiny Knot. Old EV training NPCs in various areas removed.
  • Reinserted the battle textbox to fix trades/egg hatching crashing on Bizhawk/real hardware, big shoutouts to Plaininsane for helping out with this
  • Erika no longer gives Snivy on rematch
  • Islet in Route 24 now has Tyranitarite
  • Mega Stone giver in Route 16 no longer gives Hoenn Mega Stones, only Kanto 
  • Brendan gives Sceptilite instead of Destiny Knot at his fight before Victory Road
  • May gives Blazikenite instead of Torchic as reward after Cinnabar fight
  • Misty gives Finizen as rematch gift instead of Froakie
  • Zygarde-10 award at One Island changed to Booster Energy
  • Roamers Raikou/Entei/Suicune/Meloetta/Victini -> Chien Pao/Wo Chien/Ting Lu/Chi Yu/Walking Wake
  • Add Frigibax to Game Corner 
  • Changed Chuck Reward from Crabrawler/Clobbopus->Aqua Breed Tauros/Blaze Breed Tauros
  • Improve Raid Den sprite – Thanks to Plaininsane!
  • Meteorite at Pewter Museum now changes Deoxys form
  • Cinnabar scientist now gives DNA Splicers if you show him Reshiram Kyurem or Zekrom
  • Update Hisuian mon evolution methods so they don’t require ‘Hisuian’ potential (evolution methods reflected in Stat Scanner). 
  • Setting Hisuian potential by NPC in Saffron removed 
  • Hisuian Ball now a Pokeball you can switch to 
  • Celadon Dream Ball drop->Loaded Dice
  • Second Seviian Egg in Fuschia pokecenter
  • Moved fossil shard guy to Vermillion Fan Club + moved up evolutions to be a bit earlier for a lot of the fossil mons

TM Changes

  • Pokemart in Cerulean now has a different stock of TMs added in this update
    • Icy Wind, Pluck, Snarl, Aerial Ace, Smack Down
  • TM15 Electroweb available in new Viridian Forest area
  • Add TM56 Hone Claws to Game Corner
  • TM40 Aerial Ace->Low Kick
  • TM15 Hyper Beam->Electroweb
  • TM87 Swagger->Aerial Ace 
  • TM in Rocket Hideout -> TM105 Trailblaze
  • Short Kid in Route 14->Item drop TM02 Dragon Claw
  • Small area past the water in Viridian City now has TM120 Ice Spinner
  • Brendan gives TM68 Dual Chop in Silph Co instead of Treecko
  • Psyshock TM in Underground Path in easy/normal mode only
    • Route 7-8
  • Mudkip Kid now gives TM Earthquake as first reward instead of Mudkip

Pokemon General Changes

  • Altaria can learn Will-O-Wisp from TM 
  • Annihilape can learn
    • Focus Punch from TM
    • Iron Tail from TM
    • Dual Chop from TM
    • Work Up from TM
    • Power-Up Punch from TM
    • Strength from HM
    • Rock Smash from HM
  • Araquanid learns Wave Crash at Level 50
  • Arboliva can learn
    • Draining Kiss from TM
    • Grassy Glide from TM
  • Arbok learns Shed Tail at Level 69
  • Arcanine-H and Growlithe-H learn Wild Charge from ™
  • Arctozolt 80 Speed->55 Speed, SpDef 55->80 (revert to vanilla)
  • Armaldo Ability 2 None->Skill Link, HP 75->100, SpA 70->45,
    • can learn Pin Missile from move tutor
  • Articuno learns
    • Haze at Level 1,
    • Bleakwind Storm at Level 60
  • Articuno-G, Zapdos-G, Moltres-G learn Tailwind at Level 1
  • Banette can learn Swords Dance from TM
  • Baxcalibur can learn
    • Snowscape from TM
    • Dual Chop from TM
    • Stone Edge from TM
    • Draco Barrage from TM
    • Rock Slide from TM
    • Frost Breath from TM
    • Strength from HM
    • Rock Smash from HM
  • Basculegion, Basculegion-F Ability Reckless->Swift Swim
    •  learns Wave Crash at Level 60
  • Beartic can learn Earthquake from TM
  • Beautifly learns Silk Trap at Level 20
  • Beldum Hidden Ability None->Magnet Pull
  • Bellibolt can learn
    • Electroweb from TM
    • Teleport from TM
    • Rising Voltage from TM
    • Surf from TM
  • Bombirdier HP 70->85, can learn
    • Defog from TM
    • Smack Down fromTM
  • Bouffalant learns Raging Bull at Level 36
  • Brambleghast can learn Poltergeist from TM
  • Breloom can learn
    • Bulldoze from TM
    • Gunk Shot from Move Tutor
  • Bronzong learns Spin Out at Level 54
  • Brute Bonnet Hidden Ability None->Poison Heal, can learn
    • Leaf Blade at Level 49 instead of Giga Drain
    • Earthquake from TM
    • Grassy Glide from TM
    • Knock Off from Tutor
  • Camerupt learns Hydro Steam at Level 56
  • Carracosta learns
    • Salt Cure at Level 4
    • Wave Crash at Level 51
  • Centiskorch-S can learn Smack Down from TM
  • Celebi learns Lumina Crash at Level 34
  • Ceruledge can learn
    • Solar Blade from TM
    • Poltergeist from TM
  • Cetitan can learn
    • Snowscape from TM
    • Stealth Rock from TM
    • Frost Breath from TM
    • Strength from HM
    • Rock Smash from HM
  • Chesnaught learns Body Press from TM
  • Cinderace can learn Swords Dance from TM
  • Coalossal learns Hydro Steam at Level 47
  • Corsola learns Salt Cure at Level 1
  • Crabominable learns Gigaton Hammer at Level 54
  • Cyclizar can learn
    • Draco Barrage from TM
    • Scale Shot from TM
  • Delphox can learn Focus Blast from TM 
  • Dhelmise Steelworker->Steely Spirit
  • Dialga can learn Focus Blast from TM
  • Dondozo can learn Bulldoze from TM
  • Drapion Attack 80->90 [Reverted to Vanilla]
  • Dudunsparce can learn
    • Iron Tail from TM
    • Dragon Dance from TM
    • Charge Beam from TM
    • Thunder Wave from TM
    • Gyro Ball from TM
    • Scale Shot from TM
    • Dual Wingbeat from TM
    • Strength from HM
    • Rock Smash from HM
  • Dugtrio, Dugtrio-A can learn Swords Dance from TM
  • Eelektross can learn
    •  Stomping Tantrum from Move Tutor
    •  Liquidation from Move Tutor
    •  Close Combat from Move Tutor
  • Electivire Electric/Fighting -> Electric, Ability 2 None->Vital Spirit                         Attack 113->123, SpA 105->95, can learn
    •  Drain Punch from TM 
  • Sunflora Grass/Fire->Grass, can learn
    • Spiky Shield on Evolution instead of Flame Burst
    • Sleep Powder at Level 7 instead of Grass whistle
    • Developer’s note: Sunflora and Electivire were initially changed to their respective typings because they were unique typings on top of the fact that the typings made some sense thematically. Given the release of Gen 9, these typings were not only matched by Scovillain/Pawmot, but their niches nearly identical with similar stat spreads and main abilities. Because of this, we’ve decided to make the unfortunate decision to revert these Pokemon to their original typing.
  • Empoleon learns Make It Rain at Level 54
  • Espeon can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor
  • Esper Wing removed from Latios/Latias, Articuno-G, Lunala learnsets
  • Espratha can learn
    • Future Sight from TM
    • Acrobatics from TM
    • Fly from TM
  • Farigiraf HA Cud Chew->Parental Bond, can learn
    • Iron Tail from TM
    • Reflect from TM
    • Expanding Force from TM
    • Work Up from TM
    • Strength from HM
    • Flash from HM
    • Cut from HM
  • Feraligatr learns
    • Aqua Tail on evolution 
    • Triple Dive at level 52
  • Flamigo HP 82->92, SpDef 64->74, can learn
    • Defog from TM
    • Triple Axel from TM
    • Pluck from TM
    • Dual Wingbeat from TM
  • Flygon learns Sandsear Storm at Level 56
  • Forretress learns Spin Out at Level 54
  • Furfrou learns
    • Body Slam from Move Tutor
    • Stomping Tantrum from Move Tutor
    • Thunder Fang from Move Tutor
    • Ice Fang from Move Tutor
    • Fire Fang from Move Tutor
    • Psychic Fangs from Move Tutor
    • Play Rough from Move Tutor
  • Gallade learns Aqua Cutter at Level 1
  • Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash Pastel Veil->Immunity, Anticipation -> Flash Fire
  • Garchomp can learn
    • Thunder Fang from Move Tutor
    • Liquidation from Move Tutor
  • Gastrodon can learn Stealth Rock from TM 
  • Girafarig HA Parental Bond->Inner Focus (Parental Bond on Farigiraf!),
    • Girafarig no longer learns Boomburst
  • Golduck can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor
  • Golurk learns Rage Fist at Level 63
  • Grafaiai learns
    • DoubleEdge at Level 54
    • Sketch at Level 82
  • Granbull learns Raging Bull at Level 48
  • Greninja can learn Swords Dance from TM
  • Groudon can learn
    • Will-O-Wisp from TM
    • Rock Blast from TM
    • Body Press from TM
  • Grumpig can learn
    •  Dazzling Gleam from TM
    •  Earth Power from Move Tutor,
  • Haxorus can learn
    • Glaive Rush at Level 66
    • Iron Head from Move Tutor
  • Heatran can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor
  • Hisuian Braviary HA Competitive->Tinted Lens
  • Hitmontop learns Spin Out at Level 42 instead of Gyro Ball
  • Hitmonlee learns Aqua Step at Level 54
  • Hitmonchan learns Jet Punch at Level 1
  • Houndstone can learn
    • Shadow Claw from TM
    • Poltergeist from TM
    • Cut from HM
    • Strength from HM
  • Huntail learns Wave Crash at Level 64
  • Hydreigon can learn Stealth Rock from TM
  • Impidimp now learns Parting Shot from Egg Move
  • Iron Bundle can learn Surf from HM
  • Iron Hands can learn
    • Plasma Fists at Level 56
    • Knock Off from Tutor
  • Iron Jugulis learns
    •  Aeroblast at Level 77
    • Nasty Plot from Move Tutor
  • Iron Leaves Hidden Ability None->Sharpness, learns
    • Bullet Seed from TM
    • Psychic from TM
    • Teleport from TM
    • Grassy Glide from TM
    • Expanding Force from TM
    • Cut from HM
    • Rock Smash from HM
  • Iron Thorns Hidden Ability None->Solid Rock, can learn
    • Bolt Strike at Level 8
    • Accelerock at Level 49 instead of Sandstorm
  • Iron Valiant can learn Dual Chop from TM
  • Kilowattrel can learn
    • Electroweb from TM
    • Defog from TM
    • Steel Wing from TM
    • Rising Voltage from TM
    • Flash from HM
    • Heat Wave from tutor
  • Kingambit can learn
    • Rock Polish from TM
    • Aerial Ace from TM
    • Power-Up Punch from TM
    • Cut from HM
    • Rock Smash from HM
  • Klawf can learn
    • Hone Claws from TM 
    • Rock Polish from TM
    • Superpower from TM
    • Body Press from TM
    • Cut from HM
    • Strength from HM
  • Klinklang Steelworker->Steely Spirit
  • Krookodile can learn Gunk Shot from Move Tutor
  • Koraidon can learn
    • Dual Chop from TM
    • Draco Barrage from TM
  • Landorus can learn Nasty Plot from Move Tutor
  • Landorus, Tornadus, Thunderus learn respective moves at Lvl 58
  • Lokix can learn
    • Dual Chop from TM
    • Triple Axel from TM
  • Ludicolo learns Aqua Step at Level 40
  • Lunatone learns Lumina Crash at Level 29
  • Lycanroc Midnight learns Stone Axe at Level 37 instead of Scary Face
  • Magcargo can learn Body Press by TM
  • Magmortar learns Hydro Steam at Level 62
  • Maractus learns Flower Trick at Level 45
  • Maushold can learn Acrobatics from TM
  • Meowscarada can learn
    • Dig from TM
    • Grassy Glide from TM
    • Triple Axel from TM
    • Work Up from TM
    • Power-Up Punch from TM
    • Cut from HM
    • Rock Smash from HM
  • Metang/Metagross Hidden Ability None->Tough Claws
  • Mewtwo can learn
    • Power Gem from Move Tutor
    • Earth Power from Move Tutor
  • Muk, Muk-A can learn Drain Punch from ™
  • Oinkologne can learn
    • Earthquake from TM
    • Snarl from TM
  • Orthworm learns
    • Heavy Slam at level 56
    • Brick Break from TM
    • Dragon Tail from TM
    • Power-Up Punch from TM
    • Superpower from TM
    • Strength from HM
    • Rock Smash from HM
  • Palafin can learn
    • Scald from TM
    • Body Press from TM
    • Strength from HM
  • Pawmot can learn
    • Electroweb from TM
    • Drain Punch from TM
    • PowerUp Punch from TM
    • Strength from HM
  • Pidgey line Hidden Ability None->No Guard
  • Poliwrath learns Jet Punch at Level 56
  • Primeape can learn Stealth Rock from TM
  • Pyroar learns Torch Song at Level 70
  • Qwilfish HP 65->80, Ability 1 Prankster->Toxic Debris
  • Quaquaval can learn
    • Focus Punch from TM
    • Flip Turn from TM
    • Defog from TM
    • Shadow Claw from TM
    • Dual Chop from TM
    • Scald from TM
    • Pluck from TM
    • Strength  from HM
    • Rock Smash from HM
    • Waterfall from HM
  • Quagsire can learn Stealth Rock from TM
  • Rabsca can learn
    • U-turn from TM
    • Teleport from TM
    • Meteor Beam from TM
    • Future Sight from TM
  • Rayquaza learns
    •  U-turn from TM
    •  Stealth Rock from TM
  • Regirock Salt Cure Level 58
  • Registeel has had Double Iron Bash moved to level 66
  • Regidrago can learn Earthquake from TM, Earth power from Move Tutor
  • Relicanth learns Wave Crash at Level 53
  • Revavroom can learn
    • Stealth Rock from TM
    • Flame Charge from TM
    • Sludge Wave from TM
    • Heat Crash from TM
    • Body Press from TM 
    • U-Turn from TM 
    • Strength from HM
    • Rock Smash from HM
  • Roaring Moon can learn
    • Draco Barrage from TM
  • Samurott-H learns Sucker Punch at Level 58
  • Sandy Shocks Hidden Ability None->Water Compaction
    •  can learn Electroweb from TM
  • Scolipede can learn
    • Mortal Spin at Level 1
    • Gunk Shot from tutor
  • Scovillain Attack 108->78, Sp Attack 108->118, HP 65->85, can learn
    • Taunt from TM
    • Solar Blade from TM
    • Defog from TM
    • Grassy Glide from TM
    • Flame Charge from TM
    • Scorching Sands from TM
  • Scream Tail Hidden Ability None->Tangling Hair, Attack 75->65, SpA 65->85, can learn Moonblast at Level 77
  • Seismitoad learns Wave Crash at Level 56
  • Shiftry Ability Early Bird -> Wind Rider
    • learns Ceaseless Edge at Level 1
  • Skeledirge can learn
    • Bulldoze from TM
    • Scorching Sands from TM
  • Slither Wing Hidden Ability None->Multiscale
  • Sneasler Ability 2 Pressure -> Unburden
    •  learns U-turn from TM
  • Spectrier can learn Draining Kiss, Psychic from TM
  • Spidops HP 60->85, Attack 79->89, SpA 52->32, can learn 
    • Arm Thrust at Level 1
    • Sucker Punch at level 17
    • First Impression at level 22
    • Spikes at level 42
    • Toxic Spikes at level 45
    • Electroweb from TM
    • Hone Claws from TM
    • Silver Wind from TM
    • Dual Chop from TM
  • Steelix learns Spin Out at Level 58
  • Squawkabilly can learn
    • Defog from TM
    • Pluck from TM
    • Dual Wingbeat from TM
    • Acrobatics from TM
  • Stonjourner Power Spot-> Rocky Payload
  • Tapu Bulu can learn Grassy Glide from TM 
  • Tatsugiri Base HP 68->78, Def 60->70. can learn
    • Scald from TM
    • Flip Turn from TM
    • Draco Barrage from TM
    • Waterfall from HM
  • Tauros learns Raging Bull at Level 35
  • Tinkaton Attack 75->85, Def 77->87
  • Toedscool line can learn Power Gem from tutor
  • Tropius Ability 2 Solar Power -> Wind Rider. learns
    •  U-turn from TM
    • Body Press from TM
  • Turtonator learns Armor Cannon at Level 49
  • Urshifus can learn Swords Dance from TM
  • Veluza can learn
    • Flip Turn from TM
    • Cut from HM
  • Volcanion learns Hydro Steam at Level 70
  • Walking Wake learns
    • Draco Barrage from TM
    • Scald from TM
  • Whiscash can learn 
    • Wave Crash at Level 72
    • Stealth Rock from TM
  • Wugtrio Attack 100->115, Spa 50->35, can learn
    • Earthquake from TM
    • Scald from TM
    • Ice Spinner from TM
  • Zangoose learns Agility at Level 45
  • Zarude can learn Swords Dance from TM
  • Zygarde-10 Power Construct->Inner Focus

Move/Ability Changes

  • Armor Cannon boosted by Mega Launcher
  • Blademaster->Sharpness, now boosts 1.5x for sword/slash moves instead of 1.2x, +1 crit ratio
  • Bleakwind Storm now has 20% chance to inflict frostbite, Springtide Storm can’t miss in rain
  • Bleakwind Storm, 80 Acc->90 Acc
  • Chloroblast 120 BP->150 BP + takes 50% in recoil instead of 33%
  • Dire Claw 70 BP->80 BP and regains sleep back
  • Esper Wing New Effect 80 BP 100 Acc Special Psychic Move with High Critical Hit Ratio and gives +1 Speed
  • Following changes have been made since Hail got buffed in transition to Snowstorm:
    • No end of turn damage, boosts Ice Type Defense by 50%
    • Remove Frostbite chance being 2x likely in Snowstorm
    • Remove Frostbite dealing more residual damage in Snowstorm
  • Glacial Lance 130 BP ->120 BP
  • Grassy Glide 70 BP->60 BP
  • Psyshield Bash 40% to raise defense->100%
  • Raging Bull: Type based on Primary Type rather than species specific (Raging Bull is Fairy for Granbull, Normal for Bouff/Tauros, Water/Fire for respective Tauros-P forms)
  • Recovering moves PP nerfs applied (All have 5 PP)
  • Sandsear Storm80 Acc->90 Acc
  • Spin Out BP 100->110 BP
  • Springtide Storm 80 Acc->90 Acc
  • Unbanned Storm Drain, Motor Drive from HC mode
  • Wicked Blow BP 80->75 BP
  • Wildbolt Storm 80 Acc->90 Acc

Pokemon Evolution Changes

  • Bisharp evolves into Kingambit at level 50
  • Cubone evolves to Marowak/Marowak-A based on time of day(rather than separate marowak species)
  • Exeggcute evolves to Exeggutor Alolan through Sun Stone
  • Koffing evolves to Weezing/Weezing-G based on time of day (rather than separate koffing-g species)
  • Mr-Mime Jr G evolves to Mr-Mime-G through Ice Stone
  • Pawmi evolves at 16, Pawmo evolves at 32
  • Tinkatink evolves at 23 rather than 24
  • Wugtrio evolves at level 22

Raid Changes

  • Mt Moon Raids starting at 3 stars->6 stars now have Regirock/Registeel/Regice
  • Pokemon Mansion 5 Stars Necrozma/Spectrier/Regidrago -> Hoopa/Spectrier/Regidrago
  • Pokemon Mansion 6 Stars Genesect/Tapu Lele/Diancie -> Tapu Lele
  • Power Plant 5 stars Dracozolt/Arctozolt/Regieleki -> Zeraora/Regieleki/Iron Valiant
  • Power Plant 6 stars Tapu Koko/Zeraora/Genesect -> Tapu Koko
  • Route 10 raids starting at 4 stars->6 stars now have Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf
  • Route 13 Raids starting at 5 stars->6 stars now have Victini/Volcanion/Cresselia
  • Route 16 Raids starting at 4 stars->6 stars now have Diancie/Zygarde-10/Iron-Thorns
  • Route 2 Raids starting at 4 stars->6 stars now have Entei/Suicune/Raikou
  • Route 25 Raids starting at 4 stars->6 stars now have Necrozma/Celebi/Calyrex
  • Victory Road 5 stars Regirock/Registeel/Regice/Uxie/Mesprit -> Meloetta/Jirachi/Genesect
  • Victory Road 6 stars Hoopa/Cresselia/Zygarde/Jirachi/Volcanion -> Zygarde
  • Viridian Forest 5 stars Calyrex/Zarude/Shaymin -> Iron Leaves/Zarude/Shaymin
  • Viridian Forest 6 stars Celebi/Tapu Bulu/Azelf -> Tapu Bulu

Critical Bug Fixes From 3.1

  • The PokeVial Sturdy puzzle bug has been fixed
  • Freezing while hatching eggs on real hardware/Bizhawk has been fixed
  • Water Absorb not working on Water Gem has been fixed
  • Cursed body now works correctly on AI
  • Neutralizing Gas no longer causes weird glitches
  • Player’s Pokemon can no longer accidentally transforms in the Cerulean Cave Giovanni Fight/Pryce Seafoam fight
  • Fix New Game Plus code not giving Gyaradosite
  • Fix New Game Plus Seviian code missing some Seviians


  • Mystery Gift option added to Pokemon Center aide:
  • New Game Plus adds additional Mystery Gift options: 
  • Seviian: Receive all 1st stage Seviian forms at Level 5
  • Mega: Receive Mega Ring + all Mega Stones, can only receive after 3 Gym Badges.
  • Random6: Receive 6 Random first-stage mons.
    • You can only redeem it once, but you can reset it if you don’t like what you get. Guaranteed no duplicates, but you can get duplicates of regional  variants, as in, you can get both Rattata and Rattata-a)
  • Puzzle: No need to complete Puzzles, talk to the respective NPCs to receive your reward
  • A significant amount of AI improvements
  • Improved Hall of Fame screen (misc info shows on the screen with confetti now, and looks slightly cleaner). Mega Pokemon are displayed in the Hall of Fame if applicable (along with other special forms like Ash-Gren, Zygarde-C, etc)
  • Revamped intro screen (the part that asks for Difficulty/Randomizer options) 
  • Updated DexNav (includes fishing mons and more details, some bug fixes like actually shows if the registered encounter is holding an item), Level Bonus has returned and is capped at Level Cap
  • Updated textbox to Black and White style (Credits to Green Jerry)
  • Updated party screen to Black and White style (Credits to Kiy, usigusom, (),  黒インク) 
  • Updated HP Bar, Status Icons (Credits to VentZX and Plaininsane for quick correction)
  • Updated in-battle textbox 
  • Added Decorate, Coaching, Dire Claw, Mountain Gale, Psyshield Bash, Mystical Power
    • Coaching egg move for Croagunk, Passimian. Banned in HC
    • Decorate only for Alcremie on Evolution. Banned in HC
    • Dire Claw 70 BP 100 Acc Poison Physical Move with high crit-ratio that has a 50% chance to either paralyze, poison, or burn. Learned by Sneasler on evolution.
    • Psyshield Bash 70 BP 100 Acc Psychic Physical Move with 40% chance to boost Defense upon hit. Learned by Stantler/Wyrdeer at Level 17, Metang, Metagross at Level 32,  Bronzong on Evolution
    • Mystical Power 70 BP 100 Acc Psychic Special Move that boosts Attack/SpA or Defense/SpDef depending on which stat is higher, Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit learn at Level 42
    • Mountain Gale 120 Power 90 Acc Ice Physical Move with 30% chance to flinch, Avalugg, Avalugg-H learn at Level 53, Abomasnow learns at Level 64, Glastrier learns at Level 66
  • Species, Learnset, Ability randomizer now available in Hardcore/Restricted Mode
  • More randomness for move/ability randomizer
    • Before, there was a 1-1 mapping with moves/abilities in the move/ability randomizer. So, for instance, Ember would always end up being Surf for all applicable Pokemon that learned Ember, or Huge Power would always turn into Moxie for all applicable Pokemon. Now, this is not the case.
    • Move Relearner in Pokemon Learnset Randomizer is now fixed to show randomized moves
  • Updated in-battle text box 
  • Updated in-battle type icons, along with the move menu
  • Added PSS Icons in TM Case + Move Relearner screen
  • Updated a significant amount of move animations
  • Ability descriptions now take up 2 lines and have more precise info (Thanks to GreenPhx)
  • Added purple color in ability name to indicate that Pokemon has its Hidden Ability
  • Play time is now synced to RTC (so unaffected by speedup) 
  • Added button shortcuts for multiple registered key-items screen
  • Updated Frostbite animation 
  • Updated Mega Evolution Animation
  • Added in battle team preview, only shows mons that the enemy has revealed
    • New Team Preview (Code: TeamPreview) cheat that reveals all enemy mons.
  • Added in-battle shortcut for best possible Pokeball to use in Wild Battles
  • Enemy trainers now also have a Pokeball throw animation
  • Added Wishiwashi-Si, Dodrio-S, Milotic-S follower sprite
  • Magma Armor/Minimal Grinding Mode enables even faster Egg hatching
  • Tapping L or R in bag helps you skip through items quicker
  • Pickup items go straight to bag
  • Added prompt to take item from wild Pokemon after catch
  • Added Friendship Heart in summary screen that displays Pokemon’s happiness level
  • Added color to trainer name depending on gender in mon summary screen
  • Added Bashful, Gentle, Lax to Nature Changer
  • Quick Draw Ability added, Slowbro-G and Magmortar receive it
  • Yamask-g, Runerigus has Wandering Spirit instead of Mummy (Ability was broken so Mummy was a placeholder until now) 
  • In battle bag text is now grayed out when the bag is disabled 
  • Miniboss trainers don’t randomize in randomizer mode (this was causing jarring fights with randomized Pokemon with the original mons learnsets) 
  • Nugget Bridge trainers turned into somewhat formidable trainers (3 Doubles, 2 Singles)
  • 3 trainers before Blaine in Cinnabar Gym are now mandatory with formidable teams
  • Changes to various trainers in Hardcore Mode
  • Reduced levels on the trainer minibosses in Easy Mode 
  • Lowered difficulty of the weather route trainers on Normal/Easy mode 
  • Ace Gym trainer in Celadon Gym turned into mini-boss in Hardcore Mode
  • Added small noise when egg hatches
  • Makuhita->Dunsparce Mt Moon at night (Dunsparce was unencounterable in 3.0…)
  • Rotom learns Disarming Voice at level 1
  • Geodude line, Golem line learn Rapid Spin at Level 1
  • Sceptile learns Breaking Swipe on Evolution instead of Dual Chop, now learns Dual Chop at Level 69
  • Dragalge evolves at Level 44 instead of Level 48
  • Removed Lightscreen/Reflect timers in the in-battle meta detail viewer (had weird palette issues with the new move menu)
  • Exp bar speed is now instantaneous if you go from 0 exp -> next level
  • Now need to retrieve Morty Mega Stone before getting Tri Pass (prevents being locked out of Gengarite in postgame)
  • Updated Raid Den overworld sprite (Credits to Plaininsane)
  • Updated Pheromosa front sprite, Hisuian Decidueye, Hisuian Typhlosion, Hisuian Zorua, Kleavor, Ursaluna back & front sprites, Calyrex icon sprites
  • Updated cries for Hisuian Pokemon
  • Fixed glitch where leveling up in battle in certain scenarios caused a crash
  • Fixed Gorilla Tactics having incorrect text when clicking a move that isn’t locked in
  • Fixed some issues with Cramorant Gulp Missile 
  • Fixed Big Root healing for more than intended
  • Fixed transparency issue with Enamorus backsprite
  • Fixed transparency issue with Zubat front sprite
  • Fixed Double Battles bug where it freezes when you try to click with choice locked move 
  • Fixed Double Battle move highlighting 
  • Fixed Jump Kick miss causing berry not activating correctly 
  • Fixed some post Vermillion raids not showing encounters if you sequence break (skip surge and go to celadon/saffron areas) 
  • Fixed Mt Ember Archer having level 1 mons in Hardcore Mode
  • Fixed being able to use bag in-battle for Berry Forest, Lavender Tower post-game battles
  • Fixed Wormadam Trash not learning mirror shot on evo in hardcore mode
  • Fixed Rhyperior, Lopunny, Rotom forms OWs having weird, washed out palette 
  • Fixed Stantler not being able to receive Hisuian potential from Saffron npc
  • Fixed TM case showing species instead of egg 
  • Fixed Parasect follower
  • Fixed Ceaseless Edge having 0 dynamax bp
  • Fixed Ursaluna not being able to learn dig/shadow claw from TM
  • Fixed Samurott-H not being able to learn Aerial Ace
  • Fixed not being to unlock red on HC mode battle sim
  • Fixed G-Max Phantasm causing the weird palette issue 
  • Fixed Throat Spray not activating in doubles if it didn’t affect second mon with spread move
  • Fixed Throat Spray activating on following party mon using Parting Shot
  • Fixed being able to fish facing your follower
  • Fixed Round causing strange glitches in Double Battles
  • Fixed Sleep Talk Last Resort not working with Comatose
  • Fixed using Dexnav in Sandstorm routes causing visual bugs
  • Fixed exploit where stepping on script being skipped with Dexnav stuff
  • Fixed Wishiwashi Seviian being unable to learn Hex from Move Tutor
  • Fixed Slowbro-G, Slowking-G, Slowbro, Slowking, Slowpoke-G being unable to learn Foul Play from Move Tutor
  • Fixed Super Nerd Overworld sprite
  • Fix Weather Ball showing incorrect type in summary screen
  • Fixed Celadon not working as last possible heal
  • Fixed some odd discoloration on the Stat Scanner screen (around Pokemon name area)
  • Fixed Cradily on Erika’s HC team not having Storm Drain
  • Fixed Scrafty on Gio 3 Normal team not having Intimidate


Skeli (most of the bug fixes + updates are thanks to Skeli making his unbound dev build of CFRU public, big thanks to the GOAT!)

GreenPhx (Extended ability descriptions, new Hall of Fame Screen text)

Cesar Alarcon & Stay from Whackahack for the updated inbattle textbox

Cesare_CBass for updated Decidueye-H

Hisuian Zorua front by KingOfThe-X-Roads, front resize and QC back by leParagon, QC front by G.E.Z., back by Vent

Updated BW HP bars by Vent, qc by Plaininsane

Green Jerry for BW Textbox

Kiy, usigusom, (),  黒インク for BW Party Screen

Kleavo by MultiDiegoDani + leParagon + Vent

Terminaut (Raid Den Sprite, Dodrio-S Wishiwashi-S follower sprites)

v3.02 (quick-fix)

  • -Can now see TM compatibilities within TM Case (Thanks to Greenphx, thexaman)
  • Following mons automatically stop following when loading save between updates, please remember to go back to Viridian City Pokemon Center to re-enable them
  • Added followers for Tentacool, Tentacruel, Whiscash, Kricketune, Ditto, Amoonguss, Toxicroak, Bisharp, Parasect, Chandelure, Ash-Gren, Roserade, Golduck, Mega Machamp, Celebi, Dracozolt, Arctozolt, Arctovish, Mamoswine, Magikarp, Greedent, Rotom, Rotom-Wash, Rotom-Heat, Rotom-Frost, Rotom-Fan, Rotom-Mow, Blissey, Smeargle, Rhyperior, Spiritomb, Chimecho, Zoroark-H
  • Fixed Hardcore/Restrict Mode ability popups being the wrong ability on AI
  • Removed Instant HP (was unpopular and buggy trying to toggle it on and off so removing it for now)
  • Minor changes to various battles in both Hardcore and Normal Mode
  • Added new Rotom form change when talking to machine in Oak’s Lab/Cinnabar Lab, removed Rotom evolving through stones. Need to have Rotom as follower while talking to machine to trigger form change.
  • Updated attack animations for Thunder Cage, Glacial Lance, Bitter Malice, Ceaseless Edge, Misty Explosion, Astral Barrage, Dynamax Cannon, Shell Side Arm, Barb Barrage, Scale Shot; Credits to Evan and Greenphx
  • Shortened Meteor Beam Dark Hole animation
  • Added earlier, easier way to get Mega Lucario (talk to Lucario guy in Celadon with a Lucario when you have Lucario follower after you beat Koga)
  • Added Munna encounter in Mt Moon at Night (Smoochum->Munna at night), Meditite in Mt Moon->Elgyem, Route 3 Flabebe->Nickit (These were unobtainable on accident in 3.0), 1% encounter to Rookidee in Route 4 (Yanma->Rookidee for earlier potential Corviknight), Rotom has 2% encounter on Floor 7 of Pokemon Tower (replacing Lampent)
  • Added New PLA Move Esper Wing (40 BP Psychic Special Move, +1 Priority, 10% Chance to Lower Spec Def so it’s boosted by Sheer Force). Braviary-H learns on Evo, Noctowl, Natu/Xatu, Articuno-G, Woobat/Swoobat, Latios/Latias, Lunala learn at Level 1
  • Court Change implemented – Cinderace learns at Level 62, Passimian learns at Level 54, Voltorb, Voltorb-H, Electrode, Electrode-H learn at Level 57 (Banned in Hardcore/Restricted Mode)
  • Rufflet evolves to Braviary (or Braviary-H when with Hisuian potential) at Level 36 instead of 44, Lumineon evolves at Level 23 instead of 27
  • Flareon HA Guts->Toxic Boost, Defense 60->70 (had 10 less BST than other eeveelutions for some reason so just a minor change/fix, Toxic Boost receives no poison damage in RR so this is a neat small buff)
  • Mega Ampharos Hidden Ability Thick Fat->Mold Breaker (Still has Thick Fat as Ability 1)
  • Corphish evolves to Crawdaunt at Level 28 instead of 30
  • Gogoat can learn Bullet Seed from TM
  • Basculegion (Both forms) learn Spirit Shackle at Level 54
  • Minun learns Fake Out at level 54
  • Arcanine-H learns Headlong Rush at Level 60
  • Wishiwashi-Sevi can learn Earth Power from Move Tutor
  • Improved Lumineon, Braviary-H learnsets
  • Renamed Whiscash Water Bubble to Cash Splash
  • Added Trainer Tips Girl to tell you not to play on Eclipse
  • Edited opening screen to let you know suggest emus and updated Discord link
  • Replaced Tiny Mushroom and Big Mushrooms on Pickup tables with Wishing Piece
  • Added a seller in Cerulean Mart that sells 4 TMs (Snarl, Pluck, Swagger, Smack Down)
  • Fixed Gems causing damage boost for entire battle
  • Fixed game freezing after spamming Rare Candies on instant text without speedup
  • Fixed a lot of instances where Neutralizing Gas was not working properly (it is still not perfect, but it’s significantly better)
  • Fixed Combusuken, Azumarill, Samurott following sprites being somewhat awkward
  • Fixed Ursaluna not being able to learn Gunk Shot
  • Fixed Swanna being unable to learn U-Turn
  • Fixed Samurott-H not learning Brick Break, Flip Turn
  • Fixed Follower being out of sync when backing out of Viridian City gym
  • Fixed Follower sometimes turning into Rock Smash rock in Viridian Forest
  • Fixed sometimes riding the bike after beating Brendan in Viridian Forest with follower Pokemon
  • Fixed Rollout/Ice Ball (again)
  • Fixed Ursaring still having buffed stats
  • Fixed Strange Steam move animation rotating Pokemon
  • Fixed some of the new PLA moves having 0 BP Dynamax
  • Fixed some of the PLA moves not being in Move Randomizer
  • Fixed the route bosses not having Megas in Normal/Easy Mode
  • Fixed Ability Capsule sometimes telling wrong dupe ability
  • Fixed climbable ledge in Seafoam postgame
  • Fixed Ariana Wailord not having Blubber Defense in HC Cerulean Cave
  • Fixed Thunder Cage not trapping
  • Cannot use Transform/Imposter on transformed Kyurem-White, Mega Mewtwo Y (Fixes a bug where Ditto would permanently stay transformed after the battle)
  • Fixed one of the Bikers on Cycling Road being dodgeable
  • Fixed Rufflet not being able to receive Hisuain potential from Saffron NPC
  • Fixed Chewtle front sprite being a little too high
  • Fixed not being able to fight post game starter trainer with some Hisuian starters
  • Removed possibility of getting high level mons from DexNav (was more problematic than helpful as you could get a Pokemon that wouldnt obey)
  • Fixed not warping to on black out Celadon PC even if last healed there
  • Fixed some Seviian/Hisuian forms not being in the Wonder Egg pool
  • Fixed Arcanine-H backsprite being too high
  • Fixed Koffing having weird Icon Palette
  • Fixed Fuschia care package missing Black Sludge
  • Fixed Dumbass Kid sometimes crashing the game
  • Fixed Basculegion Female being Male
  • Updated Cinderace backsprite
  • Updated Ability Pill sprite

v3.01 (quick-fix)

  • Cyndaquil, Rowlet, Oshawott now have the option of turning into their Hisuian forms when you choose them as your starter Pokemon
  • Added NPC in Saffron who can give your Pokemon Hisuian potential once (Accessible after Silph Co)
  • Added some Hisuian Pokemon as Raid Encounters (Scyther->Kleavor on Route 16, Staryu->Basculegion on Route 8, Carvanha->Sligoo-h on Route 12, Qwilfish->Qwilfish-H on Route 13, Route 9 Tropius->Electrode-H, Route 14 Kecleon->Sneasel-H, Route 10 Voltorb->Zorua-H)
  • Fixed following Pokemon causing a freeze in Lance’s room on certain emulators
  • Fixed Ability Pill, Hidden Ability swapper saying incorrect abilities in Hardcore Mode
  • Route 2 has modified Raid Encounters, notably has Shellos-East now
  • Ice Body now has additional effect of 30% chance to Frostbite on contact (similar behavior to Flame Body/Static)
  • Magcargo learns Shell Smash at Level 100
  • Rotom Frost can learn Freeze Dry at Level 54
  • Glaceon learns Last Resort at Level 50
  • Scrafty, Scraggy Ability 2 Moxie->Intimidate, HA Intimidate->Moxie
  • Impidimp line learns Thunder Wave at Level 1, evolves to Morgrem at Level 27 and Grimmsnarl at Level 36 now (earlier evos to make it more useful in wonder egg scenarios), Grimmsnarl learns Reflect/Light Screen at Level 1
  • Added Four Star raids to Cerulean Cave so that you don’t run into empty den before Clair (3 possible encounters, Stakataka Xurkitree Guzzlord)
  • Fixed Scyther, Basculin not being in Hisuian egg pool, and Wishiwashi-Seviian not being in Seviian Egg Pool
  • Added Chinchou back in as possible encounter before Brock
  • Added Pluck, Technician back to Archer Fearow, Rotom-Wash to Rotom-Freeze in Lt Surge HC lead, Voltorb to Voltorb-H in Mt Moon double because the round seems to be the cause of a lot of bugs in double battle, Sableye in mt moon double Snarl->Foul Play, Chuck Gliscor->Kommo-o with Kommonium-Z)
  • Mt Moon Scientist also a fight in Normal Mode now (double battle with Thwackey, Voltorb-h, Bibarel grassy seed, Sableye)
  • Comfey can use Triage in Hardcore Mode
  • Fixed Eevee spamming Last Resort even if it fails, and Extreme Evo Boost proccing your own Chilan Berry
  • Fixed Normal Status (growl for instance) moves triggering Chilan Berry
  • Fixed Chewtle having Wimp Out as ability name instead of Shell Armor 
  • Fixed Route11 night fishing being same as vanilla
  • Fixed Rare Candies not allowing level up towards the more lenient level cap in Easy Mode
  • Fixed Vermillion letter causing crash
  • Fixed Spearow sign in Viridian house when it’s Iggy the H-Growlithe now
  • Removed youngster in Viridian City prompting for password, need to go through NES
  • Fixed Sandshrew Seafoam Islands Event being accessible even if you dont have a bike
  • Fixed G-Linoone pokeicon and some G-max Pokemon sprites
  • Fixed player not turning around during Cerulean Rival Fight
  • Fixed Dumbass Kid rematch and Clair rematch having same flag
  • Time Box now updates while in Start Menu (Thanks again Greenphx)
  • Added save prompt before Puzzle battles in rare off chance you run into glitch where their party is replaced
  • Removed using being able to select in Party Menu
  • Using PokeVial updates your follower
  • Fixed Wishiwashi-S palette in party menu 
  • Fixed Wishiwashi-S being in big form outside of battle
  • Fixed Lilligant-H not being able to learn Brick Break from TM
  • Fixed Typhlosion-H not being able to learn Rock Tomb
  • Bugsy uses more difficult team after you beat Surge rather than after you beat Misty in Hardcore Mode, also has new team in Normal Mode post Surge now too
  • Updated Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, TWave descriptions to mention their new interactions


  • Added Hisuian Pokemon, and new Radical Red exclusive Seviian forms
    • Pokemon cannot normally evolve to Hisuian Pokemon in Kanto. However, there are options to receive Hisuian Eggs from an Egg Giver in Cerulean City and Vermillion City. These Pokemon will either be Hisuian Pokemon, or Pokemon with Hisuian Potential and can therefore evolve to their Hisuian counterparts. Otherwise, you can evolve Pokemon to their Hisuian forms when you’re in the post-game Sevii Islands. It is also worth noting some of the Hisuian Pokemon were commissioned before the official Shiny palettes were released, so they may have incorrect shiny forms. 
    • Seviian Forms are new custom Radical Red regional forms. There’s at least one from every single Generation and many of them have custom typing. Trainers in the main game will not have access to them, and you can only receive one before the post game (An egg given to you after beating Erika) to ensure that it’s not too jarring for players who dislike custom Pokemon. They can otherwise be found in post game areas. 
  • Added Several new post-game areas
    • Gain a ticket to first three Sevii Islands by talking to the npc in Route 16 house, and defeating all the foes she advises
    • Seviis have new encounters (Hisuain, Seviian Pokemon), new boss battles, some new legendaries, new move tutors, TMs, Z Moves, Gems, special Event Pokemon, and more
    • Gems are 1.5x boost rather than the nerfed 1.3x boost
    • New areas are open in Rock Tunnel(opening in Rock Tunnel in the exit area of Power Plant), Seafoam Islands, and Pokemon Tower once you obtain the Z-Power Ring
    • Some Gym Leaders and other familiar folks may be looking to rematch once you obtain the Z-Power Ring
  • Added Following Pokemon
    • Viridian City Pokemon Center NPC will go up to you to activate Follower Pokemon 
    • Only certain Pokemon are able to follow you! There just isn’t enough time and space to insert sprites for all Pokemon. However, there are a sizable amount, and even certain Megas are able to follow you as well
    • The game goes through your party and picks the first eligible Pokemon that can be a follower
  • New “scaled” randomizer (name still tentative) to replace the “expert” randomizer that no one really played. 
    • Essentially you’ll only be able to encounter Pokemon that make sense for that point in the game; so before Brock you’re only able to see first stage Pokemon, after Misty you’ll start seeing some second evo Pokemon + weak third stage evos, etc etc.
    • Fixed Randomizer being scuffed (many repeats of same species, or moves/abilities on its corresponding randomizers) 
    • Hisuian and custom Seviian mons accessible in the randomizer
  • Now have the option to choose any Starter from any Generation (inspired by Inclement Emerald; Ty Buffel Saft!)
  • Added several moves from Pokemon Legends Arceus
  • Some new NPCs offer “skills” (accessible by clicking L in the overworld, where you can access autorun, and these other new skills)
    • PokeVial – complete the puzzle from the teacher in Viridian City trainer school
    • Infinite Repel – fight the lass in Viridian Forest
    • Time Changer – answer one of the Oak aides’ questions in Oak’s Lab
  • PLA’s Frostbite has replaced Freeze status. Note, that it’s still called “freeze”.

New Freeze:

  • Freeze inflicts 1/16 damage to the afflicted Pokemon at the end of turn, and also halves Special Attack (special burn)
  • Frostbite effects are twice as likely to occur in hail (I.e Ice Beam 10% chance to freeze becomes 20% in Hail) 
  • Frostbite inflicts 1/8 damage to the afflicted Pokemon at the end of turn in Hail instead of 1/16. Thick Fat Pokemon take 1/32 damage from Frostbite in Hail
  • Attributes from freeze that carry over: Ice Pokemon are immune to freeze, if hit by a fire move/scald when frozen you thaw, frozen Pokemon that use Scald, Flame Wheel, Flare Blitz, Pyro Ball, Sacred Fire …, get thawed out
  • Moves that have added Freeze effect added to them:
    • Frost Breath has a 30% chance to Freeze on top of its current effect
    • Bitter Malice added, 30% chance to Freeze 
  • Quality of Life Changes:
    • Portable PC in the Start Menu after unlocking DexNav! 
    • Move Relearner now party menu option (like in Pokemon Legends Arceus!)
    • Nurse Joy has no dialogue and turns you around
    • Hitting L instead of activating Auto Run brings up a menu where you can choose options for Auto Run, PokeVial 
    • Fast text setting has been improved to display text instantaneously!
    • Added option to Nature Changer NPC where she toggles Instant HP Off or On. Off by default. With Instant HP mode, HP Bar moves much quicker
    • Pressing B while in Auto Run will make you walk
    • Pressing B while surfing for faster speed! (Also works in conjunction with new auto run)
    • In-game cheat code if you talk to the NES in your home:
      • “DexAll” to allow Dexnav to show all possible mons in the route even   when you haven’t registered them in Dex
      • “Woyaopp” to unlock Rare Candies if you talk to the youngster in Viridian City walking around in the grass. Rare Candies cannot level you past the level cap. Essential cheat for those who don’t want to grind or just like saving time, especially on subsequent playthroughs or for streamers.
      • “SO2Toxic” for care packages, very useful when replaying the game;  you’ll get free item drops for everything you’re basically allowed to receive up to that point (from raid rewards, and thiefing wild Pokemon)
    • Added a Lorelei forecast (in your first time fighting E4, if you talk to the champ in the making guy he’ll indicate which Pokemon he saw Lorelei with. Lorelei is notorious for ending runs because of the differences between her two possible teams so this should help out.)
  • Now automatically get the Flame Body step boost for eggs in min grinding (doesn’t stack both) 
  • Low HP Beep in Red Health removed
  • Nature Changer Nurse has option to Gender Swap,view the current Level Cap, and to view the game modes you’re currently playing.
  • Can now use the SELECT button to switch Pokemon in party menu
  • Removed catching tutorial, and oak’s tutorial in first rival battle
  • Using Rare Candy when Pokemon is at the level cap can evolve it (for instance, if a rare candy is used on a level 100 grovyle it will evolve into sceptile) 
  • Small revamp to Raid Battles –
    • Raid Dens don’t reset on following Day. Now, simply throw Wishing Pieces to force a respawn. Pewter City NPC who gave you dynamax band will give you 5, and you should get more from Raid Dens itself. If you trigger a Yamper Event (have Yamper as your following Pokemon) in Vermillion City, the fan club lady will give you 5 Wishing Pieces too. They can often be given as Raid Rewards as well. This along with Time Changer should remove the need to change your clock, for more convenience.
  • Victory Road puzzle no longer resets after you leave
  • Can now fish in the backyard of Cerulean City for some additional earlier encounters (used to be blocked by fence)
  • Added Time Box in Start Menu so you can see in-game time
  • Puzzle Battles – you can view all 6 of the opponents team, and choose 3 of a given team to fight them. There’s a specific solution to winning – half of it is choosing the correct Pokemon and lead, the other half is just making the right plays in battle.
  • New Title Screen and Intro Card (Credits to Darkster for creating intro card and assisting with title screen)
  • Route 13, Route 16, Route 12 Route 18 have mandatory trainer mini bosses with weather in the overworld.
  • Team Rocket Battle music added (plays in Team Rocket, Rocket Admin, and Giovanni fights), Brendan battles now use the RSE Rival Battle Music instead of RSE Trainer Battle, Johto Gym Leaders now play Johto Gym Leader music instead of Hoenn Gym Battle music
  • There’s a new NPC in the Game Corner that you can wager and fight in a 6v6 metronome battle, win up to 100,000 pokedollars
  • New NPC in the Daycare below Cerulean City that you can fight in a rental battle, receive an early Eevee as a prize
  • Daycare Pokemon no longer receive EXP
  • Removed Black Sludge as held item from Grimer
  • Various wild encounters have been changed for the player’s benefit
  • Several AI tweaks
  • Brendan rival fight inside SS Anne instead of outside Diglett’s Cave (now a mandatory fight)
  • Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion encounters changed from Level 70 to 65 (at level 70 they sometimes would not obey if you caught them before defeating Koga)
  • Added Iron Defense to Saffron Move Tutor
  • Choice Items cannot be received from 5 star raids(Giving more incentive to fight and receive Choice items from Jasmine, Pryce, and Blaine) They can still be received from 6 star raids post E4 
  • Hardcore Mode Changes:
    • Adjusted several boss battles to make some easier, and some harder
    • Several new trainers turned into mini boss battles. SS Anne has a mandatory double battle
    • May now has a new team with Magma Storm effect (trapped, and lose ⅛ health per turn), Gary PreE4 Charmander team also has its field effect updated from sea of fire to Magma Storm effect
    • Defog allowed to be taught to all applicable mons in Hardcore Mode (used to be restricted to certain mons)
    • Additional moves added to hardcore banlist: Barrier, Harden, Withdraw, Defense Curl, Withdraw, Destiny Bond, Victory Dance, Powder
    • Bugsy has new team if you fight him after beating Lt. Surge in Hardcore mode
    • Removed battle aura from Lance and Champion E4 fights 
    • Air Balloon cannot be received from wild Pokemon in Hardcore Mode
    • Pokemon with Contrary in HC Mode->Bad Company instead of Clear Body
  • Easy Mode bosses have more reduced levels, level cap for Easy Mode more lenient (can level up 6 levels more than the normal mode level cap)
  • Disabled EXP during boss fights that lifts level cap (a workaround fix for that wonky level up bug that freezes the game)
  • Changed oversize Pokeballs OW back to normal size 
  • Updated graphics of in-battle Pokeballs


  • Fixed Cerulean Egg not giving hidden ability
  • Fixed Silk Scarf not giving normal type boost 
  • Fixed Chilan Berry proccing incorrectly in some instances 
  • Fixed a bunch of Gen 8 icons 
  • Fixed Yamper, Yamask, Kubfu, Urshifu forms, Zarude, Regieleki, Regidrago, Glastrier, Spectrier, Calyrex-Ice/Shadow not having proper cries 
  • Fixed AI being able to use Curse Body disabled moves
  • Fixed Stat Scanner having Spanish in the top right
  • Fixed zarude not being able to learn ™ rock tomb, rock slide
  • Fixed blacephalon not learning expanding force from ™
  • Fixed Celesteela not being able to learn Meteor Beam from ™ 
  • Fixed Sigilyph not being able to learn Dual Wingbeat from TM
  • Fixed Spectrier not being able to learn mud shot
  • Fixed Grim Neigh not being a banned ability in Hardcore Mode
  • Grapploct evolves at Level 36 so that it can evolve in Hardcore mode now 
  • Fixed Cradily not having Suction Cups as Ability 1
  • Fixed not being able to bring Mega Ampharos to Clair in Hardcore Mode
  • Fixed Honchkrow losing levels upon Evolution
  • Fixed random Pokemon picking up items that don’t have the Pickup ability
  • Fixed Sleep turns being bugged
  • Fixed Download ability gaining incorrect boost 
  • Fixed Start Menu being slow 
  • Fixed Zinc working in Hardcore Mode
  • Fixed Mega Evolution for one of the champ teams in Hardcore Mode working incorrectly
  • Fixed Ponyta-G front sprite floating
  • Fixed Sizzlipede backsprite being too high
  • Fixed gender ratio of Bunnelby being incorrect
  • Fixed being able to cancel evolution during Stone Evos
  • Fixed Oricorio Egg Moves being buggy
  • Fixed part of Seafoam Islands puzzle
  • Fixed 50% draining moves unintentionally healing for 75%
  • Fixed Poltergeist not using up PP when it fails
  • Fixed Shedinja evolution not working properly (no longer evolves through Dusk Stone but through the vanilla method)
  • Fixed Bite being 10% flinch chance instead of 30
  • Fixed Earth Badge showing on trainer card instead of Rising Badge
  • Fix Guard at Victory Road saying you have Earth Badge instead of Rising Badge
  • Fixed Spectral Thief/Soul Robbery still stealing boosts even if the move failed
  • Fixed Youngster overworld having the green dots around him
  • Fixed some Pokemon having the incorrect “duplicate” ability names (Cinderace used to have Protean for instance, and Kingler Battle Armor instead of Shell Armor, to save space. However, Greenphx and theskidy provided a nice workaround so they can have the correct ability names)
  • Fixed Flame Orb misspelling in item description

New Moves:

Draco Barrage (Only on AI in Hardcore and select Dragon Pokemon at Level 85/100)

100 BP move that is physical/special depending on which stat is higher, bypasses Fairy Immunity, deals ⅓ damage recoil to the user

Stone Axe – 70 BP 100 Acc Rock Physical Move that traps the opponent and deals damage at end of turn for 2-5 turns(Fire Spin effect). Makes contact, Blademaster boosted.

Ceaseless Edge – 70 BP 100 Acc Dark Physical Move: Traps the opponent and deals damage at end of turn for 2-5 turns(Fire Spin effect). Makes contact, Blademaster boosted.

Infernal Parade – 60 BP 100 Acc Ghost Special Move: Has 30% chance to burn the target, deals double damage if opponent is statused.

Barb Barrage – 60 BP 100 Acc Poison Physical Move (Does not make contact): Has 30% chance to poison the target, deals double damage if opponent is statused.

Headlong Rush – 120 BP 100 Acc Ground Physical Move – Attacking move that lowers user’s Def/SpDef (Close Combat effect) Makes contact.

Triple Arrows – 60 BP 100 Acc Fighting Physical Move – Attacking move that has 100% chance to lower opponent’s defense, and gives focus energy boost after hit (Focus Energy gives +2 Crit ratio). Striker boosted, makes contact. 

Chloroblast – 120 BP 100 Acc Grass Special Move –  Attacking move that has ⅓ recoil (Special Wood Hammer).

Victory Dance – 15 PP Set Up move that gives +1 Attack, Defense, Speed (Physical Quiver Dance)

Bitter Malice – 60 BP 100 Acc Ghost Special Move: Has 30% chance to Freeze, deals double damage if opponent is statused.

Attack Changes:

Moves with 5-15% chance to miss are some of the most infuriating to miss for the player, especially in challenge runs. These changes have been made to many such moves to mitigate such scenarios.

Will-O-Wisp is guaranteed to hit when used by a Fire type

Thunder Wave is guaranteed to hit when used by an Electric type

Rock Tomb Accuracy 95->100

Metal Claw Accuracy 95->100

Fire Fang Accuracy 95->100

Ice Fang Accuracy 95->100

Thunder Fang Accuracy 95->100

Mud Shot Accuracy 95->100

Hyper Fang Accuracy 95->100

Icy Wind acc 95->100

Electroweb acc 95->100

Snarl acc 95->100

Air Cutter acc 95->100

Air Slash Acc 95->100

Glaciate acc 95->100

Light of Ruin acc 90->100

Razor Leaf Acc 95->100

Rock Throw Acc 90->100

Take Down Acc 85->100

Slam 90 Acc->100 Acc

Fake Out 10 PP->5 PP, Feather Dance 15 PP->5 PP

Rock Slide 90 Acc->100 Acc, 30% Flinch->20% flinch

Stone Edge 80 Acc->90 Acc

Tri Attack 80 Attack->90 Attack

Aeroblast Acc 95->100
Power Whip Acc 85->90

Swagger Acc 85->90

Hammer Arm Acc 90->100

Diamond Storm Acc 95->100

Drill Run Acc 95->100

Zen Headbutt Acc 90->100

Play Rough Acc 90->100

Strong Jaw Boosts Fishious Rend again

Genesis Supernova (Mew Z-Move) has been changed to give +1 to all stats upon hit

Eevium Z has been modified to also work on Eeveelutions, but only gives +2 to Offensive Stats (Shell Smash without the Defense drops basically)

Frenzy Plant – 160 BP, 4 PP, 100 Acc recharge move but does not need to recharge on kill. 80% chance to badly poison.

Blast Burn – 160 BP, 4 PP, 100 Acc recharge move but does not need to recharge on kill. 60% chance to burn.

Hydro Cannon – 160 BP, 4 PP, 100 Acc recharge move but does not need to recharge on kill. 60% chance to freeze (frostbite)

Meteor Assault – 160 BP, 4 PP, 100 Acc recharge move but does not need to recharge on kill. 60% chance to paralyze

Pokemon Changes:

Ability changes:

Reckless now also boosts Explosion, Selfdestruct, and Misty Explosion

Magby line Ability 2 None->Magma Armor

  • A slightly more usable ability with the Freeze changes, so feels like a relevant buff even if it’s minor

Ninetales-A Ability 2 None->Serene Grace 

  • Combos well with Moonblast and new Frost Breath, Ninetales-A mostly useless in HC mode where it can’t have Snow Warning so this is a nice small buff

Turtonator Ability 1 Dauntless Shield-> Battle Armor, Ability 2 None->Magma Armor, Hidden Ability None->Dauntless Shield

Oshawott Line Ability 2 None->Shell Armor
Added back in Propeller Tail/Stalwart (Duraludon, Barraskewda hidden abilities)

Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Keldeo Hidden Ability None->Blademaster 

Wailord Ability Multiscale -> Blubber Defense (Name Change to make a little more sense, does the same thing as Multiscale)

Stat/Type changes:

Stantler, Basculin, Ursaring stats reverted to Vanilla due to new Evolutions

Samurott Speed 100->90 (gains access to Shell Smash now though)

Reverted Blaziken nerfs (Attack 110->120, SpA 120->110)

Reverted Blaziken-Mega nerfs (Attack 130->160, SpA 160->130)

Reverted Mega Salamence nerfs (Attack 135->145)

Reverted Cinderace nerfs (Attack 111->116)

Reverted Darmanitan-G nerfs (Attack 130->140)

Reverted Lanturn buffs (Attack 50->58, Defense 65->58, SpA 90->76)

Reverted Sudowoodo Rock/Grass->Rock

Reverted Rotom nerfs (Def 70->77, SpDef 70->77) 

Reverted Melmetal nerf (Clear Body-> Iron Fist)

Mudsdale Ability 1 Own Tempo -> Striker, Hidden Ability Inner Focus -> Tangling Hair

Meowstic SpA 55->63

Meowstic-Female SpA 55->63

Wishiwashi HP 45->55 (both schooling and smol form)

Learnset Removals: 

Ursaring – No longer learns Slack Off, Sucker Punch from Level Up

Learnset additions:

Samurott-H, Samurott learn Shell Smash at Level 80

Whiscash Ability 1 Water Bubble->Hydration, HA Hydration->Water Bubble

Floatzel learns Bite at Level 1

Qwilfish can learn Gunk Shot from Move Tutor

Sandaconda learns Quick Attack at Level 1 (great with Aerilate Mega)

Vespiquen can learn Leech Life from TM

Hydreigon can learn Draco Barrage at Level 85

Zekrom can learn Earthquake from TM

Guzzlord can learn Draco Barrage at Level 77

Kommo-o can learn Draco Barrage at Level 85

Tropius learns Draco Barrage at Level 52

Swanna can learn Blizzard, U-turn from TM

Dusknoir learns Dynamic Punch at Level 75

Dragonite learns Dragon Hammer at Level 100

Kangaskhan learns Seismic Toss at Level 100
Flapple learns Dragon Energy at Level 100

Togekiss learns Aeroblast at Level 100

Heracross learns First Impression at Level 100

Clawitzer learns Origin Pulse at Level 100

Mamoswine learns Headlong Rush at Level 100

Darmanitan-G learns Ice Hammer at Level 100

Beedrill learns Megahorn at Level 100, and Gunk Shot from Move Tutor

Mawile learns Double Iron Bash at Level 100

Umbreon learns Sucker Punch at Level 25 instead of Assurance

Falinks can learn Leech Life from TM and Bug Bite from Move Tutor

Oranguru can learn Hyper Voice from TM 

Pokemon that learn Protect through level up learn Detect instead (which is usable in HC mode, unlike Protect)

Banette learns Double Edge at Level 68

Magmortar can learn Terrain Pulse from TM 

Frillish learns Destiny Bond from Egg Move

Stunfisk-G learns Aqua Tail from Egg Move

Toxapex learns Recover at Level 68 instead of 90

Lycanroc-N learns Head Smash at Level 58, Sing at Level 65

Lycanroc learns Headlong Rush at Level 52 respectively

  • Lycanroc Dusk is still quite easily the best of the 3 forms, so these changes should set them apart a bit more 

Golem learns Headlong Rush at Level 46

Golurk learns Headlong Rush at Level 58

Flygon learns Headlong Rush at Level 70

Bouffalant learns Headlong Rush at Level 58

Lilligant learns Chloroblast at Level 54

Venusaur learns Chloroblast at level 64

Blaziken learns Triple Arrows at Level 56

Because Rotom forms don’t have the flexibility to transform into other forms like the Vanilla games, it has received some slight learnset buffs.

Rotom-Freeze learns Frost Breath at Level 47, can learn Ice Beam from TM

Rotom-Heat learns Lava Plume at Level 47, Flamethrower from TM

Rotom-Fan learns Air Slash at Level 47

Rotom-Cut learns Giga Drain at Level 47, Chloroblast at Level 60

Exeggutor, Exeggutor-A learns Chloroblast at Level 68

Rotom-Wash learns Scald at Level 47

Shaymin Sky learns Hurricane at Level 86

Ledian learns Victory Dance at Level 70

Leavanny learns Victory Dance at Level 73

Changes from Legends Arceus:

Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu learn Baby Doll Eyes at Level 3

Pikachu, Raichu can learn Calm Mind From TM 

Machop learns Mach Punch at Level 1 instead of Bullet Punch

Vulpix-A, Ninetales-A learn Energy Ball from TM 

Chansey, Blissey learn Baby Doll Eyes at Level 23

Scyther, Scizor can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor, Calm Mind from ™, Psycho Cut at Level 1

Eevee, Glaceon, Leafeon, Umbreon can learn Calm Mind from ™ (other Eeveelutions can already learn CM in RR)

Aipom, Ambipom learn Mud Bomb at Level 12

Heracross can learn Calm Mind, Outrage from Move Tutor

Teddiursa, Ursaring can learn High Horsepower from Move Tutor

Swinub, Piloswine, Mamoswine learn Baby Doll Eyes at Level 1

Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Gallade can learn Ice Beam from ™

Gardevoir learns Recover at Level 70, Aura Sphere from Move Tutor, Ice Beam from TM 

Whiscash can learn Aerial Ace from ™

Duskull, Dusclops, Dusknoir can learn Leech Life from TM 

Spheal, Sealeo, Walrein learn Baby Doll Eyes at Level 1

Torterra, learns Sleep Powder at Level 1, Headlong Rush at Level 67

Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon learn Baby Doll Eyes at Level 13

Pachirisu can learn Play Rough from Move Tutor

Cherubi, Cherrim learn Stun Spore at Level 1, Sleep Powder at Level 16Double Edge at Level 53

Drifloon, Drifblim learn Extrasensory at Level 30

Buneary, Lopunny learn Mach Punch at Level 23, Double Edge at Level 69

Glameow, Purugly learn Double Edge at Level 44, Nasty Plot from move tutor

Chatot can learn Hurricane, Play Rough from Move Tutor

Spiritomb learns Extra Sensory at Level 34

Riolu, Lucario learn Mach Punch at Level 1

Croagunk, Toxicroak can learn Earth Power from Move Tutor

Carnivine can learn Leech Life from TM

Finneon, Lumineon can learn Roost from TM 

Uxie learns Hypnosis at Level 1

Mesprit learns Recover at Level 1

Cresselia can learn Recover at Level 61 

Phione, Manaphy learns Moonblast at Level 51

Shaymin learns Sleep Powder at Level 5, Recover at Level 51

Petilil learns Baby Doll Eyes at Level 1, Recover at Level 33

Rufflet learns Quick Attack at Level 1, Double Edge at Level 54

Bergmite, Avalugg learn Ice Shard at Level 5

Togetic, Togekiss can learn Calm Mind from ™, Moonblast at Level 66/77 respectively

Infernape can learn Drain Punch from TM

A lot of improvements have been made to evolutions and learnsets to make early parts of Hardcore mode more feasible. I unfortunately did not thoroughly document everything but the learnsets and evolution tables are available for your viewing.


Terminaut for the beautiful Hisuian and custom Seviian Sprites! (Icons, Front and Back Sprites, and even coming up with a lot of the designs for the custom Seviian Sprites)

thexaman for pokeemerald implementations of fasterhp drain and text in pokeemerald 

azimuth for updated EV/IV display screen

GreenPHX – for assistance on duplicate ability system, updated EV/IV display screen resource, some CFRU bug fixes

Diego Mertens for pokeemerald implemtation of PC in Start Menu

Lunos, for the SELECT to switch pokemon in the Pokemon Party Menu in pokeemerald

Buffel Saft, for the idea of PokeVial and random starter ideas, and other inspiration

Dekzeh for the Infinite Repel ideas, new trainers, and massive help with testing/inspiration

Xavion, Toxicenduser for assistance on care packages

Runan, Symes, ToxicEndUser, Dekzeh, Gian97, Mannat for help with some new post-game fights

Symes – revamping and improving a lot of Wild Encounters

JudasThundersteel – For helping formatting a lot of Follower OW Sprites, testing

Goubou – Large amount of testing and assistance

Symes, Fey – Thorough testing and suggestions for HC Mode

Silva, Symes, Dekzeh, Runan, Gian, Xan, Luto, Rai-Cy, rraykzu, Cacao, Ccactuss, CyroLion, Duk, Yash, Vengabenga – Testing

 Darkster for new intro background and help with titlescreen

 Jag_00 for his FR/LG styled HGSS Team Rocket Battle Theme!

Cesare_bass (electrode_h icon)

sophita yorita for growlithe h 

JWNutz for enamorus

purple zaffre academico95 

Larry Turbo for OW Pokemon (Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Arceus, Palkia, Dialga, Centiskorch, Darmanitan, Ho-Oh, Lugia)

[url]https://www.deviantart.com/phyromatical/art/All-Gen-5-Overwolrd-sprites-ripped-447104679[/url] Gen 5 OWs

decidueye-h: Vent + The-King-Of-Roads-X

Voltorb: leParagon (backsprite qc’d)

Hisui’s Electrode: The-King-Of-Roads-X (frontsprite) Vent (backsprite)

Hisui’s Samurott: The-King -Of-Roads-X (frontsprite) Vent (backsprite)

Hisui’s Sneasel: Frander04

Sneasler: The-King-Of-Roads-X (frontsprite) Red7246 & Vent (backsprite)

Hisui’s Qwilfish: Frander04

Ursaluna: The-King-Of-Roads-X (frontsprite) Asria (cropped backsprite)

Origin Palkia: The-King-Of-Roads-X (frontsprite) AlexandreV2.0 (backsprite)

Origin Dialga(2): leParagon (frontsprite) Vent (backsprite)

Karthik, Pacman – Maintaining RRSH, Dex, and the patching website 

v2.3 to v2.3a


– New Wild Grass has been added to Viridian City and Pewter City for more early game diversity (and to ease nuzlocke/mono-type challenges)

– Updated Red, May, Brendan front trainer sprites, and Brendan’s backsprites (Credits to hyo_oppa!)

– Changed Low Sweep TM to TM Thief in Diglett’s Cave

– Changed TM Thief in Mt Moon to Low Sweep TM

– Can access Wild Grass on Route 3 a bit earlier

– Can’t receive Misty Seed from Wild Pokemon before beating Sabrina in Hardcore Mode

– Pallet Town starter set to fateful encounter as location (so nuzlockers can also use a Pallet Town fishing encounter)

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed Night Evolutions not working properly, along with Lycanroc Dusk

– Fixed Evolutions learning banned moves in Hardcore/Restricted Mode

– Fixed being able to teach certain banned moves through move tutor in Hardcore/Restricted mode

– Fixed AI overly favoring draining moves (Mega Drain, Drain Punch, etc)

– Fixed Pikachu costume forms only giving 1 exp

– Fixed Razor Shell description being outdated

– Fixed Jumpluff not being able to learn Leaf Blade through tutor when it learns through Level Up

– Fixed Clobbopus not being able to learn Low Sweep when it learns through Level Up

– Fixed weather ability not working properly in hc champion fight

– Fixed the first trainer on Nugget Bridge having scaled levels

– Fixed Beat Up having outdated description

– Fixed Aegislash-Blade not having updated HP

Small Pokemon Changes:

Buizel Ability 1 Swift Swim->Water Veil, Hidden Ability Water Veil->Technician (to be consistent with evo Floatzel)

Snover Ability 1 Snow Warning->Soundproof (since it’s a new early game mon snow warning would be too powerful early)

More learnset additions/evolution modifications:

– Rattata evolves to Raticate at Level 16 instead of Level 20

– Rattata-A evolves to Raticate-A at Level 16 at Night instead of Level 20

– Machop learns Bullet Punch at Level 3 instead of Focus Energy, Rock Tomb at Level 9 instead of Foresight

– Gastly learns Ominous Wind at Level 10, Sludge at Level 16

– Haunter learns Shadow Ball at Level 28 instead of Payback

– Meowth/Persian learns Bullet Seed at Level 12 and can learn Bullet Seed from TM, Shock Wave at Level 28

– Meowth-G learns Bullet Punch at Level 22

– Exeggcute learns Psybeam at Level 1, Bullet Seed at Level 1, Stun Spore at Level 15, Mega Drain at Level 17 instead of Bullet Seed

– Hoothoot evolves to Noctowl at Level 16 instead of Level 20, Noctowl learns Air Cutter on Evolution

– Ponyta learns Stomp at Level 1 instead of Tackle, Flame Wheel at Level 8, Will-O-Wisp at Level 15

– Ponyta-G learns Flame Wheel at level 8, Stomp at Level 1 instead of Tackle, Will-o-Wisp at Level 13

– Slowpoke learns Water Pulse at Level 9 instead of Water Gun, Thunder Wave at Level 12, Psybeam at Level 14 instead of Confusion, Icy Wind at Level 20 instead of Water Pulse

– Grimer learns Sludge at Level 4, Rock Tomb at Level 9, Mega Drain at Level 15, Poison Fang at Level 22 instead of 32

– Grimer-A learns Rock Tomb at Level 9

– Spinarak evolves to Ariados at Level 16 instead of Level 22

– Snubbull Ability 2 Run Away->Strong Jaw

– Removed Illuminate as possible ability on Chinchou/Lanturn

– Marill learns Aqua Jet at Level 1 instead of Water Gun, learns Body Slam at Level 15

– Azumarill learns Ice Punch on Evolution

– Nuzleaf learns Fake Out on Evolution

– Swablu learns Pluck at Level 1 instead of Peck, Icy Wind at Level 15

– Meditite learns Fake Out at Level 1 instead of Bide, Rock Tomb at Level 11, Force Palm at Level 15 instead of Feint, Feint at Level 17 instead of Force Palm, Bullet Punch at Level 20 instead of Hidden Power

– Spoink learns Thunder Wave at Level 1 instead of Splash

– Kricketune learns Bulldoze at Level 20

– Burmy evolves to Wormadam, Mothim at Level 16 instead of 20

– Snover learns Ice Shard at Level 1 instead of Powder Snow, Giga Drain at Level 26 instead of Ice Shard

– Patrat evolves to Watchog at Level 16 instead of Level 20

– Sandile learns Bulldoze at Level 16 instead of Assurance, Assurance at Level 19 instead of Bulldoze, Rock Throw at Level 7

– Mienfoo learns Force Palm at Level 1, Rock Tomb at Level 11

– Yamask-G learns Shadow Sneak at Level 1 instead of Astonish, Will-O-Wisp at Level 14

– Gothita evolves to Gothorita at Level 28 instead of 32

– Axew learns Breaking Swipe at Level 10 instead of Dragon Rage, doesn’t learn Dual Chop at Level 13

– Fraxure learns Dual Chop on Evolution

– Volcarona learns Safeguard at Level 1

– Delphox learns Mind Blown at level 85 instead of 80

– Espurr learns Thunder Wave at Level 1

– Cubchoo learns Aqua Jet at Level 1, Ice Punch at Level 11

– Flabebe evolves to Floette at Level 16 instead of Level 19, learns Magical Leaf at Level 15 instead of Razor Leaf, Dazzling Gleam at Level 22 instead of Magical Leaf

– Floette learns Draining Kiss on Evolution

– Pancham learns Bullet Punch at Level 10 instead of Work up, Bite at Level 15 instead of Comet Punch

– Yungoos learns Rock Tomb at Level 10, Bite at Level 16 instead of Bide

– Steenee Attack 40->70, SpA 40->70

– Cutiefly learns Mega Drain at level 1 instead of Absorb

– Sandygast learns Ominous Wind at Level 5 instead of Astonish, Will-O-Wisp at Level 10

– Applin learns Mega Drain, DragonBreath at Level 1

– Sinistea learns Ominous Wind at Level 1 instead of Astonish, Will-O-Wisp at Level 16

v2.2b to v2.3

– Added an Easy Option, Minimal Grinding Option, Hardcore Mode, Restricted Mode

  • – Easy Mode makes boss battles a level lower, allows items in boss battles, shift mode can be used, and boss battles have no EVs
  • – Minimal Grinding makes all Pokemon have perfect IVs (Gift Pokemon, Wild Pokemon, Boss Pokemon (except slight tweaks for Hidden Power)), and EVs cannot be obtained. AI will also use no EVs. Trading is forbidden in Minimal Grinding Mode.
  • Hardcore Mode makes boss battles harder and simply downright unfair while also restricting certain moves/abilities from the user (weather ability/moves, most stat-boosting moves, and more are prohibited with some exceptions).
    • Egg Moves cannot be obtained from DexNav in this mode
    • Some mandatory trainers in routes are also turned into minibosses, indicated by a pre-battle transition
    • It’s automatically complimented with Minimal Grinding mode to make this grueling experience less tedious
    • Hardcore Mode has some minor modifications to the levels in Level Cap so that you can evolve your starter before Brock and get your final starter evolution before Lt Surge

– Restricted Mode simply has the restrictions that Hardcore Mode has (Certain Abilities, Moves are forbidden) but with default Radical Red boss battles

– The Stat Scanner has been updated with a graphical interface that also displays Happiness Level, Base Stats, and steps left for an egg to hatch (Please note the steps left counter is not an approximate amount!) Credits to Azimuth on WAH for this!

– there is spanish on this screen (‘atras’ instead of ‘back’) and the iv/evs arent perfectly symmetrical atm… will try to fix when I can :p

– Added pre-battle transitions for all boss battles (the panning thing you see before fighting the Elite Four/Champion)

– A part of Diglett Cave is accessible before attaining Cut for more early game diversity (TM78 Low Sweep can be found in here)

– Some evolution stones have been made available earlier around Cerulean City

– Early game bosses (Falkner, Brock, Misty) have become slightly more difficult in tandem with these new options available in the early game

– Updated attack animations for Cut (to better reflect its new Steel typing), Leech Life (to better reflect its 80 BP rather than its old 20 BP), Wicked Blow, Surging Strikes, Grassy Glide, Rising Voltage, Expanding Force, Flip Turn, Snap Trap, Scale Shot

– Added text to Hall of Fame to reflect what version the game was completed on

– Screen before the confetti also shows what game modes it was completed on (Easy, Hardcore, Randomizer, etc)

– Low Sweep added to Striker boosted moves

– A couple of Pokemon received updates to their battle sprites

Item Changes:

– Leek Stick now boosts Sirfetch’d crit rate by 2 (Vanilla functionality, still works as is for Farfetch-d/Farfetchd-G)

Ability Changes:

– Big Pecks has been removed, existing Pokemon with Big Pecks -> Frisk

– Illuminate has been brought back with a new effect: Boosts accuracy by 1.2x. Also has its existing field effect (encounter rate increases by 100% if in first place of party) Affected Pokemon: Staryu/Starmie, Volbeat, Chinchou/Lanturn, Morelull/Shiinotic

– Bull Rush now boosts Speed by 1.5x, Attack by 1.2x on First Turn (Used to do 1.5x attack on first turn)

– Emergency Exit: Now only forces the switch at the END of the turn (Normally, if you reach the threshold for Emergency Exit to proc you must switch out immediately). Also doesn’t force a flee in Wild Battles

– Liquid Voice: Now also gives 1.2x boost to Sound Moves (like Aerilate/Pixilate/Refrigerate etc, buff to Mega Lapras/Primarina) 

– Solar Power: No longer buffs defenses in Sun

– Strong Jaw: No longer buffs Fishious Rend

– Zen Mode: Changes form regardless of health (So, becomes Zen Mode as soon as Darmanitan is switched in)

This isn’t new, but it’s been undocumented throughout this game’s release: 

– Quick Feet boosts Speed by 2x instead of 1.5x

New Moves:

– Sonic Slash (New broken Ninjask signature move) – 10 PP move Single Target Flying Physical Move: 140 BP if the user’s speed is 3* the target’s speed or greater, 120 BP if 2* the target’s speed, 80 BP if less than 2* the target’s speed

(these are from Let’s Go Pikachu & Eeevee with minor modifications)

– Sappy Seed – 95 BP 100 Acc 5 PP Single Target Grass Physical Move: Deals damage and leaves Leech Seed(if applicable) on its target (Cradily, Parasect, Leafeon, Maractus)

– Zippy Zap – 50 BP 100 Acc  5 PP Single Target Electric Physical Move: +1 Priority move that always results in a critical hit (Pikachu/Raichu, Zebstrika, Togedemaru, Morpeko)

– Freezy Frost – 95 BP 100 Acc 5 PP Single Target Ice Special Move: Eliminates stat change after dealing damage. This effect occurs even if they are behind a sub, or if it faints the enemy Pokemon. (Cryogonal, Pikachu-Belle, Regice, Mr. Mime-G/Mr. Rime)

– Sparkly Swirl – 95 BP 100 Acc 5 PP Single Target Fairy Special Move: Eliminates status conditions in the user’s party after dealing damage. This effect occurs even if they are behind a sub, or if it faints the enemy Pokemon. (Aromatisse, Comfey, Shiinotic, Mr. Mime, Pikachu-Pop Star)

– Bouncy Bubble – 90 BP 100 Acc 5 pp Single Target Water Special Move: Deals damage and 50% of the damage is restored to the user (Wailord, Milotic, Pikachu-Surfing, Pincurchin)

Move Buffs:

– Volt Tackle – Now does 25% recoil damage rather than 33%

– Gear Grind Acc 85->100

– Head Charge – Now has a 10% chance to lower Defense (so that it gets boosted by Sheer Force for Tauros)

– Jaw Lock – No longer traps the user from switching out

– Ice Hammer – Accuracy 90->100, No longer lowers the user’s Speed

– Low Sweep 65 BP->60 BP (Technician boosted), now also boosted by Striker

– Luster Purge BP 70->85 5 PP->10 PP (Meloetta, Latios) 

– Mist Ball BP 70->85, 5 PP->10 PP (Meloetta, Latias)

– Strength Sap – No longer uses up 2 PP

– Snap Trap – Type Grass->Steel, 35 BP->100 BP, 100 Acc->85 Accuracy, PP 15->5 (Physical Steel Magma Storm)

Pokemon Nerfs:

– Goldeen, Seaking Ability Swift Swim->Rain Dish

– Tapu Koko cannot learn Close Combat from Move Tutor 

– Corsola-G/Cursola learn Strength Sap at Level 85 instead of Level 35 

Pokemon Buffs:

– Mega Blastoise SpA 125->135 (Back to vanilla stats. Mega Blastoise is absurd with Shell Smash, but pretty meh outside of it. Since it gets Shell Smash late anyway, along with it losing access to it in Hardcore Mode, this change is fair)

– Mega Machamp Defense 100->110, SpDef 105->115

– Mega Slowbro Defense 165->180 (Back to Vanilla stats), Battle Armor if base ability is Regenerator, Regenerator if base ability is Oblivious/Own Tempo

– Mega Lapras Defense 85->90, SpDef 100->105, Lapras learns Wish at Level 60

– Mega Houndoom Ability: Solar Power if base ability is Flash Fire, Dark Aura if base ability is Early Bird/Unnerve 

– Mega Absol Ability: Magic Bounce if base Ability is Pressure, Blademaster if base Ability is Super Luck/Justified

– Mega Abomasnow Defense 100->105, SpDef 100->105, Speed 45->60

– Mega Gallade Attack 155->165 (back to Vanilla stats), Ability Inner Focus if base ability is HA Justified

– Mega Garbodor SpA 80->105, Garbodor can learn Earthquake, Superpower from TM, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Thunder Punch from Move Tutor

– Mega Lucario Attack 135->145 (Back to Vanilla)

– Mega Orbeetle Defense 115->125, SpD 120->130, Speed 95->100

– Mega Duraludon HP 70->85

– Charmander line Flame Body->Solar Power

– Pikachu learns Zippy Zap at Level 57

– Pikachu-Surfing gets Bouncy Bubble in initial moveset instead of Surf

– Pikachu Pop Star (Fairy Pikachu) gets Sparkly Swirl in initial moveset instead of Draining Kiss

– Pikachu-Flying gets Air Slash in initial moveset instead of Fly, can learn Hurricane from Move Tutor

– Pikachu-PhD Electric->Electric/Psychic, gets Psychic in initial moveset instead of Electric Terrain, can learn Zen Headbutt from Move Tutor

– Pikachu-Belle gets Freezy Frost instead of Extreme Speed in initial moveset (can choose between Freezy Frost or Icicle Crash as stab)

– Raichu Attack 80->100 (to benefit from Zippy Zap)

– Zubat line Ability 1 Inner Focus->Infiltrator, Hidden Ability Infiltrator->Corrosion

– Parasect learns Sappy Seed at Level 44 instead of Leaf Blade

– Primeape Attack 95->105 (Back to Vanilla stats)

– Tentacool, Tentacruel can learn Flip Turn from TM

– Golem-A Ability 2 Sturdy->Magnet Pull

– Rapidash-G SpA 80->60, Speed 105->125

– Farfetchd-G can learn Roost from TM

– Doduo, Dodrio can learn U-turn from TM

– A-Muk learns Parting Shot at Level 1, Sucker Punch at Level 63

– Gengar Ability Cursed Body->Levitate (a fan favorite!)

– Kingler learns Meteor Mash at Level 69, Ice Hammer at Level 75, can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

– Electrode SpA 80->100, can learn Weather Ball from Move Tutor

– Exeggutor, Exeggutor-A can learn Weather Ball from Move Tutor

– Staryu, Starmie Ability 2 None->Illuminate

– Mr Mime learns Sparkly Swirl at Level 62

– Mr Mime-G/Mr Rime learn Freezy Frost at Level 62

– Tauros learns Head Charge (now boosted by Sheer Force!) at Level 76, can learn Play Rough, Flare Blitz from Move Tutor

– Jolteon learns Spikes at Level 1

– Aerodactyl can learn U-turn from TM

– Articuno Attack 85->70 Attack, Speed 85->105, can learn Calm Mind from Move Tutor, Focus Blast from TM

– Articuno-G Attack 85->70, Defense 85->95, Speed 95->100, can learn Focus Blast from TM

– Chinchou, Lanturn Ability 2 None->Illuminate

– Sunflora Speed 45->55

– Umbreon can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor

– Granbull Ability 2 Quick Feet->Strong Jaw

– Murkrow can learn U-turn from TM, Knock Off from Move Tutor

– Houndoom learns Fiery Wrath at Level 56 instead of Dark Pulse

– Entei can learn Earthquake from TM

– Zigzagoon-G learns Pursuit from Egg Moves

– Shiftry Attack 100->120, SpA 90->110, learns Parting Shot on Evolution

– Ninjask learns First Impression at Level 36, Sonic Slash at Level 54, can learn Drill Run from Move Tutor

– Loudred HA Scrappy->Punk Rock (just to make early Brendan fight a little harder lol) 

– Exploud learns Overdrive at Level 63

– Volbeat Ability 2 None->Illuminate 

– Wailord Ability 2 Thick Fat->Multiscale, HP 170->150, Attack 70->50, Defense 60->80, SpA 90->105, SpDef 60->80, Speed 60->50, learns Bouncy Bubble at Level 55, can learn Focus Blast from Move Tutor

– Camerupt learns Slack Off at Level 63, Magma Storm at Level 72

– Zangoose Defense 60->70, SpDef 60->70, Speed 90->100, learns Fake Out instead of X-Scissor at Level 40

– Seviper can learn Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang from Move Tutor

– Cradily learns Sappy Seed at Level 68

– Kecleon HP 60->85

– Glalie learns Quick Attack at Level 1, Fake Out at Level 45, can learn Hyper Voice from TM

– Salamence learns Refresh at Level 1

– Regirock Hidden Ability Sturdy->Solid Rock

– Regice Hidden Ability Ice Body->Filter, learns Freeze Dry at Level 71, Freezy Frost at Level 75

– Turtwig line Ability 2 None->Self-Sufficient, Turtwig/Grotle HA Battle Armor->Rock Head

– Torterra Hidden Ability Self Sufficient->Rock Head, can learn High Horsepower from Move Tutor

– Staraptor learns Double Edge at Level 65 (compatibility was removed on accident when it was removed from egg move)

– Wormadam-Trash Attack 69->59, SpA 69->79

– Lopunny Normal->Normal/Fighting, can learn Brick Break from TM (just to make normal lopunny more usable)

– Honchkrow Speed 71->96, can learn U-Turn from TM, Knock Off from Move Tutor

– Magmortar Attack 95->80, Speed 83->98, learns Magma Storm at Level 66

– Leafeon learns Sappy Seed at Level 70

– Probopass Hidden Ability Sand Force->Levitate

– Froslass learns Freeze Dry at Level 58

– Samurott Attack 100->108, SpA 108->95, Speed 70->100

– Simisage can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor

– Zebstrika learns Zippy Zap at Level 58

– Sawk Defense 80->75, SpDef 80->75, Speed 95->85 (back to Vanilla stats) Hidden Ability Mold Breaker->Contrary, learns Hammer Arm at Level 55, Close Combat at Level 65 instead of 41

– Lilligant can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor, Seed Flare at Level 70

– Darmanitan can learn Trick Room, Teleport from TM (for Zen Mode)

– Maractus learns Sappy Seed at Level 52

– Swanna Speed 98->108

– Deerling, Sawsbuck can learn Bullet Seed from TM

– Jellicent SpA 60->75

– Alomomola can learn Flip Turn from TM

– Klinklang Attack 90->100 (back to Vanilla), learns Volt Tackle at Level 64, can learn Superpower from TM

– Beartic learns Ice Hammer at Level 65

– Cryogonal learns Freezy Frost at Level 63

– Accelgor SpA 95->100 (back to Vanilla), can learn Taunt from TM

– Stunfisk can learn Volt Switch from TM

– Golurk HP 89->100, Defense 80->90, SpDef 80->90 

– Kyurem and its forms can learn Ice Punch from TM

– Meloetta will keep her Form changes outside of battle (can stay in Pirouette form). Learns Extrasensory at Level 46, Luster Purge and Mist Ball at Level 68, can learn Rock Slide, Bulk Up from TM, Body SlamAura Sphere from Move Tutor

– Tyrantrum learns Accelerock at Level 52, Scale Shot at Level 64

– Floette line (including Floette-Eternal) Ability 2 None->Natural Cure

– Aegislash HP 50->60 (back to Vanilla)

– Aromatisse learns Sparkly Swirl at Level 61

– Avalugg learns Icicle Crash on Evolution

– Decidueye SpA 100->95, SpDef 100->85, Speed 70->100, learns Thousand Arrows at Level 65

– Comfey learns Sparkly Swirl at Level 58

– Toxapex learns Recover at Level 90

– Shiinotic Ability 2 None->Illuminate, learns Sparkling Swirl at Level 60

– Togedemaru learns Zippy Zap at Level 47

– Xurkitree Attack 89->74, Speed 83->98

– Guzzlord Ability 2 None->Dark Aura, HP 223->203, Defense 53->73, SpDefense 53->73, Speed 43->23, learns Pursuit at Level 1, Parting Shot at Level 50, Sucker Punch at Level 63, Dragon Hammer at Level 73 instead of Dragon Rush

– Chewtle/Drednaw learns Aqua Jet at Level 1 instead of Water Pulse, can learn Flip Turn from TM

– Cursola Speed 40->55

– Sirfetch’d – Now receives +2 in crit ratio from Leek Stick, can learn RoostCut from TM/HM

– Pincurchin Electric->Electric/Water, learns Bouncy Bubble at Level 63, can learn Volt Switch from TM

– Morpeko learns Zippy Zap at Level 65

– Dracovish Attack 80->90, SpDef 90->80 (Back to Vanilla stats)

– Duraludon HP 70->85

– Zamazenta (Current unobtainable) can learn Bulk Up, Body Press from TM 

– Zarude Ability 2 None->Defiant, learns Pursuit at Level 1

– Glastrier learns Ice Hammer at Level 68

Some Event/Gen 8 compatibilities added to learnsets:

– Jirachi learns Meteor Mash at Level 49

– Victini learns Bolt Strike, Blue Flare, Glaciate at Level 1

– Genesect learns Extremespeed and Shift Gear at Level 1

– Happiny can learn Wish from Egg Moves

– Heatran(Currently unobtainable) learns Eruption at Level 1 

– Kyurem learns Freeze Dry at Level 1 

– Zygarde learns ExtremeSpeed at Level 1, Thousand Waves at Level 1, Thousand Arrows at Level 84 

– Farfetch’d can learn Wish from Egg Move

– Drowzee can learn Wish from Egg Move

– Exeggcute, Exeggcute-A can learn Wish from Egg Move

– Lickitung can learn Wish from Egg Move

– Kangaskhan can learn Wish from Egg Move

– Absol can learn Wish from Egg Move

– Orbeetle learns Iron Defense at Level 55

More changes were made to early learnsets/Evolution levels to make early game more feasible:

– Pidgey evolves to Pidgeotto at Level 16 instead of 18

– Pidove evolves to Tranquill at Level 16 instead of 21

– Poochyena evolves to Mightyena at Level 16 instead of 18

– Zigzagoon evolves to Linoone at Level 16

– Zigzagoon-G evolves to Linoone-G at Level 16

– Yungoos evolves to Gumshoos at Level 16 instead of 20

– Ledyba evolves to Ledian at Level 16 instead of 18

– Oddish evolves to Gloom at Level 16 instead of 21

– Nincada evolves to Ninjask at Level 16 instead of 20

– Hoppip evolves to Skiploom at Level 16 instead of 18

– Bulbasaur learns Magical Leaf at Level 9 instead of Vine Whip, Sludge at Level 15 instead of Take Down, Take Down at Level 23 instead of Sludge

– Charmander learns Brick Break at Level 9 instead of Metal Claw, Ancient Power at Level 12

– Charmeleon learns Incinerate on Evolution instead of Level 24, ThunderPunch at Level 24 instead of Incinerate

– Squirtle learns Bubble at Level 7 instead of Water Gun, Rapid Spin at Level 10 instead of Withdraw, Water Pulse at 13 instead of Bubble, Fake Out at Level 19

– Wartortle learns Icy Wind on Evolution

– Blastoise learns Ice Beam at Level 44

– Beedrill learns Cross Poison at Level 14 instead of Rage

– Rattata, Rattata-A learns Bite at Level 1 instead of Tackle, learns Hyper Fang at Level 10 instead of Bite

– Spearow learns Aerial Ace at Level 11 instead of 15, Fury Attack at Level 15 instead of 11

– Pikachu learns Fake Out at Level 1, ExtremeSpeed at Level 36 instead of Slam

– Hypno learns Psyshock on Evolution

– Sandshrew learns Rock Throw at Level 5

– Tentacool learns Rapid Spin at Level 1 instead of Poison Sting, Water Gun at Level 1 instead of 7

– Staryu learns Aurora Beam at Level 16 instead of Swift

– Diglett, Diglett-A learns Rock Throw at Level 7 instead of Astonish

– Mankey learns Rock Tomb at Level 5 instead of Fury Swipes

– Sentret learns Headbutt at Level 13 instead of Fury Swipes

– Skiploom learns Mega Drain at evolution instead of Level 28

– Lanturn learns Icy Wind at Level 1, Scald at Level 33 instead of Flail

– Phanpy learns Rapid Spin at Level 1 instead of Tackle, Ice Shard at Level 8

– Lotad, Lombre learn Aurora Beam at Level 12 instead of Natural Gift

– Nosepass learns Rock Throw at Level 1 instead of Tackle, Bulldoze at Level 10 instead of Rock Throw

– Seviper learns Mega Drain at Level 24 instead of Venom Drench, Venom Drench at Level 1 instead of Level 24

– Kricketune learns Rock Tomb at Level 12, Mega Drain at Level 14 instead of Absorb, Double Hit at Level 26 instead of Slash

– Budew learns Acid at Level 1

– Buneary learns Fake Out at Level 1 instead of Splash

– Yungoos learns Body Slam at Level 13 instead of Odor Sleuth

– Pidove learns Wing Attack at Level 12 instead of 15

– Pansage learns Magical Leaf at Level 10 instead of Vine Whip

– Simisage learns Mega Drain on Evolution

– Simisear learns Mythical Fire on Evolution

– Panpour learns Water Pulse at Level 10 instead of Water Gun

– Simipour learns Scald on Evolution

– Joltik learns Mega Drain at Level 1 instead of Absorb

– Scraggy learns Low Sweep at Level 1

– Yamask learns Hex at Level 16 instead of 17

– Yamask-G learns Magnitude at Level 1

– Sandygast learns Sand Tomb at Level 7 instead of 14, learns Mud Shot at Level 14, Hex at Level 21 

– Noibat learns Bite at Level 1 instead of Tackle, Dragon Breath at Level 13 instead of Bite 

– Skowvet learns Bullet Seed at Level 13 instead of 35

– Chewtle learns Bite at Level 1 instead of Tackle, Rock Throw at Level 7 instead of Bite 

Other small changes:

– Starly line has a common chance of holding Charti Berry

– Caterpie, Weedle have a rare chance of holding Coba Berry

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed Speed Ties not working correctly

– Fixed EXP overflowing when leveling to Level Cap

– Fixed Dexnav encounters potentially allowing you to skip mandatory events

– Fixed Soul Robbery being Physical instead of Special, BP 105->90

– Fixed Pokemon like Pyroar with gender palette differences having palettes bugged in the Evolution Scene

– Fixed status moves not being 100% accurate with Lethal Precision if having a type advantage (important for Hypnosis Seviper)

– Fixed being able to Knock Off some of the new Mega Stones

– Fixed Poltergeist using 2 PP instead of 1

– Fixed Flash having 50 BP instead of 60 as the last Changelog incorrectly specified 

– Fixed some of the Gen 8 DLC Pokemon/Megas having incorrect height/weight

– Fixed Sheer Force not proccing Weakness Policy 

– Fixed BrightPowder and Metal Coat not giving type boosts

– Fixed Castform causing a freeze when it switches in holding Smooth Rock

– Fixed Thunderous Kick, Freezing Glare, and Fiery Wrath being unboosted by Sheer Force

– Fixed Moltres-G being unable to learn Nasty Plot from Move Tutor

– Fixed Tapu Fini, Tapu Lele being unable to learn Draining Kiss from TM

– Fixed Latios, Latias being unable to learn Luster Purge, Mist Ball respectively

– Fixed Darmanitan being able to learn Ice Fang, Ice Punch, Ice Beam, Blizzard

– Fixed Porygon2 being able to learn Misty Explosion at Level 1

– Fixed Mareep, Flaafy still being able to learn Parabolic Charge

– Fixed Grimmsnarl line, Cursola, Dracovish being unable to learn Leech Life from TM

– Fixed Kingler being unable to learn Flip Turn TM when Krabby can 

– Fixed Breloom being unable to learn Grassy Glide when Shroomish can

– Fixed Boltund/Yamper being unable to learn Flame Charge

– Fixed Acrobatics receiving a Technician boost when not having an item

– Fixed a lot of the new DLC moves having incorrect power as a Max move

– Fixed placeholder moves being called by Metronome

– Fixed a number of Pokemon yielding incorrect EVs

– Fixed Archer walking through a rock exiting Mt Moon

– Fixed some TMs being able to be held by Pokemon


The following moves are unable to be learned: 









.hword MOVE_HAIL











.hword MOVE_COIL










































.hword MOVE_HOWL


The following moves are restricted to less viable Pokemon: 




The following abilities are banned for the player and are changed as follows:

Drought -> Solar Power

Sand Stream, Sand Spit -> Sand Force

Snow Warning -> Slush Rush

Drizzle -> Swift Swim

Speed Boost -> Infiltrator 

Contrary, Defiant, Competitive -> Clear Body

Terrain abilities -> Telepathy

Moxie, Grim Neigh, Soul Heart, Beast Boost -> Unnerve

Imposter-> Limber

Magic Bounce->Magic Guard

Storm Drain-> Water Absorb

Lightningrod, Motor Drive -> Volt Absorb

Blazing Soul->Flash Fire

Triage->Natural Cure


Stamina->Inner Focus

Weather/Terrain abilities used by AI last permanently. (Hardcore only)

Defog does not remove terrain in this mode. (Hardcore only)

Electric Seed is unobtainable from Wild Pokemon before beating Lt Surge (Hardcore only)

Psychic Seed is unobtainable from Wild Pokemon before beating Koga. (Hardcore only)

Weakness Policy, Throat Spray, and Weather Rocks cannot be obtained from Wild Pokemon.

Rapid Spin does not boost Speed in this game mode.

Omni boosting moves (Ancientpower, Silver Wind, Ominous Wind) have no chance of activating for the player.

Shedinja cannot be obtained in this mode.

v2.2a to v2.2b: 


– Friendly Coach in Lavender Town now has an EV training option as well for $2000(battle against 6 Level 1 Pokemon that offer 3 EVs in its respective stat)

– Moved Old Rod to Viridian City and Good Rod to Vermillion City, again tweaked wild Pokemon in early routes for slightly more diversity (mainly old rod fishing)

– Elite Four members now play the R/S/E Elite Four battle theme rather than the Kanto Gym Leader theme

– Any Pokemon that can learn Smart Strike can learn HM Cut (now a 75 BP Steel Move), TM106 Smart Strike replaced by TM106 Acrobatics

– Modified some offensive dialogue

Ability Changes:

– Water Compaction: reduces Water type damage by 50% on top of its current functionality 

– Flower Gift:  boosts Speed by 1.5x in Sun instead of Special Defense, no longer boosts partner in Double Battles (1.5x Attack and 1.5x Speed in Sun)

New Move:

– Forbidden Spell (Chimecho Signature Move, learns at Level 50)

– Can call one of 8 random moves: Shell Smash, Healing Wish, Dark Hole, Tail Glow, Roar of Time, Quiver Dance, No Retreat, Soul Robbery (Special Psychic Type Spectral Thief)

Move Changes:

– Poison Fang BP 50->75 

– Needle Arm BP 50->95

Pokemon Changes:

note: any move bolded indicates a new compatibility

– Audino HP EVs Yield 2->3

– Budew starts with 140 friendship instead of 50

– Mega Duraludon Defense 135->140, SpDef 75->90, Bad Company now prevents recoil on top of its current functionality (combos with Steel Beam)

– Duraludon learns Steel Beam at Level 75 

– Mega Absol Attack 140->150

– Fearow Attack 90->100, Speed 100->115, learns Double Hit on Evolution, Brave Bird at Level 48, can learn Brave Bird from ™

– Ekans/Arbok learn Poison Tail at Level 15, Sucker Punch at Level 20 instead of Acid, Poison Jab on Evolution, Poison Fang at Level 28/32, Coil at Level 33/39 instead of Mud Bomb

– Arbok Type Poison->Poison/Dark, Hidden Ability Corrosion->Strong Jaw, learns Jaw Lock at Level 44

– Paras/Parasect learns Leafage at Level 11 instead of Absorb, Bug Bite at Level 14, Leech Life at Level 27 instead of Slash, Swords Dance at Level 33/37 instead of Growth, Leaf Blade at Level 38/44 instead of Giga Drain, Crabhammer at Level 40/47 instead of X-Scissor. Parasect learns Leech Seed on Evolution and at Level 1.

– Parasect Attack 105->110, Defense 80->100

– Victreebel,learns Power Whip on Evolution, Poison Jab at Level 47, can learn Gunk Shot from Move Tutor

– Golduck SpA 95->100, Speed 85->100, learns Scald on Evolution

– Tentacruel Defense 65->80, can learn Nasty Plot from Move Tutor, learns Scald on Evolution and at Level 1

– Hitmonchan learns Mach Punch on Evolution, Brick Break at Level 26 instead of Vacuum Wave, Sucker Punch at Level 50 instead of Detect

– Hitmonlee learns Sucker Punch at Level 29 instead of Brick Break 

– Aipom learns Quick Attack at Level 1 instead of Scratch, Fake Out at Level 12, Slam at Level 22 instead of Swift, Acrobatics at Level 27

– Qwilfish HP 80->65, Ability 1 Poison Point->Prankster, removed Haze from Egg Moves

– Hitmontop learns Sucker Punch at Level 28 instead of Counter

– Mightyena learns Sucker Punch on Evolution instead of Snarl, Poison Fang at Level 20 instead of Swagger, Crunch at Level 32 instead of Emargo, Embargo at Level 40 instead of Crunch, Jaw Lock at Level 48 instead of Take Down

– Plusle Ability 2 None->Lightningrod, HA Lightningrod->Transistor, Speed 95->110, can learn Weather Ball from Move Tutor, Surf from TM, can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor

– Minun Ability 2 None->Lightningrod, HA Lightningrod->Galvanize, Attack 40->85, Defense 50->75, SpA 75->50, SpDef->40, Speed 95->110, learns Double Edge at Level 43 instead of Thunder, learns Extreme Speed at Level 50, can learn Surf from TM, can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor

– Cacnea, Cacturne HA Water Absorb->Sand Rush, Attack 115->120, SpA 115->120 (still gets Water Absorb as Ability 2), learns Mega Drain at Level 16 instead of Needle Arm, Sucker Punch at Level 32/34 instead of 34/35, Needle Arm at Level 42/44 instead of Energy Ball, can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor

– Volbeat Bug->Bug/Electric, HP 65->85, Speed 85->100, learns Thunder Wave at Level 1 instead of Tackle, Helping Hand at Level 22 instead of Tail Glow, Tail Glow at Level 36 instead of Helping Hand (slight nerf), Thunderbolt at Level 33 instead of Zen Headbutt, Encore at Level 43 instead of Play Rough. Compatible with TM Volt Switch

– Illumise HP 65->85, Speed 85->100, learns Covet at Level 1 instead of Tackle, Bug Bite at Level 15 instead of Struggle Bug, Lunge at Level 33 instead of Zen Headbutt, Zen Headbutt at Level 40 instead of Lunge

– Chimecho learns Forbidden Spell at Level 50

– Wormadam Speed 36->50, learns Silver Wind at Level 23 instead of Confusion, Mega Drain at Level 26 instead of Razor Leaf, Giga Drain at Level 32 instead of Psybeam, Signal Beam at Level 38 instead of Flail

– Wormadam Sandy Attack 79->59, SpA 59->79, Speed 36->50 learns Silver Wind at Level 23 instead of Confusion, Mud Shot at Level 26 instead of Rock Blast, Earth Power at Level 32 instead of Psybeam, Signal Beam at Level 38 instead of Flail, learns Power Gem at Level 47

– Wormadam-Trash Attack 69->59, SpA 59->79, Speed 36->50 learns Silver Wind at Level 23 instead of Confusion, Flash Cannon at Level 32 instead of Psybeam, Signal Beam at Level 38 instead of Flail

– Mothim learns Silver Wind at Level 23 instead of Confusion, Air Cutter at Level 26 instead of Gust, Signal Beam at Level 38 instead of Silver Wind, Bug Buzz at Level 47 instead of Lunge, Hurricane at Level 50 instead of Bug Buzz

– Purugly Speed 85->112, learns Slack Off on Evolution and at Level 1, can learn Bulk Up from ™

– Croagunk, Toxicroak learns Sludge at Level 8 instead of Poison Sting, learns Close Combat at Level 50/62 instead of Flatter, can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

– Cherrim signature Ability received buff, Attack 87->100, can learn X-Scissor from ™

– Lumineon learns Scald on Evolution, Tailwind at Level 45, Tail Glow at Level 59, Hurricane at Level 64, can learn HurricaneHydro Pump from Move Tutor

– Worth noting it does not have access to Swift Swim in this game

– Mismagius Ghost->Ghost/Fairy, learns Moonblast at Level 70

– Spiritomb Hidden Ability Infiltrator->Intimidate, learns Parting Shot at Level 65

– Watchog Hidden Ability Analytic->No Guard, Attack 85->100, Speed 50->77 learns Hypnosis on Evolution instead of Confuse Ray, Seed Bomb at Level 25 instead of After You, Body Slam at Level 29 instead of Focus Energy, Knock Off at Level 34, Mega Kick at Level 36 instead of Hyper Fang, Dynamic Punch at Level 50 instead of Slam

– Pidove, Tranquill learn Slash at Level 22/23 instead of Detect

– Unfezant Speed 93->108, learns Drill Peck on Evolution instead of Level 44, Night Slash at Level 38 instead of Razor Wind

– Flabebe, Floette, Florges can learn Draining Kiss from TM

– Malamar learns Psycho Boost at Level 60

– Yamask, Cofagrigus, Yamask-G, Runerigus Hidden Ability None->Shadow Shield

– Thievul learns Dark Pulse at Level 40 instead of Tail Slap, Mystical Fire at Level 42, can learn Mystical Fire from Move Tutor

More slight learnset tweaks (mostly done to improve early-midgame viability, these are in a separate list as they don’t specify new compatibilities like the above list does, and if they are new compatibilities they aren’t super significant):

– Raticate learns Swords Dance on Evolution instead of Scary Face, Zen Headbutt at Level 19 instead of Assurance

– Raticate-A learns Swords Dance on Evolution instead of Scary Face, learns Knock Off at Level 1, Zen Headbutt at Level 19 instead of Assurance

– Meowth learns Headbutt at Level 22 instead of Feint Attack

– Ponyta-G/Rapidash-G learns Covet at Level 15 instead of Fairy Wind, Play Rough instead of Dazzling Gleam at Level 45/49, Flare Blitz at Level 50 instead of Flamethrower

– Arcanine learns ExtremeSpeed on Evolution instead of Level 34, learns Flare Blitz, Retaliate, Helping Hand at Level 1

– Goldeen, Seaking learn Aqua Jet at Level 15 instead of Water Pulse at 16

– Grimer learns Poison Fang at Level 32 instead of Sludge Wave

– Bellsprout, Weepinbell learn Sludge at Level 23/24 instead of Acid, Mega Drain at Level 27 instead of Knock Off, Knock Off at Level 29/32 instead of Sweet Scent

– Oddish, Gloom learn Sludge at Level 23/24 instead of Lucky Chant

– Vileplume learns Sludge Bomb on Evolution

– Dodrio learns Drill Peck on Evolution instead of Tri Attack, Double Edge at Level 47 instead of Drill Peck, Brave Bird at Level 60

– Venonat learns Struggle Bug at Level 1 instead of Tackle, Venomoth learns Bug Buzz on Evolution instead of Gust

– Tentacool learns Water Gun at Level 7, Acid Spray at Level 19 instead of Wrap, Sludge at Level 22 instead of Acid Spray

– Clefairy learns Thunder Wave at Level 19 instead of Bestow, Wish at Level 22 instead of Wake-Up-Slap, Softboiled at Level 43 instead of Moonlight

– Jumpluff learns Double-Edge on Evolution, Leaf Blade at Level 59 instead of Giga Drain

– Chinchou learns Shock Wave at Level 12 instead of Water Gun

– Teddiursa learns Slash at Level 22 instead of Sweet Scent, learns Crunch at Level 29 instead of Slash

– Ursaring learns Sucker Punch at Level 34 instead of Level 1, Close Combat at Level 62 instead of Hammer Arm

– Azumarill learns Aqua Jet on Evolution 

– Smoochum/Jynx learns Icy Wind at Level 11 instead of Powder Snow, Psybeam at Level 21 instead of Heart Stamp, Jynx learns Ice Beam at Level 44 instead of Body Slam

– Tyrogue learns Fake Out as an Egg Move

– Murkrow learns Night Slash at Level 33 instead of Feint Attack

– Politoed learns Scald on Evolution

– Beautifly learns Stun Spore at Level 13 instead of 15, Air Cutter at Level 15 instead of 20

– Dustox learns Struggle Bug at Level 12 instead of Confusion, Toxic instead of Poison Powder at Level 15, Sludge Bomb at Level 32 instead of Toxic

– Swellow learns Facade on Evolution 

– Vigoroth learns Sucker Punch on Evolution and at Level 1

– Slaking learns Body Slam on Evolution instead of Swagger

– Medicham learns Zen Headbutt on Evolution

– Skitty learns Round at Level 16 instead of Double Slap

– Roselia learns Sludge at Level 19 instead of Magical Leaf, Sleep Powder at Level 31 instead of Sweet Scent

– Swablu learns Dragon Breath at Level 20 instead of Natural Gift, Dual Wingbeat at Level 26 instead of Refresh

– Altaria learns Dragon Pulse on Evolution instead of Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw at Level 40 instead of Dragon Pulse, Outrage at Level 63

– Baltoy learns Mud Shot at Level 7 instead of Mud Slap

– Bidoof learns Quick Attack at Level 1 instead of Tackle

– Bibarel learns Aqua Jet on evolution instead of Water Gun, Skull Bash at Level 33 instead of Take Down

– Glameow learns Headbutt instead of Fury Swipes at Level 20

– Stunky learns Poison Tail at Level 9 instead of Fury Swipes, Poison Jab at Level 33 instead of Memento

– Floatzel learns Icy Wind at Level 1

– Finneon learns Water Pulse at Level 17 instead of Gust, Air Cutter at Level 22 instead of Water Pulse, Ominous Wind at Level 26 instead of Captivate, Silver Wind at Level 29 instead of Safeguard

– Pachirisu learns Reflect, Light Screen at Level 17 instead of Endure

– Yanmega learns Air Slash on Evolution, learns Bug Buzz at 54 instead of 57

– Honchkrow learns Sucker Punch on Evolution, Drill Peck at Level 55 instead of Night Slash

– Patrat learns Headbutt at Level 14

– Swoobat learns Heat Wave at Level 55

– Liepard learns Sucker Punch on Evolution instead of Level 55

– Ducklett/Swanna learn Hydro Pump at Level 41/44 instead of Brave Bird

– Gothorita learns Shadow Ball at Level 34 instead of Heal Block

– Karrablast learns Bug Bite at Level 16 instead of Fury Attack

– Joltik learns Struggle Bug at Level 18 instead of Bug Bite, Mega Drain at Level 23 instead of Gastro Acid, Silver Wind at Level 26 instead of Slash

– Galvantula learns Discharge at Level 50 instead of 54, Bug Buzz at 54 instead of 60

– Sandile learns Bulldoze instead of Mud Slap at Level 19

– Audino learns Wish at Level 53 instead of Hyper Voice

– Vivillon learns Air Slash at Level 21 instead of Supersonic, Signal Beam at Level 27

– Pumpkaboo learns Absorb at Level 1

– Updated Phantump & Trevenant to Gen 8 Learnsets (Gen 7 learnset was pretty awful, didn’t get a physical grass move until level 40s), learns Shadow Claw at Level 20 instead of Hex. Trevenant learns Poltergeist on Evolution instead of Shadow Claw.

– Morelull learns Fairy Wind at Level 4 instead of Astonish

– Eldegoss learns Mega Drain at Level 23 instead of Leaf Tornado

– Centiskorch learns X-Scissor on Evolution

– Hattrem learns Thunder Wave on Evolution instead of Brutal Swing

– Hatterene learns Psyshock on Evolution instead of Psycho Cut

Some more egg/moveset removals (They still learn these moves elsewhere):

– Removed Last Resort from Silicobra Egg Moves, Sandaconda learns Last Resort at Level 69

– Removed Icicle Crash from Sandshrew-A Egg Moves

– Removed Skull Bash from Bidoof Egg Moves

– Removed Iron Tail from Patrat Egg Moves

– Removed Flare Blitz from Litleo Egg Moves

– Removed Close Combat, Double Edge from Snubbull Egg Moves

– Removed High Jump Kick from Tyrogue Egg Moves

Learnset Nerfs:

– Butterfree learns Quiver Dance at Level 58 instead of 47

– Poliwrath learns Surging Strikes at Level 66 instead of Level 43

– Typhlosion learns Eruption at Level 100 instead of Level 82

– Ampharos no longer learns Parabolic Charge, learns Dragon Pulse at Level 44 instead of 65

Wild Held Item Changes:

– Jynx, Milotic, Gorebyss can hold Heart Scales (common slot, to help Randomizer)

– Magnemite line can hold Magnet instead of Metal Coat (rare slot)

– Snubbull line can hold Pixie Plate (rare slot)

– Machop line can hold Black Belt (rare slot, common slot for machamp)

– Noibat line can hold Dragon Fang (rare slot) 

– Kricketot, Wurmple line can hold Silver Powder (rare slot)

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed Boss trainer Pokemon having their Abilities randomized in the Ability Randomizer

– Fixed some incorrect moves showing up in move randomizer

– Fixed Rollout/Ice Ball doing minimal damage on the final hit

– Fixed Dig/Teleport not showing up in Field Move menu when the Pokemon has the move

– Fixed Glastrier not showing up in Seafoam Islands Raid

– Fixed Dynamaxed Flash/Cut having incorrect BP

– Changed the cancel button when clicking on a Pokemon entered in a Tag Battle to Move Items as Cancel does not work properly

– Fixed Pickup 

– Fixed Victory Road B2 puzzle not working as intended

– Fixed text stating to order your team for a tag battle when the game prompts you to order for tag battle anyway

– Fixed Silicobra backsprite gap

– Fixed Brionne potentially changing Genders upon evolution

– Fixed text cutting off by the seer in Route 16

– Fixed Hidden Power modifier giving HP Ghost when asking for HP Steel

– Fixed Obstruct accidentally being nerfed and not reducing Defense by 2 stages when hit by a contact move

– Fixed Skull Bash having outdated text

– Fixed Flash still being a Status move

– Fixed Thunderous Kick targeting both enemies in doubles

– Fixed Aura Wheel not working in Randomizer

– Fixed Toxtricity Low Key being incompatible with TM Venoshock

– Fixed Dark Hole having 1 Dmax BP

– Fixed Calyrex forms, Spectrier, Glastrier giving 1 Exp

– Fixed Wild Double battles occuring even when you only have 1 Pokemon

– Fixed Slowking-G being incompatible with TM Scald, Teleport, and Fire Blast

v2.2 to v2.2a:

– Fixed the prompt for randomizer ability/moves being reversed. 

– Fix Articuno being inaccessible, G-Moltres spawns being incorrect, and an incomplete area appearing

– Fixedf Smart Strike ™ freezing the game

– Fixed Pickup not working. 

– Fixed Pokemon that should have said item not having said item when caught.

– Fixed Wonder Eggs not being random.

– Fixed Roamer Legendaries not moving after battling them.

– Fixed Agatha not scaling on rematch.

– Fixed a minor tile error in Seafoam Islands.

– Fixed Centiskite, Alcremite not being sorted with Mega Stones

– Fixed Mom saying outdated text after becoming Champion

– Consumable items DO NOT COME BACK ANYMORE after Wild Battles now (Focus Sash still does, however)

v2.1 to v2.2

Pastebin version: https://pastebin.com/bUCdwnZM

New Pokemon:

Slowking-Galar(Evolve from Slowpoke-G with King’s Rock; Eerie Spell and New ability not in yet), Galarian Birds, Regieleki/drago, Spectrier, Glastrier, Calyrex (and its two forms, which are currently unobtainable)

– Credits to SageDeoxys for the OW sprites for Galarian Birds, Leparagon and others contributing to the DS-style Gen VII and Beyond Pokémon Sprite Repository in 64×64) 

– Kubfu and Urshifu forms, Zarude now also obtainable! 

New Megas:

Mega Copperajah (mega stone in Vermilion with Surf)


Sheer Force


Mega Centiskorch (fight an Ace Trainer in Route 8 after you get Mega Ring) 


Mountaineer (Immune to Rock moves and Stealth Rock damage)


Mega Sandaconda (Fight an ace trainer in route 15) 




Mega Flapple (Fight some trainers in Celadon Hotel after you get Mega Ring)


Dragon’s Maw


Mega Appletun (Same Mega Stone as Flapple)




Mega Alcremie (Get ingredients for a girl’s cake in Saffron)


Self Sufficient (Heal 1/16 at the end of every turn)


New Signature Item:

Reaper Cloth: when held by Dusknoir, ensures all his moves hit. Great combo with Hustle! (Can be found in Pokemon Tower behind smashable rocks)


– Added learnset and ability randomizer option at the beginning of the game. They are generated based on the day of the week, so they rotate depending on the day of the week for extra fun!

– Species Randomizer now also re-rolls depending on the Day of the week (This is to alleviate the problem of running into the same Pokemon in randomizer mode)

– Can now rematch E4 (They will still have the same team rather than a rematch team, this is just to allow people to test different teams after they beat the game to mitigate the fact that there’s still no post game 😛 )

– Can catch Galarian Birds:

– They show up in their respective Kantonian counterparts area a day after you battle them (If you’ve already done them they should be there)

– Wonder Eggs now hatch into Pokemon with Hidden Ability AND have 31 IVs in Attack, SpA, and Speed. Also removed a lot of useless Pokemon from the Wonder Egg pool.

– Added a Hidden Power configurer in Saffron Nerd House; he can configure the IVs of your Pokemon for a specific Hidden Power, BUT the Pokemon must have at least 30 IVs in each stat

– Kubfu can be obtained by fighting a trainer in Cerulean Cave after the Team Rocket event

– Slightly tweaked some boss battles

– Slight improvements to AI

– Configured AI to utilize Hidden Power with specific typings

– Updated some Gen 8 icon sprites (Credits to everyone who contributed to the DS-style Gen VII and Beyond Pokémon Sprite Repository in 64×64)

– Updated Raid Battles and Tag Battles so that you can select the three Pokemon you’d like to send in to battle. There is a bug where the cancel button shows up and doesn’t do anything on an already selected Pokemon; don’t have a fix atm.

– New TM117 Brave Bird 

– Compatibility is its existing compatibilities + Noctowl, Togekiss, Altaria, Archeops, Empoleon (Can be found fighting trainers in Celadon hotel after obtaining Mega Ring)

– New TM106 Smart Strike (Route 8) 

– Mom teaches Celebrate after you become Champion (compatibilities are existing compatible Pokemon + Kanto Vulpix line, Kanto Exeggcute line, Porygon line)

– Most bosses heal you to full before the battle to prevent exploits (most notably getting free status for Guts boost)

– Chuck gives Expert Belt on first defeat instead of Focus Sash, and gives Focus Sash instead of Expert Belt upon completing his quest

– Updated Trainer Tips signs

– Updated Stat Scanner sprite

– Removed a bunch of field moves that show up in the party menu as it was just clogging up space (i.e Strength, Rock Smash, and even Rock Climb/Dive would show up if your pokemon learned it)

New QOL:  

– New Poke Rider (replaces Fame Checker, which Gary gives you in the Rival Battle above Cerulean) – key item that allows you to Fly to previous locations

– HM Fly does not show up as a possible field move anymore (to make it the field move menu less cluttered)

 Can now Press R in the move menu to view Trick Room, Weather, Terrain, and Screen Timers!!!

– Only displays Screen Timers (Veil, Reflect, Light Screen) for the player as there is not     room for both 😡 

– Focus Sash is now returned after being consumed in Wild/Raid battles, Focus Sash removed from Wild Machamp

– Basically a nerf to farming Focus Sash, making only one available per run

– Moves now show their full proper name in areas where there is room (In battle text, when learning a new move, etc). Still shows the shortened name in the Battle Menu, Summary Screen, and TM selection

– Pressing R on the regular battle menu (Fight, Bag, Pokemon, Run etc) will automatically run from battle

– Can now Nickname Pokemon from the party menu

– IV Perfecter can now perfect a single stat for 70k

– Name Rater in Lavender Town replaced with a coach who lets you kill 6 of his Audinos for 10000

– Eviolite now prevents evolution for convenience (Like Everstone)

– I hate that this is necessary, but B Button now exits the Dexnav Menu back to the regular menu (along with the Left button)

– Bag use now allowed for normal trainer battles, but still forced off in boss battles

– Static, Effect Spore, Flame Body now cannot proc in Wild Battles to ease grinding

– Changed Night Time encounters to start at 5 PM

– Allowed Teleport Field Move use within caves

– Slightly increased amount of money given from defeating trainers 

– Slightly increased Audino EXP yield

– Slightly increased EXP yield of Pokemon in Viridian Forest to make it easier to grind before Falkner and Brock

– Replaced all Light-Green/Light-Blue colored Text to Green (easier to read)

– Polished in-battle type icons and also made it more visible in Double Battles

– Brendan now gives two Lucky Eggs after his Rival Battle in Route 11

– Slightly modified Wild Encounters in early routes to give more options for Falkner/Brock

– Boosted money boost from the move Happy Hour from 2x to 3x (Happy Hour is found on the Costume Pikachus)

– Updated Blazing Soul/Gale Wings description to reflect that they don’t activate unless at full health

– Lucky Egg and Weather Rocks sell for 10,000 now

– Chingling, Chimecho can hold Cleanse Tag for 50% chance, Shell Bell for 5% chance

– Electrike/Manectric can hold Yellow Shards for 50% chance

Raid Changes:

– Viridian Forest 5 star encounters: Calyrex, Zarude, Shaymin

– Power Plant 5 star encounters Heliolisk->Regieleki

– Pokemon Mansion new 5 Star encounters: Spectrier, Necrozma, Regidrago

– Seafoam Islands 5 star encounter Abomasnow->Glastrier

– Victory Road 6 star encounter: Shaymin->Zygarde

– Pokemon Mansion 6 star encounter: Necrozma-> Genesect

– Pokemon Mansion 6 star Azelf raid->Tapu Lele

– Route 2 Shinx raid -> Seviper

– Route 8 Tauros raid -> Staryu (was a duplicate Tauros Raid encounter)

– Route 8 Venonat raid -> Drampa 

– Route 11 Krabby raid -> Cramorant  

Move Changes:

Jungle Healing now works as intended, added back to Zarude movepool (learns at Level 1 and Level 90)


– King’s Shield does not lower Attack on contact anymore (previously lowered Attack by two stages)

– Wide Guard now can fail on consecutive usage (same formula as protect) 

– Strength Sap PP 10->5, also uses twice the amount of PP (each usage costs 2 PP instead of just 1) 


– Overheat, Draco Meteor, Psycho Boost, Fleur Cannon, Leaf Storm accuracy 90->100

– Inferno BP 100->120 (matches Zap Cannon)

– Mega Drain BP 40->60 (Great for Technician Roserade, Sceptile)

– Misty Explosion – Now also halves target’s SpDef

– Beat Up – Now a 2-5 multi hit move with 25 BP

– Covet Type Normal->Fairy

– Flash is now a special Electric attacking move with 60 BP, 100 Acc, 50% chance to Lower Attack

– Rock Smash BP 40->60

– Cut is now a Steel move with 75 BP 100 Acc

– Razor Shell Accuracy 95->100, has a high chance of critical hit instead of 50% chance to lower Defense (buff to Blademaster Samurott and Kabutops)

– Smart Strike removed from Blademaster boosted moves (didn’t make sense, only had it there so Samurott and Doublade could use a Steel boosted move)

Ability Changes:

– Blademaster boost increased from 1.1x to 1.2x

– Solar Power no longer decreases HP at end of turn in Sun

– Iron Fist no longer boosts Wicked Blow, but boosts Sucker Punch (Hurts Wicked Blow pangoro, but helps Sucker Punch on Pangoro)

New Abilities: 

– Fatal Precision: Super Effective Moves from this Pokemon can’t miss and receive a 20% damage boost (Eelektross, Seviper, Heatmor, Drampa)

– Note: status moves also are affected (Hypnosis, Will-o-Wisp) 

– Bone Zone (Another ability from Pokemon Clover): Bone-based moves ignore immunities and also deal double damage on not very effective (Cubone, Marowak, Marowak-A)

– Self Sufficient: – Heal 1/16 at the end of every turn (leftovers as an ability basically, Mega Alcremie and Torterra)

Pokemon Changes:

– Mega-Sceptile Rework: Adaptability->Technician Attack 110->135, SpA 130->110

– Notable boosted moves: Bullet Seed, Rock Tomb, Dual Chop, Scale Shot, Mega Drain (Now 60 BP), Dragon Breath, Double Kick, Hidden Power

– Sceptile Grass->Grass/Dragon, Attack 85->105, SpA 105->85, learns Scale Shot at Level 80

– A lot of people requested Sceptile to be turned into a physical attacker as it fits his design and Adaptability was honestly just a lazy buff idea I came up with to make it busted since its Brendan’s signature mon; Technician has pretty excellent synergy with a lot of his moves so the main reason for this change is that it’s a bit cooler imo

– Dusknoir new signature held item Reaper Cloth: when held by Dusknoir, ensures all his moves hit (Combos with Hustle!), learns Hammer Arm at Level 64 instead of Future Sight

– Eelektross HA None->Fatal Precision, can learn Fire Blast from TM, Hydro Pump from Move Tutor

– Heatmor HA White Smoke->Fatal Precision, Attack 97->90, Speed 85->100, learns Dynamic Punch at Level 73 can learn Power Whip from Move Tutor, Stone Edge from TM

– Seviper HA Corrosion->Fatal Precision, HP 73->83, Defense 60->83, SpDef 60->83, Speed 80->85, learns Gunk Shot at Level 53, Hypnosis at Level 65, can learn Gunk Shot, Power Whip from Move Tutor, Fire Blast from TM 

– Drampa HA Cloud Nine->Fatal Precision, HP 88->103

– Cubone, Marowak Lightningrod->Battle Armor, HA Battle Armor->Bone Zone

– A-Marowak Cursed Body->Lightningrod, HA Lightningrod->Bone Zone

– Torterra HA Battle Armor->Self-Sufficient, can learn Head Smash at Level 65

– Mega Houndoom Attack 90->110 

– Mega Kingler Attack 145->150, Speed 105->110

– Mega Drednaw Defense Attack 150->155, 115->125

– Jaw Lock BP 80->90, Type: Dark->Fighting (Mega form now has two STAB moves boosted by Strong Jaw!)

– Mega Toxtricity Speed 100->111

– Mega Banette Ghost->Ghost/Normal, Banette learns Poltergeist at Level 64 instead of Phantom Force

– Mega Aggron Steel/Dragon->Steel, Ability Clear Body->Filter (reverted to vanilla)

– Flapple learns Outrage at Level 55, Scale Shot at Level 72

– Appletun learns Leaf Storm at Level 66

– Aegislash HP 60->50

– Sunflora Grass->Grass/Fire, Speed 30->45, learns Flame Burst on Evolution and at Level 1. Can learn Mystical Fire from Move Tutor, Flamethrower and Fire Blast from TM

– Corsola-G, Cursola Ability 2 None->Unburden, Cursola Speed 30->40 and can learn Mystical Fire from Move Tutor 

– Electrode can learn Hyper Voice and Focus Blast from TM

– Persian SpA 55->60, can learn Dazzling Gleam from TM, Surf from HM

– A-Persian SpA 50->55, can learn Dazzling Gleam from TM, Surf from HM

– Meowstic-M SpA 50->55, can learn Mystical Fire from Move Tutor

– Meowstic-F SpA 50->55, can learn Mystical Fire from Move Tutor

– Haxorus learns Scale Shot at Level 74 instead of Giga Impact

– Chandelure HA Infiltrator->Shadow Tag

– Lickilicky Ability Thick Fat->Unaware

– Feraligatr line Torrent-> Sheer Force, HA Sheer Force ->Strong Jaw, learns Aqua Fang at Level 69, Jaw Lock at Level 72

– Claydol learns Shore Up on Evolution and at Level 1

– Rapidash learns Fire Lash on Evolution and at Level 1, Jump Kick at Level 55

– Luvdisc can learn Dazzling Gleam from TM

– Huntail can learn Liquidation from Move Tutor

– Throh Inner Focus->Technician (Technician Storm Throw)

– Pikachu-Belle Electric-> Electric/Ice, can learn Icicle Spear from Move Tutor

– Pikachu-Rock Star Electric->Electric/Steel, can learn Iron Head from Move Tutor

– Pikachu Pop Star Electric->Electric/Fairy, can learn Dazzling Gleam from TM

– Pikachu Libre Electric->Electric/Fighting, can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

– Chesnaught learns Horn Leech at Level 41 instead of Mud Shot

– Delphox learns Future Sight at Level 74 instead of Fire Blast, Mind Blown at Level 80 instead of Future Sight

– Sawsbuck Speed 95->105

– Cufant, Copperajah Ability Sheer Force->Heavy Metal, HA Heavy Metal->None

– Copperajah learns Double Iron Bash at Level 80, can learn Flamethrower/Fire Blast, Focus Blast from TM

– Swalot Attack Defense 83->88, SpDef 83->88, learns Earth Power from Move Tutor, Blizzard from TM, Focus Blast from TM, Hydro Pump from Move Tutor

– Scizor learns Curse at Level 65

– Stantler Attack 95->100, SpA 85->100, Speed 90->100, learns Horn Leech at Level 33 instead of Role Play, can learn Hyper Voice from TM, Play Rough from Move Tutor

– Drifblim learns Strength Sap at Level 58

– Cramorant learns Surf at Level 49 instead of Thrash

– Roserade learns Ancient Power at Level 50, Silver Wind, Draining Kiss from TM, Clear Smog from Egg Move

– Bronzor/Bronzong learns Teleport from TM

– Archen, Archeops can learn Brave Bird from TM

– Togekiss can learn Brave Bird from TM

– Altaria can learn Brave Bird from TM

– Hariyama can learn Drain Punch from TM

– Ampharos learns Parabolic Charge(75 BP in this game) at Level 45 instead of Cotton Guard, learns Cotton Guard at Level 1. Flaafy learns at Level 43, Mareep learns at Level 36.

– Lanturn learns Parabolic Charge at Level 43 instead of Take Down. Chinchou learns at Level 39. 

– Magmortar can learn Meteor Beam from TM

– Aurorus learns Diamond Storm at Level 63 instead of Hyper Beam

– Dedenne can learn Draining Kiss from TM

– Moltres-G can learn Roost, Scorching Sands, Defog from TM

– Articuno-G can learn Roost, Defog from TM

– Zapdos-G can learn Defog, Dig, Roost from TM

– Empoleon can learn Roost, Brave Bird from TM

– Druddigon can learn Roost from TM

– Bellsprout line, Kabutops, Yanma line, Genesect can learn Leech Life from TM

– Oddish learns Strength Sap at Level 54, Gloom learns Strength Sap at Level 62, Vileplume learns Strength Sap at Level 67, Bellossom learns at Level 67.

– Diancie, Skitty, Delcatty can learn TM Draining Kiss

– Tyranitar can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor

– Barbaracle can learn Ice Punch from Move Tutor

– Bulbasaur line, Lycanroc forms can learn Dig

– Jumpluff can learn Solar Blade from TM

– Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor

– Not a new buff, but previously undocumented: Tapus are compatible with Play Rough move tutor

– Kabuto Ability Swift Swim->Weak Armor, HA Swift Swim->Weak Armor (to be consistent with Kabutops) 

– Updated Charjabug to Evolve to Vikavolt through Thunder Stone rather than Level 36 (consistent with Gen 8)

The following are minor changes to help the Pokemon in the early-mid game:

– Charmander learns Metal Claw at 10 instead of 14, Fire Fang at Level 14, Incinerate at Level 24 instead of Fire Fang

– Bulbasaur, Ivysaur learn Mega Drain at Level 19, 20 instead of Razor Leaf

– Wartortle learns Rapid Spin at 20 instead of 21, Protect at 22 instead of 25, Water Pulse at Level 25 instead of 29, Icy Wind at Level 29. Blastoise learns Scald on Evolution and at Level 1

– Kricketot Ability Shed Skin->Technician, Attack 25->40, SpA 25->40, learns Tackle at Level 1, can learn Bullet Seed from TM

– Kricketune Def 61->71, SpDef 61->71, Speed 65->80, can learn Bullet Seed, Rock Tomb, Bulldoze from TM

– Caterpie, Weedle learn Bug Bite at Level 7

– Primeape learns Screech at Level 40 instead of 44, Stomping Tantrum at 44 instead of 48, Outrage at 47 instead of 53, Cross Chop at Level 53 

– Silicobra learns Rock Throw at Level 12

– Sandaconda learns Rock Throw at Level 12, Earthquake at Level 55, Double-Edge at Level 65 

– Phanpy learns Magnitude at Level 15 instead of Natural Gift, learns Head Smash at Level 48. Donphan learns Stomping Tantrum at Level 30 instead of Magnitude, Head Smash at Level 53, Bonemerang at Level 65. 

– Swinub, Piloswine, Mamoswine learns Ice Shard at Level 8 instead of Powder Snow, Bulldoze at Level 18 instead of Mud Bomb, Ice Fang at Level 24 instead of Ice Shard 

– Houndour, Houndoom learns Bite at Level 15 instead of 16, Beat Up at Level 20 instead of Odor Sleuth, Flame Burst at Level 25/26 instead of Beat Up, Snarl at Level 32/34 instead of Feint Attack

– Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking learns Disable at Level 17 instead of 19, Water Pulse at Level 20 instead of 28, Psybeam at Level 28

– Snubull, Granbull learn Covet at Level 13 instead of Lick 

– Granbull learns Brick Break on Evolution and at Level 1, Jaw Lock at Level 47

– Azurill, Marill, Azumarill learn Covet at Level 13 instead of Bubblebeam

– Mawile learns Covet at Level 13 instead of Sweet Scent, Metal Claw at Level 17 instead of Vice Grip

– Jigglypuff learns Covet at Level 17 instead of Double Slap, Lovely Kiss at Level 65, Wigglytuff learns Covet at Level 1 instead of Double Slap, Lovely Kiss at Level 65, Igglybuff learns Lovely Kiss at Level 65.

– Swirlix, Slurpuff learn Covet at Level 13 instead of Round

– Impidimp, Morgrem, Grimmsnarl learn Covet at Level 1 instead of Confide

– Milcery, Alcremie learn Covet at Level 1 instead of Tackle

– Mienfoo evolves to Mienshao at Level 40 instead of 50

– Rufflet evolves to Braviary at Level 44 instead of 54

– Vullaby evolves to Mandibuzz at Level 45 instead of 54


– Removed Recover from Mareanie, Toxapex Learnsets

– Removed TM Meteor Beam compatibility with 5th Gen Weather Trio

– Removed TM Meteor Beam compatibility from Genesect

– Removed Omastar learning Diamond Storm at Level 57

– Removed TM Grass Knot compatibility from Typhlosion

The following were removed/changed as they were very powerful in the early game(they can still learn the moves elsewhere or later on in the learnsets):

– Removed Play Rough and Iron Head from Mawile at Level 1

– Removed Close Combat as Egg Move for Mankey

– Removed Pelipper learning Hurricane, Hydro Pump at Level 1

– Removed Seed Bomb as Egg Move for Shroomish

– Removed Brave Bird as Egg Move for Taillow

– Removed Play Rough, High Horsepower, Head Smash as Egg Moves for Phanpy

– Removed Strength Sap from Oddish Egg Move

– Removed Leaf Storm and Nasty Plot as Egg Moves from Pansage

– Removed Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Nasty Plot as Egg Moves from Pansear

– Removed Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Nasty Plot as Egg Moves from Panpour

– Removed Brave Bird as Egg Move from Pidgey

– Removed Brave Bird as Egg Move from Zubat

– Removed Close Combat, Mega Kick from Hitmonlee at Level 1

– Removed Close Combat from Hitmonchan at Level 1

– Removed Hydro Pump from Surskit Egg Moves

– Removed Quiver Dance and Bug Buzz from Masquerain at Level 1

– Seaking learns Fishious Rend at Level 60 instead of Level 1

– Sandshrew-A Ice Scales->Snow Cloak (Sandslash-A still has Ice Scales)

– Removed Venomoth learning Quiver Dance at Level 1

– Bellossom learns Petal Blizzard at Level 39 instead of Quiver Dance, Petal Dance at Level 49 instead of Petal Blizzard, Quiver Dance at Level 59 instead of Petal Dance

The following were removed to give more significance as a drop in the game (they can still be obtained elsewhere):

– Removed Focus Sash as possible held item on Wild Machamp

– Removed Light Clay as a held item on Wild Pokemon

– Removed Rocky Helmet as held item on Shelmet 

– Removed Metronome as held item on Chatot

– Removed Life Orb as held item on Absol

– Removed Power Herb from Seedot line, Hawlucha

– Removed Grassy Seed from Bounsweet (Still can find on Tsareena, which is now a Route 15 encounter)

Following abilities were removed to make room for new abilities (Fatal Pecision, As One(for both forms), Dragon’s Maw, Transistor, Grim Neigh) :

– Shell Armor -> Battle Armor 

– White Smoke  -> Clear Body

– Air Lock         -> Cloud Nine

– Power of Alchemy -> Receiver

– Poison Point -> Poison Touch (yes, they’re different abilities mechanically but they aren’t significant which is why I made the change)

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed Type boosting items (Charcoal, Miracle Seed, etc) not giving a damage boost

– Fixed Randomizer options going back to normal encounters right after a boss fight

– Fixed stats overflowing/not updating immediately after using EV reducers/IV reducers, causing a potential freeze if attempting to use a healing item on them. 

– Fixed Gulp Missile not proccing when dying to a move in Gulping/Gorging form (test what happens when attacker dies from recoil)

– Fixed Castform softlocking the game when sent in against Cloud Nine/Airlock

– Neutered Seafoam Islands puzzle to fix soft locks 

– Fixed TM01 Focus Punch and TM101 Power-Up-Punch being one time use

– Fixed some Pokemon not being able to learn TM Meteor Beam, Dual Wingbeat, Scorching Sands, and Poltergeist that should be compatible

– Fixed nature changer saying nature has been changed when saying no

– Fixed Kricketune not being able to learn Pin Missile, Ariados not being able to learn Gunk Shot from Move Tutor

– Fixed Corvisquire’s back sprite and not having a Shiny Palette

– Fixed Diglett Cave having raid gem instead of Den

– Fixed being able to walk through Den on Route 5

– Fixed Yamper, Dottler, Applin, Pincurchin, Blipbug, Silicobra front sprites floating

– Fixed not being able to walk in some areas in Cerulean Cave

– Fixed Mimikyu having an incorrect item in trade

– Fixed certain Mega Evos having Pokedex Number of 0

– Fixed being able to talk to raid den from behind(seems to be the trigger of some bizarre sprite problems)

– Fixed Pay Day not getting multiplier from Amulet Coin

– Fixed Dexnav spawns showing up in unreachable areas in Pokemon Tower

– Fixed certain areas in Cerulean Cave being unwalkable 

– Fixed Soul Dew having outdated item description

– Fixed Morpeko being stuck in Hangry mode

– Fixed incorrect text of Picnicker in Rock Tunnel saying there are Machops, Maniac saying there are Zubats, text in Celadon saying there are only 50 TMs, text in Cinnabar saying Eevee only has 3 evolved forms, Viridian Gym sign still saying Giovanni

– Fixed grammar mistake with Misty, text being cut off with Lt. Surge rematch

– Fixed Magneton evolving when leveled up in Rock Tunnel

– Fixed Chilan Berry proccing when using or being hit by a non-damaging Normal-type move

– Fixed HM05 Flash having outdated description

– Fixed Shedinja not being able to learn TM75 Swords Dance

– Fixed Wonder Egg givers walking around while talking to you

– Fixed Basculin being incompatible with TM Flip Turn

– Fixed Shiftry not learning Fake Out at Level 1

– Fixed Metagross being incompatible with TM Body Press

– Fixed Cinnabar Scientist not recognizing Silvally

– Fixed Blaziken being incompatible with Solar Beam

– Fixed Ambipom being incompatible with Triple Axel (was documented before as a buff)

– Fixed Grapploct not being fishable in Seafoam Islands

– Fixed Pansear, Panpour, Pansage appearing at Route 12, 13, 15 instead of Simisear Simipour and Simisage during the day

– Fixed Pikachu-Belle gift knowing Hyper Space Hole instead of Icicle Crash

v2.0f to v2.1 (major facelift):

Graphical Updates:

– Updated battle backgrounds (Credits to NateRiver, Omega/WesleyFG)

– Updated Bag UI (Credits to Nisarg, JK)

– Updated Textbox (Credits to ! hackito) 

– Platinum style HP bar (Credits to  YoY-X)

– Updated overworld sprites for a lotta shit… Raid Jewel->Raid Den (Creds to Delta231 for the FRLG HGGSS style sprites)

– Now have overworld sprites for: Johto Gym Leaders, Archer, Ariana, Master Ball, Mega Stone, Legendary Swords of Justice) (Credits to Pokemonrater, thebrawlunit for archer/ariana/giovanni sprites, Jo7A for Johto Gym Leader Sprites)

– Updated Sword Shield style Type Icons (credits to VentZX, DrSeuss )


– MAX LEVEL HAS BEEN SET BACK TO 100. If you have Pokemon over Level 100 they will be set back to 100 after a battle.  

– I originally set the max level to 250 for fun and didn’t put much thought to it. With postgame around the corner, I’ve

decided a max level would deliver a far more enjoyable experience as having every Pokemon at a constant level would help

with consistent Speed tiers and reduce the amount of grinding necessary to get Pokemon up to speed. 

– When selecting a move, you can now view the types of each Pokemon on the battlefield (CFRU feature)

– Because of the extensive changes to a lot of Pokemon’s typings, I figured this would be a very convenient feature to have 

– Poltergeist has been added as TM67 (Found in Victory Road)

– Compatibilities is all Ghost types except Aegislash line, Dragapult line, Mimikyu, Necrozma Dawn Wings

– Scorching Sands has been added as TM110, found in Game Corner. 

– Compatibilities is all SwSh compatibilities + Houndour, Houndoom, Sunflora, Sudowoodo, Cyndaquil line, Magmar line, Torchic line, Nosepass line, Salandit line, Amaura line, Tyrunt line, Fennekin line,

Dwebble line, Darumaka line, Slugma line, Numel line, Cacnea line, Chimchar line, Cranidos line, Shieldon line, Gible line,

Hippopotas line, Heatran

– TM Body Press moved from left of Celadon to Cerulean Cave

– Move is extremely powerful with its cheesing potential when used in combination with Iron Defense or Bulk Up; Celadon is definitely way too early to receive this move

– Pokemon do not automatically show Dex entry if its their first time being caught

– Dual Wingbeat has been added as TM100 found in Route 16 (where TM body Press used to be)

– Combatibilities is all SwSh compatibilities + Pokemon that can learn Wing Attack

– Removed Dual Wingbeat from following Pokemon’s level up learnset(THEY STILL LEARN THROUGH THIS TM):

Hydreigon, Archen, Archeops, Ducklett, Swanna, Scyther, Scizor, Clefable, Celebi,

Mothim, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Murkrow, Honchkrow, Mew, Ledyba, Ledian, Emolga, 

Rowlet, Dartrix, Decidueye

– Added Tailwind, Megahorn to Cinnabar Move Tutor, Foul Play to Saffron Move Tutor, Psychic Fangs to Vermilion Move Tutor

– Sword of Justice is now an overworld encounter (finally)

-If you already got them in your current save file and you update to 2.1 you can get them again.

– Catch rate universally increased after becoming champion

– Power items give 252 EVs in their respective stat after becoming champion

– Macho Brace multiplier increases from 4x to 16x after becoming champion

– Pokemon Mansion 6 star raid can now spawn Necrozma, Azelf, Diancie

– Seafoam Island 6 star raid can now spawn Kyurem, Manaphy, Tapu_Fini 

– Power Plant 6 star raid can now spawn Zeraora, Tapu Koko, Genesect

– Added EXP Boost if your Pokemon has above 220 points of affection 

– Kubfu, Zarude added to regular randomizer pool

– Updated text on Dexnav menu to tell you to click left lmao

– Updated text when the first Gym is closed to hint at going to the museum

– Added Lance, Gold as new possible Raid Partners

– Updated Nickit front sprite, Corvisquire backsprite, Rapidash-G backsprite

– Attack Name Change: Fishy Rend -> FishiousRend

– Attack Name Change: First Press-> FirstImpress

Pokemon Changes:

Corvisquire evolves into Corviknight at Level 60 instead of 38

– One of the cheesiest Pokemon in the game thanks to its typing, bulk, and access to Body Press (among many things). 

I’m reluctant to nerf it at the moment, so I’ve made it irrelevant in the midgame with this late evolution + lack of early access to Body Press

Rattled has been removed from the game (to make room for Unseen Fist). 

– Cubchoo Rattled-> Swift Swim, Yamper Rattled->Competitive, Toxel Rattled->Lightningrod, Magikarp Rattled->Hydration, Bonsly/Sudowoodo Rattled->none,

Dunsparce Rattled->None, Snubbull Rattled->defiant, Poochyena Rattled->Moxie, Whismur Rattled->Scrappy, Clamperl Rattled->Hydration 

Zarude can learn Knock Off from Move Tutor, Sucker Punch at Level 70

All Silvally Forms 95 stats in all -> 100 stats in all

Geodude-A line Ability Sturdy->Rock Head (abuse head smash, volt tackle)

Mega Slowbro Defense 180->165 (With Regen buff this thing is a crazy tank, so a stat nerf must be done to compensate)

Granbull learns Hammer Arm at Level 55

Gligar learns Earthquake at Level 60, Gliscor learns Earthquake at Level 70

Espeon can learn TM Teleport

Removed Strength Sap as Egg Move from Chikorita (cannot learn it anymore, was too powerful)

Removed Shell Smash as Egg Move for Squirtle (Blastoise learns at Level 82 still)

Removed Fly from Haxorus (cuz it bothered some of yall)

Rotom Defense 77->70, SpDef 77->70 (Can abuse Eviolite in this game, hence why it’s nerfed)

Froslass Attack 55->95, SpA 105->95 (With the addition of poltergeist and triple axel froslass is actually better as a physical attacker)

Mega Coalossal Defense 120->125, SpDef 100->105

Mega Snorlax Attack 150->160, Defense 80->85

Mega Machamp Defense 105->100, SpDef 110->105

Ledian learns Close Combat at Level 70

Floatzel Attack 95->90

Emboar can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

Beartic can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

Sirfetch’d learns Sacred Sword at Level 75

Bug Fixes:

Fixed some end game raids not spawning certain Pokemon they were supposed to (Seafoam, Power Plant, Viridian Forest, Pokemon Mansion)

Galarian Slowpoke/Slowbro now have icons (used kanto slowpoke/slowbro as placeholders before)

Fixed Slowpoke-G, Snom, Rolycoly, Mr-Mime G, Zigzagoon-G, Meowth-G, Hatenna, Ponyta-G, Sizzlipede, Gossifleur, Skwovet, Wooloo having poor front sprite positioning (floating, or too low etc)

– More Gen 8 Pokemon still need to be polished, please feel free to report them! (Falinx, Chewtle, Dottler will be fixed next patch)

Fixed Male Morelull evolving into Female Shiinotic

Fixed back button not cancelling Dexnav encounter

Fixed BlackGlasses not giving Dark Type boost 

Fixed being able to Thief partner in Raid Battles

Fixed dialogue of Team Rocket Nugget Bridge trainer on post defeat

Fixed Indeedee having incorrect backsprites

Fixed Mime Jr (Galar) having no Icon

Changed Ditto spawns in Randomizer to be less frequent

AI will not try to Leech Seed anymore if you’re behind a Substitute

Fixed breeding giving an egg when parents are incompatible 

Fixed Rillaboom giving 3 HP EVs instead of 3 Attack

Shortened Tinted Lens description text to better fit the screen

Fixed Gen 8 Dragons being incompatible with TM Dragon Tail

Removed text at beginning indicating randomizer can freeze, as it appears to be stable now

Fixed Drowzee/Hypno not learning TM Teleport

v2.0e – v2.0f


    Cramorant now has Gulp Missile(Gulp Missile Gorging Form reduces Speed instead of Defense)

    Added a Randomizer Hard mode, which only allows randomizer to spawn less significant Pokemon (list can be found here: https://pastebin.com/nCJtm2J7)

    Randomizer now randomizes raid partner and raid encounter, raid partner will use janky moves and the silhoutte is not the Pokemon you will encounter 😉

    Thiefed items now go straight to the bag (Regardless of whether your Pokemon is holding an item or not)

    Increased Power Items EV Yield from 8 to 24

    Macho Brace EV boost multiplier increased to 4 from 2

    Amulet Coin boost added even if the Pokemon with Amulet Coin doesn’t participate in battle

    Dexnav spawns don’t disappear after the Repel Text shows up

    DexNav chain no longer automatically resets to 0 when you reach 100 (will keep going down to 99, so you’ll continously get the shiny bonus, although I will note I havent thoroughly tested this lol)

    DexNav chain doesn’t reset if you can’t find the Pokemon in time 

    DexNav Pokemon no longer run away if you’re biking/running

    Costume/Cosplay Pikachus now have the move Happy Hour (Effect Stacks with Amulet Coin)

    Costume/Cosplay Pikachus now come with 30 IVs in all stats

    Small modifications to Ariana’s team in Cerulean Cave, Clair’s team, Archer’s team in Silph Co Tag battle, Erika’s team, Erika’s Rematch team, Agatha’s E4 team, Bruno’s E4 Team, Lance’s E4 team, Brock’s team, Blaine’s team

    Changed Electrodes in Cerulean Cave B2 to Audinos 

    Added some new NPC dialogue that informs player of some new mechanics

    Changed Solar Power description to reflect buffed effect

    Shadow Tag/Arena Trap on Wild Pokemon no longer prevents the player fleeing from battle

    Polished display text of Nature Changer’s multichoice text and Fossil Vendor’s multichoice text

    Starters now hold Oran Berry

AI Modifications:

    More likely to click Teleport if it can pivot

    Made it more likely to prioritize Taunt

    Made it deprioritize Rapid Spin if opponent is Ghost

    Made it deprioritize Quiver Dance/Dragon Dance if opponent has Dancer as an ability

    Added randomness when prioritizing Sucker Punch

    More likely to Explode if you are setting up on it

    Made it deprioritize speed boosting moves if Trick Room is active

    More likely to click Power Up Punch (I’ve never seen it click it before lol)

    Will consider +Defense threatening if you have Body Press in moveset 

Pokemon Changes:

    Replaced ability Illuminate with Gulp Missile

    Ability Gulp Missile added with changed Behavior: Gulping Form reduces Speed instead of Defense

        Removed Illuminate from Staryu/Starmie, Chinchou/Lanturn, Morelull/Shiinotic, Volbeat, Watchog

    Machoke, Machamp can learn Drain Punch from TM

    Mega Machamp Def 100->105, SpDef 105->110

    Clamperl now gets Shell Smash as Egg Move (So it’s still possible to learn as Gorebyss/Huntail)

    Lapras Water/Ice->Water/Dragon (Draco Meteor compatible), learns Boomburst at Level 65

    Mega Lapras Ability Shell Armor->Liquid Voice, Defense 90->85, SpA 105->115

    Masquerain Water/Flying->Water/Bug

    Chesnaught Ability Overgrow->Bulletproof, HA Bulletproof->Iron Barbs, can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

    Vikavolt learns Sticky Web at Level 60

    Psyduck, Golduck can learn Teleport from TM 

    Eiscue Attack 80->100, SpA 65->45, learns Ice Shard at Level 65

    Coalossal can learn Flash Cannon from TM

    Mega Coalossal Rock/Fire->Steel/Fire, Defense 140->120, SpDef 110->100, SpA 130->125, Speed 30->45

    Mega Toxtricity Attack 113->120

    Cramorant Ability Gulp Missile, Attack 95->85, Defense 55->65, SpA 95->100, Speed 95->105

Bug Fixes:

    Randomizer and the Wonder Egg giver shouldn’t have freezes anymore, but needs more testing 

    Temporarily removed current on Seafoam B3F to prevent soft locks, and removed boulders on first floor as they now serve no purpose(until I can find a fix)

    Temporarily removed Decorate (Alcremie) until it’s working properly

    Fixed Randomizer randomizing E4 members teams

    Fixed being able to Dexnav Pokemon in Pokemon Tower when you don’t have Silph Scope 

    Fixed Amulet Coin continuously doubling prize money each time it’s sent in

    Fixed not being able to get Medichamite

    Fixed Skwovet not appearing on Route 2 during the day

    Fixed incorrect fossil Pokemon being sold by Celadon Fossil Giver

    Fixed Diglett Cave Dexnav Pokemon spawning in unreachable areas

    Fixed Vermilion City Dexnav Pokemon being in unreachable areas

    Fixed Mud Slap description

    Fixed Kommo-o not learning Dragon Dance from TM

    Fixed Pikachu Cosplay giver having chance not to give you a pikachu

    Fixed Poke BallS inconsistent decapitalization 

    Fixed Galar Meowth icon sprite palette

    Fixed Skwovet icon sprite palette

    Fixed May’s Flygon having G-Max icon

    Fixed a Hiker in Rock Tunnel having old sprite

    Fixed TM Iron Tail not having the TM overworld sprite

    Fixed Bug Catcher in Viridian not having Caterpie when he states “Caterpie can’t hack it!”

    Fixed NPC in Indigo Plateau stating Lance’s Cousin (Clair) is a gym leader far away

    Fixed Archer dialogue referring you as he when you’re a chick

    Updated King’s Rock item text to reflect that it’s only an evolution stone now

v2.0d to v2.0e

Removed Arceus-Normal, Palkia-Primal as a possible encounter in randomizer mode

Fixed Nature Changer, Pokeball Switcher only affecting first Pokemon in the party

Fixed randomizer turning off after boss battles; however, if you nab a gift Pokemon immediately after a boss battle it will still be the default Pokemon rather than a randomized one.

v2.0c to v2.0d:




Currently only randomize Pokemon option (No learnsets/abilities yet); to 

retain some semblance of the difficulty of this ROM hack, boss battles 

do not have their Pokemon randomized (Rival battles, gym leaders, E4/Champion, rocket admins, giovanni, etc) 

Legendaries that can be encountered in randomizer: 

Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew,

Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Rotom, Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie,  Shaymin, Phione, Victini, 

Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Meloetta, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Keldeo, Volcanion,

Type:Null, Silvally-Normal, 

Guzzlord, Nihilego, Xurkitree, Buzzwole, Meltan

Any legendary not listed is excluded from Randomizer possibilities. 

You cannot play with randomizer mode on an existing save file. 

You cannot turn off/on randomizer after proceeding past the randomizer check. 

Rock Blast, Icicle Spear, Tail Slap, Pin Missile, Body Slam move tutor added to the tutor in Saffron

TM74 Gyro Ball added to Game Corner seller 

TM85 Future Sight in Route 13

New ability: 

Bull Rush – First move deals 1.5x (Has to be first move used on each switch in, like how Fake Out/First Impression work)

Given to Granbull, Bouffalant, Emboar as Hidden Abilities 


Solar Power now reduces damage by 33% when in Sun on top of its current functionality. 

(Removed from Charizard line, buffs to Sunflora, Tropius, Heliolisk)

Shell Side Arm 90 BP->100 BP. New effect: (Special attack) 10% chance to inflict poison and ignores opponents abilities.

Snipe Shot, Octazooka, Flash Cannon gets boosted by Mega Launcher

Snipe Shot, Flash Cannon, Spike Cannon now get blocked by Bulletproof

Slowbro-G Attack 100->75, Defense 95->105, SpA 100->115 

Dedenne SpA 81->91 

Tranquill, Unfezant, Farfetch’d Galar, Sirfetch’d learn Drill Run from move tutor 

Grapploct learns Arm Thrust at Level 75, Flip Turn from TM

Mega Garchomp Defense 115->105, Speed 92->102

Toucannon learns Flare Blitz from Move Tutor 

Donphan learns Rock Blast, Drill Run from Move Tutor

Grumpig learns Slack Off at Level 66

Tropius Grass/Flying->Grass/Dragon, learns Weather Ball from Move Tutor

Bouffalant HA Soundproof -> Bull Rush, HP 95->100, learns Slack Off at Level 70, Drill Run from Move Tutor

Heracross learns Drill Run from Move Tutor

Granbull learns Flare Blitz from Move Tutor, Hidden Ability Rattled->Bull Rush

Emboar Blaze->Reckless, HA Reckless->Bull Rush

Octillery Ability Suction Cup->Mega Launcher, learns Icicle Spear, Pin Missile, Aura Sphere from Move Tutor

Clawitzer learns Snipe Shot at Level 70

Kangaskhan gets Seismic Toss as Egg Move

Gabite can learn Stomping Tantrum from move tutor


Octazooka 95 BP->80 BP(now boosted by Mega Launcher)

Court Change currently not working, so temporarily removed from Cinderace

Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard HA Solar Power->Flame Body


Tweaked scripts for Nature Changer, Game Corner seller, Pokeball Switcher, Saffron/Cinnabar move tutors, Silph Co elevator to have a scrolling list

Tweaked Hidden Ability giver to show what ability you’re switching to 

DexNav Pokemon in Caves/Water do not move around anymore

Moved Power Gem move tutor from Cinnabar to Saffron

Removed Bright Powder as possible drop from Wurmple

Removed King’s Rock flinch chance

Removed brief Pokemon animation that appears when you Surf/Fly for convinience 

Removed needing a Pokemon that could learn Surf to use Surf (only need HM surf in bag)

Teleport now shows up as possible field move if you have the TM + a Pokemon capable of learning it

TM34 Teleport now in Route 3 instead of Route 12 for earlier convinience 

Tweaked Fossil Giver script so it’s not a random once a day thing, also moved Fossil Givers

to Celadon for earlier access 

Modified Pokemon Mansion/Viridian Forest Raids(Archeops/Carracosta->Floatzel/Magcargo, Lileep/Anorith->GourgeistXL/Golurk)

Bug Fixes:

Updated Toxel Evo so that it now works as it does in Sword and Shield

Fixed Grassy Terrain not healing at end of turn 

Fixed Appletun backsprite being too high

Fixed Hatenna backsprite being too high

Fixed AI always predicting you to Mega Evolve

Fixed Slowbro-G not having any TM/Move Tutor compatibilities 

Fixed Cinnabar Scientist giving Latiosite for having Latias

Fixed Wicked Blow/Surging Strikes not being boosted by Iron Fist (Slight buff to Pangoro)

Fixed Old Man Raid Partner having Pokemon with shitty IVs

Fixed DexNav mons spawning in innaccessible areas in Route 12/13 surfing area

Fixed Mud Shot appearing twice in Swinub Egg Moves

Fixed typo with Oak aid that procs roaming legends

Fixed Amulet Coin sometimes being unobtainable

Fixed Meteor Beam item drop not having TM color

v2.0b to v2.0c:


Ampharos learns Tail Glow at Level 75

Cleffa gets Softboiled as Egg Move

Added Seismic Toss to Chansey egg moves 

Donphan HA Sand Veil->Technician

Fixed Galarian Weezing not being able to learn TM Will-O-Wisp

Fixed Pidgey line, Nidos line, Tentacrool line, Bulbasaur line, Aerodactyl, Butterfree, Beedrill,

Dratini line, Growlithe line, Farfetchd, Oddish line, Omanyte line,

Ponyta line, Eevee line, Doduo line, Venonat line, Chansey line, 

Gyarados, Articuno, Zapdus, Moltres, Kabuto line,  Electabuzz line not being able to learn TM Reflect (From Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee)

Gligar, Gliscor, Lunatone, Solrock can learn Fly


Frosmoth HP 85->70, Speed 80->65

Dedenne SpA 91-81


Lucky Egg boost bumped up again from 2x to 2.5x 

Added Exp Share item that toggles EXP share, Stat Scanner item that shows your

Pokemon’s IVs/EVs. Brendan gives both after first rival battle, if you’ve already done it 

the fat guy NPC in Pewter can also give it to you.

Added TM54 Grassy Glide, TM55 Expanding Force, TM58 Rising Voltage in Safari Zone.

Grassy Glide compatibility is all mons that get it in SwSh + most Grass mons

Expanding Force compatibility is all mons that get it in SwSh + most Psychic mons

Rising Voltage compatibility is all mons that get it in SwSh + most Electric mons

Removed Grassy Glide, Expanding Force, Rising Voltage from learnsets 

Added TM64 Explosion in Game Corner

Added TM96 Bulldoze in Route 5

Added option to EV subtracter to reset EVs

Oricorios now hold Nectars 

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Morpeko Hangry not having the Attack buff (95->110 Attack)

Fixed Route 12 having inaccurate Wild Pokemon

Fixed Orbeetle doesnt show up in A-Z mode, weight mode in Pokedex

Fixed Celadon Pond guy who doesnt face you

Removed duplicate Hidden Power TM in Safari Zone replaced with Grassy Glide

Fixed Giovanni not disappearing after Cerulean Cave event, and being able to catch Mewtwo before beating E4

Fixed Stunfisk-G learning an incorrect move at Level 55

Fixed Victory Road Dexnav Pokemon appearing in inaccessible parts

Fixed issue with Level Scaling that could lead to Level 0 Pokemon

Fixed Rocket Grunts Muk having Minimize 

Fixed Biker on Route 15 with Conversion 2 Muk

Fixed Youngster first floor Pokemon Mansion having same Pokemon as vanilla Fire Red

Fixed Dragon Dance TM having incorrect description

Fixed Leavanny showing up instead of Swadloon in Route 14 at Night

Fixed incorrect palette for Arctozolt icon

Added Kantonian Cubone location in Rock Tunnel at Night

Fixed Grassy Glide, Rising Voltage Attack Description

Fixed Lance having Champion Rival name in the Tag Battle

Removed Torchic from Pokemon Mansion

Fixed E4 Nurse freezing game after beating the E4

v2.0a to v2.0b: 

Bug Fixes: 

Fixed Cherish Ball being sold in Celadon Mart 

Fixed Rotom evolving to Rotom Fan with Leaf Stone  

Fixed Teleport TM having incorrect description 

Fixed Route 25 not raining (Can now evolve Sliggoo) 

Fixed Jynx not learning Aura Sphere from Move Tutor] 

Day care man now moves forward when he has an egg 

Fixed new Sabrina Teleport disappearing 

Fixed a glitch causing both Thunder Wave/Substitute not being obtainable 

Fixed New Mega Stones not sorting properly in bag 

Fixed dialogue with EV subtracter 

Fixed TM icon for Trick Room 

Fixed TM Teleport having incorrect description

Fixed X-Scissor TM in Viridian Forest 

Fixed Dazzling Gleam TM description

Fixed TM Defog incompatibility with Gen 8 Pokemon 

Fixed Hidden Ability guy not taking bottle cap 

Fixed Drapion being incompatible w TM Leech Life 

Added placeholder sprite for alternate Sinistea/Poltergeist form

Fixed chick not blocking E4 upon completion


Added Viridian Forest Raid 

Added Torchic in Cinnabar Mansion for this dumbass motherfucker Hail lmao (i am not kidding)

Added Pokeball Switcher in the Saffron Fan Club


Reverted Mega Gallade defense 75->95 

Mega Kingler Attack 135->145 

Clefable learns Moonblast at Level 51

Cursola can learn TM Trick Room 

Venomoth can Fly 

v2.0 to v2.0a: 

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed being able to pickup TM Rest infinitely

– Fixed being able to pickup Scope Lens infinitely 

– Fixed Route 11 Raid being battled indefinitely

– Fixed Game Corner seller in the middle being buggy

– Fixed Flame Charge TM having incorrect description

– Fixed Gary’s Staravia having Double Team

– Removed Acupressure from Learnsets 

– Removed Minimize from Silicobra learnset 

– Fixed IV Checker checking EVs when asked for another go and some incorrect text

– Slight tweak to the Archer/Ariana Tag battle 

– Removed X stat seller in Celadon Mart 

– Fixed incorrect text on Cinnabar Move Tutor

New Move Tutor:

Gunk Shot, Stored Power, Flare Blitz, Power Gem have been added to the Cinnabar Move Tutor 


Pumkaboo Mega Drain at Level 16 instead of Razor Leaf, Magical Leaf at Level 26 instead of Bullet Seed,

Hex at Level 36 instead of Shadow Ball 

Gourgeist learns, Giga Drain at Level 48 instead of Seed Bomb,

Shadow Ball at Level 57 instead of Phantom Force

Amaura, Aurorus learn Power Gem from Move Tutor

Lileep, Cradily learn Power Gem from Move Tutor

Gen 8 Buffs:

Ponyta Psychic->Fire/Fairy, learns Flame Charge at Level 10 instead of Confusion, Flame Wheel at Level 25

instead of Psybeam, Flamethrower at Level 50 instead of Psychic

Rapidash Psychic/Fairy->Fire/Fairy, learns Fire Lash on Evolution & at Level 1, Flare Blitz at Level 70

Falinks Fighting->Fighting/Bug

v1.11 to v2.0:


Additions from Leon’s Base (Big thanks to Prof Leon!!!)

Some new updated OWs

Complete decapilization!!

DPPt Font 

Many, many additional items 


Gen 8 Pokemon added (Wild locations doc has been updated to reflect that) 

Couple caveats: Ice Face does not come back in Noice mode when Hail starts

Gulp Missile currently does not work, Cramorant has Hydration for now

Sprites are very unpolished, some have placeholder cries 

Wandering Spirit (Runerigus’ sig ability) causes a softlock when transferring   Intimidate, so it is temporarily replaced with Mummy

Raids throughout the entire region 

Added a Wonder Egg giver in Pewter, Cerulean, Vermillion 

Added Scorbunny, Sobble, Grookey as new possible hatches from Egg Vendor

Dreepy, Toxel can be bought at Game Corner 

Added Sleep Clause (You cannot put more than 1 Pokemon to sleep at a time) 

Updated some trainer sprites 

Bag cannot be accessed in all trainer battles. Consequently, X Stat items

are completely useless (they were basically useless in prev releases too) so their

drops in routes have been replaced with more useful items. 

Modified trades 

Replaced Repel as possible Pickup drop with Max Repel

Replaced Rare Candy as possible Pickup drop with Bottle Cap

Replaced Kings Rock as possible Pickup drop with Dream Ball

Replaced Escape Rope as possible Pickup drop with Tiny Mushroom

Replaced Hyper Potion as possible Pickup drop with Big Mushroom

Added more possible Raid Battle partners

Feline Power renamed to Feline Prowess

Added text to Wild Double Battle guy noting of possible soft locks

Changes to Brock’s text about HM Flash 

Earlier Fire Stone/Water Stone/Leaf Stone have been removed

Nature Changer cost increased from 500 to 7500 

More boss trainers scale based on level

Terrain Extender can be found on Dedenne/Pincurchin/IndeedeeM/F/Hypno for 5%/20% drops 

Weather Rocks can be found on Torkoal/Ninetales/A/Pelipper/Hippowdon for 5%/20% drops 

Lucky Egg now common drop on Pelipper

TM/Move Tutor Changes:

Changed TM Secret Power -> TM Defog 

Changed TM Water Pulse  -> TM Flip Turn 

Changed TM Attract      -> TM Draining Kiss 

TM69 Rock Polish in SS Anne 

Triple Axel has been removed from learnsets and has been added as a TM70

TM70 Triple Axel in Seafoam Islands

TM82 Sleep Talk in Game Corner 

TM93 Dragon Tail in Game Corner 

TM98 Work Up in Route 11 

TM109 Superpower in Power Plant 

TM114 Heat Crash Route 17

TM115 Body Press Route 16

Elemental Punch tutor in Vermillion now teaches Elemental Fangs as well 

Tutor in Cinnabar also teaches Phantom Force now 

Dark Pulse now in the Celadon Game Corner instead of Lavender Tower

QOL Changes:

Lucky Egg EXP boost bumped up to 2x from 1.5x 

Consumable items will always come back from trainer battles

You do not need a Pokemon capable of learning Cut/Rock Smash/Strength/Flash to use the field HM.

HM Actions are a lot quicker

Nature changer lady now says which stats get boosted/decreased 

Shortened Repel wore off text

Magma Armor/Steam Engine/Flame Body now reduce egg steps by 4x instead of 2x

Keen Eye is now useless, so all Pokemon with Keen Eye now have Frisk

Boosted Heart Scale spawn chance on Luvdisc 

Made Macho Brace/EV training items reduce speed by slightly less

Chances of receiving Egg changed from 20/50/70% -> 90/90/90%

SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the price of Potions (Potion->Full Restore, Revives, Paralyz Heal, etc)  

as they have much less use in this game. Price of Repels have also been reduced.

Removed Poison damage in OW 

Added additional help text to the Flash128k/RTC warning 

Removed Fog in Lavender Tower for easier DexNaving 

Added 25th Box

Getting to Sabrina creates a warp that goes straight to her 

More Pokemon can now learn Fly: Butterfree, Beedrill, Gyarados, Weezing, Weezing Galar, Scyther, Scizor, Mantine,Ninjask, Shedinja,

Vespiquen, Haxorus, Emolga, Dartrix, Decidueye, Vivllon, Dragalge, Frosmoth, Appletun

Moved Super Nerds for Ability Changer/EVs/etc to the front of Pokemon Fan Club

E4 members now heal your Pokemon after defeating them

Bug fixes:

Now (should) work on any emulator(Including real hardware)!!

Options menu works again! Game is forced to Set style.

Crashes appear less frequent

No more pink blob on Summary Screen

Fixed Dexnav Stars sometimes not giving perfect IVs

No more discoloration on ending credits 

Fixed Sweet Scent having a chance to proc double Wild battles 

Fixed Nugget Bridge exploit

Fixed being able to buy from Elemental Punch tutor despite having below 2500 

Fixed Dex Nav spawns showing up on unreachable spots in some surf routes

Fixed Weakness Berries having bad descriptions

Fixed a couple of NPCs not facing you when you talk to them

DexNav is inconsistent with telling you if the wild Pokemon will hold item, so that notification is temporarily removed.

DexNav Pokemon will still have the same chances to hold items, the DexNav HUD just won’t notify you at all. 

Fixed a glitch causing Amulet Coin not being obtainable.

Fixed Game Corner guy telling you you chose shiny/HA option when you said no

Fixed Cut trees sometimes not being able to be Cut

Fixed OHKO moves still being possible to learn 

Fixed some NPCs having outdated text 

New Bugs:

All relatively minor:

Some lack of polish to Gen 8(Gen 8 Pokemon icons aren’t super polished, some have placeholder cries, etc)

Yellow Pokeballs show a brief black blob after disappearing

PokeballS inconsistent decap 

Sometimes party screen may show a slightly bugged HP bar (Visual glitch only)

Wandering Spirit causes a freeze when transfering Intimidate, temporarily replaced with Mummy

Evolutionary modifs:

Applin evolves to Flapple with Leaf Stone

Evolves to Appletun with Sun Stone 

Farfetchd-G evolves to Sirfetch’d through High Friendship

Galarian Slowpoke evolves to Galarian Slowbro at Level 37

Sinistea evolves to Polteageist with Moon Stone 

Galarian Yamask evolves to Runerigus at Level 35

Milcery evolves to Alcremie with Shiny Stone

Toxel evolves to Toxtricity/Toxtricity-Lowkey based on personality value (cascoon/silcoon evo)

New Megas:

Mega Butterfree(Butterfreeite found in Viridian Forest with Rock Smash):




Mega Machamp (Machampite Power Plant)


Raging Boxer 


Mega Garbodor (Garbodorite Silph Co)


Parasitic Waste 


Mega Kingler (Route 18) 


Tough Claws


Mega Snorlax (Route 23) 


Thick Fat


Mega Lapras (Seafoam Islands)


Shell Armor


Mega Drednaw (Route 19) 


Strong Jaw 


Mega Coalossal (Rock Tunnel Rock Smash)




Mega Orbeetle (Route 2 Rock Smash)


Magic Guard


Mega Toxtricity (Mandatory event)


Punk Rock


Mega Duraludon (Mandatory event)


Bad Company


New Abilities:

Raging Boxer – Punch moves hit twice, with second hit dealing 0.5x (Mega Machamp) 

Bad Company – Prevents self lowering stat drops (Draco Meteor on Mega Duraludon) 

Parasitic Waste – Attacks that poison also heal for 50% (Mega Garbodor)

Mountaineer – Immune to Rock attacks and Stealth Rocks (Mega Coalossal) 

Changes to Abilities:

Shield Dust – Now also avoids damage from entry hazards

Move changes:

Tail Slap 85 acc -> 100 acc

Snipe Shot crit rate increased to +2 from +1, reduced BP from 80 to 70


Manectric HA Minus->Intimidate 

Golem learns Body Press, Heat Crash from TM

Golem-A learns Volt Tackle at Level 68, learns Body Press, Heat Crash from TM

Snorlax learns Wood Hammer at Level 65

Sandshrew-A learns Ice Shard from Egg Move

Talonflame Attack 81->91 

Articuno HA Snow Cloak->Shield Dust

Rampardos learns Accelrock at Level 75 

Bouffalant learns Heat Crash, Body Press from TM 

Pancham learns Sucker Punch as Egg Move

Lycanroc Midnight learns Precipice Blades at Level 60

Melmetal learns DynamicPunch at 68 instead of 72, Superpower at 72 instead of 76, Double 

Iron Bash at 76 instead of 85

Machamp learns Close Combat at Level 65

Dusknoir can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

Luxray learns Zing Zap at Level 56

Klinklang HP 55->60 (back to original base HP)

Lapras learns Dragon Hammer at Level 70, Outrage as Egg Move

Kingler learns Iron Head from move tutor

Gen 8 Buffs:

Greedent learns Recycle at Level 65, Heat Crash from TM

Thievul Speed 90->110, SpA 87->97

Eldegoss HP 60->75, SpA 80->90

Dubwool HP 72->82 

Boltund Attack 90->100, SpA 90->80

Morpeko Attack 95->110

Sirfetch’d Steadfast->Blademaster, HP 62->82. Leek Stick DOES NOT WORK ON SIRFETCH’D. 

Frosmoth HP 70->85, Defense 60->65, Speed 65->80

Mr Rime Attack 85->65, SpDef 100->90, Speed 70->100 

Arctovish SpA 80->55, Speed 55->80

Arctozolt Speed 55->80, SpDef 80->55

Falinks HP 65->75, SpA 70->60

Eiscue Noice Attack 80->100, SpA 65->45 

Cramorant Attack 70->85, Attack 85->95, SpA 85->95, Speed 80->95

Clobbopus, Grapploct Fighting->Water/Fighting. Gets Aqua Jet, Mach Punch as Egg Move 

Clobbopus/Grapploct learn Low Sweep at Level 20 instead of Brick Break, Brutal Swing

at Level 55 

Stonjourner SpDef 20->50, Speed 70->80

Pincurchin HP 48->68, Attack 101->81 

Drednaw learns Aqua Fang at Level 72, can learn TM Brick Break

Boltund can learn Ice Fang

Meowth Galarian gets Bullet Punch as Egg Move

Cursola HP 60->80, Attack 95->75

Perrserker HP 70->90, SpA 50->30 

Obstagoon learns Sucker Punch at Level 63

Galarian Stunfisk Ability Mimicry->Filter

Boltund learns Ice Fang from Move Tutor

Coalossal learn Power Gen at Level 60

Rapidash-G learns Flare Blitz from Move Tutor

Indeedee-M/F learn Expanding Force at Level 65

Alcremie learns Moonblast at Level 60


Huntail Strong Jaw->Defiant, Attack 94->104 

Hypno learns Expanding Force at Level 70 instead of 49

Removed Surging Strikes from Swampert  

Removed Double Iron Bash from Aggron

Kingdra HP 85->75(Back to vanilla)

Removed Machop getting Close Combat as Egg Move

Reverted Seaking to vanilla stats (HP 100->80, Defense 77->65

Reverted Crabominable to vanilla stats(87 defense->77 def) 

Mega Blastoise SpA 135->125

Kingler HP 65->55 (back to vanilla stats) 

Lapras Water/Dragon->Water/Ice (Back to vanilla typing)

Gen 8 Nerfs:

Dracovish Attack 90->80, SpDef 80->90 

Galarian Darmanitan Attack 140->130

Cinderace Attack 116->111

v1.11 to v1.11a 

Bug fix:

Fixed not being able to get Trick Room TM and some other poop 

Fixed the new TM/HM compatibility not being reflected in 1.11 

Fixed some raid battle rewards 

Fixed small bug with the Double Battle guy in Fuschia 

Can now view what version you’re on when looking at the text in Options. 

Move changes:

Smokescreen, Sand Attack, Flash, Mudslap no longer lower accuracy

(Smokescreen, sand attack, Flash lower attack instead)’

Mud Slap 20 BP -> 40 BP

Night Daze: No longer has chance to lower accuracy. BP 85->95, Acc 95->100 

Muddy Water: No longer has chance to lower accuracy. Has 40% chance to lower Attack one stage. 

Mud Bomb: No longer has chance to lower accuracy. Accuracy 85->100 

Mirror Shot: No longer has chance to lower accuracy. Accuracy 85->100 

Octazooka: no longer has chance to lower accuracy. BP 65->90, Accuracy 85->100, 100% chance to lower Speed one stage.

Leaf Tornado: no longer has chance to lower accuracy. Accuracy 95->100 


Added Honchkrow learns Superpower at Level 75


Removed Octazooka from Horsea as Egg Move

v1.10 to v1.11 


Fixed Mudkip kid giving Mudkip before defeating him

Fixed Dusk Ball having a 0 catch rate when used outside of caves/nighttime 

Fixed being able to use the bag against Champion Gary

Added locations for Bonsly, Minccino

Fixed Gourgeist not having Flare Boost

Fixed Meltan/Melmetal having Lycanroc learnset

Fixed Sage Power not performing Struggle when locked into a move that ended up with 0 PP 


Slight increase in Erika’s difficulty 

Tweaked Giovanni’s final boss team 


Next to Nurse Joy in every Pokemon Center is an assistant who can change natures for you for $500! 

(Doesn’t have every nature, but pretty much all of the essential ones. Currently buggy with Minior, 

but none of yall using that trash)

Raid battles is in its testing phase, only a couple available right now. 

Only available in: Route 4, Mt Moon, Cerulean Cave, Victory Road.

More will be available in the next update. 

Pokemon caught in Raid Battles will have Hidden Ability, except for Legendaries. 

To get Dynamax Ring on an already progressed save file:

Go to Pewter City and walk towards Route 3 to trigger an event that gives you the Dynamax Ring.

New Pokeball: Dream Ball – Has 3x Multiplier on Pokemon that are asleep, 1x elsewise. Pokemon caught will have Hidden Ability. 

Can be bought for 5000 in Cinnabar Labs, there’s one drop in Celadon City as well. Has placeholder picture atm.

NPC in Fuchshia City can turn on wild double battles for even faster EV training.

BUG: If you only have one Pokemon, a ? will appear as your partner for the wild Double Battles, although

this does not seem to cause a freeze of any sorts. Just be wary.

Decapitalized town names

Drifloon has chance to hold Air Balloon

Raid battles + Dynamax Ring (Can only Dmax in Raid battles currently)

Removed need for incense to breed for Munchlax/Happiny/Bonsly etc 

Added Audinos to Victory Road

Upgraded bonus Dusk Ball multiplier from 3x to 3.5x 

Type Null has a rare chance of being found in Cerulean Cave with Catch Rate of 5.

NPC in Cinnabar can change Silvally typing for you.

Added TM112 Trick Room, can be found in Route 12 

Added TM63 Venoshock, can be found in Route 6


Removed Baton Pass from the game

Removed Double Team/Minimize from the game

Removed Sheer Cold/Guillotine/Fissure from the game 

– Sheer Cold replaced with Ice Beam in all Level Up Learnsets 

– Guillotine replaced with Slash in all Level Up Learnsets 


Rivalry: Removed doing less damage if they’re different gender (Now does 1x if they’re not target gender, 1.25x if they’re the same) 

Illusion: 1.3x damage boost when in Illusion mode as Zoroark 

Flare Boost: Now takes no damage from burn on top of its original effect

Toxic Boost: Now takes no damage from poison on top of its original effect 

Silvally RKS Memory->Battle Armor 

Does NOT need to hold a memory to change typing(Silvally memory doesnt exist in this game)! 

NPC in Cinnabar can change typing for you. 

Silvally of any type can now hold items (!!) 

Multi Attack typing will depend on Silvally’s typing rather than memory. 

Parabolic Charge 65 BP -> 75 BP

Revelation Dance 90 BP -> 100 BP

Milotic Defense 79->84, Speed 81->86

Zubat/Golbat/Crobat Ability 2: Sniper

Mr Mime learns Moonblast at Level 58, Psycho Boost at Level 66

Lapras learns Dragon Pulse at Level 50 instead of Sheer Cold

Kinger learns Aqua Jet at Level 1, Ice Punch from Move Tutor

Articuno learns Aura Sphere from move tutor

Ledian learns First Impression at Level 55

Armaldo learns First Impression at Level 66

Shiftry learns Sucker Punch at Level 1

Masquerain learns Hurricane from Move Tutor

Garchomp can learn HM Fly (just for HM purposes lol) 

Farfetched can learn TM Brick Break

Sunflora learns Fiery Dance at Level 60

Espeon learns Fiery Dance at level 65 

Garbodor can learn TM Poison Jab

Farfetchd learns Sacred Sword at Level 60 instead of 68 


Reduced Punk Rock boost from 1.3x to 1.2x

Hitmonchan Attack 125->115

Reverted Bellossom to vanilla stats

Blaziken Attack 120->110, SpA 110->120

Mega Blaziken Attack 160->130, SpA 130->160

Mega Salamence Attack 145->135

Mega Lucario Attack 145->135

Castform all base 90 stats->85

Removed Spore from Comfey as Egg Move

Aqua Fang BP 90->85 

Leek Stick gives Farfetch’d +1 crit rate instead of +2 

Possible Raid Bosses:

Route 4:

(Electrike), Pansear, Pansage, Panpour, Mankey

Common drops: ITEM_ETHER



Ultra rare: ITEM_LUCKY_EGG,

Mt Moon:

(Swinub), (Magnemite), Nosepass, Tympole, Mawile

Common drops: ITEM_ETHER




Cerulean Cave:

5 star: (7-8 gym badges or beat the elite four)

Buzzwole, Xurkitree, Stakataka, Guzzlord, Nihilego, Celesteela 

Common drops: ITEM_BIG_NUGGET,

Uncommon drops: ITEM_PP_UP, ITEM_PP_MAX


6 star (after beating elite four)

Blacephalon, Kartana, Poipole, Pheromosa 

Victory Road:

5 star: (7-8 gym badges or beat the elite four)

Registeel, Regice, Regirock, Necrozma, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit 

Common drops: ITEM_BIG_NUGGET,

Uncommon drops: ITEM_PP_UP, ITEM_PP_MAX


6 star (after beating elite four)

Jirachi, Cresselia, Shaymin, Mew, Volcanion, Hoopa, Zeraora 

Common drops: ITEM_BIG_NUGGET,

Uncommon drops: ITEM_PP_UP, ITEM_PP_MAX


v1.9 to v1.10

Bug fixes:

Fixed Rockruff evolution, now evolves to Lycanroc if leveled up from 4 AM->5pm, Lycanroc Dusk from 5pm->7pm, Lycanroc Midnight from 7pm->4am

Fixed Elekid having chance to hold ????

Fixed TM Flash Cannon costing 20 at the mart 

Shedinja evo appears to be broken, evolves from Nincada through Dusk Stone for now. 

Fixed Golduck not having Neuroforce

Raised Meltan’s catch rate but gave it a Safari Zone flee rate so that it is now possible to catch

Added Up-Grade on 2nd floor Silph Co

Modify trainer next to Power Plant so he has proper levels

Fixed new berries having messed up indexes, causing them to not be usable

Fixed Occa Berry costing 0 

Fixed incorrect text when getting Sawk from Fighting Dojo 

Fixed incorrect text when getting Rotom from Celadon (He says they can’t change forms, when they can) 

Fixed EV subtracter guy disappearing after beating the Elite Four 

Updated Stick to reflect its new improved functionality, changed name to Leek Stick to avoid confusion (Now buffs crit rate AND farfetch’d speed by 1.5x)

Fixed walking through trees in Pewter City

Fixed Dexnav mons showing on walls in Rock Tunnel

Fixed a lot of random items on floor giving OP shit

Fixed Castform automatically setting weather even when it is stopped/changed. It will now set your weather again if you use Weather Ball.

Fixed Alolan Raticate showing up during daytime in Route 8

Fixed Egg from Egg vendor hatching into Dartrix 

Fixed incorrect encounters in Mt Moon at night

Added Skitty in Route 10, previously unobtainable

Removed Dragons needing to have max happiness to receive Draco Meteor tutor

Added text on Options to indicate it’s not working properly 

New stuff:

Corrosion now acts as a Poison type Scrappy(Poison moves can hit Steel types) on top of its current functionality

Seviper Ability 2 NONE -> Shed Skin, HA Infiltrator->Corrosion

Ekans, Arbok HA Unnerve->Corrosion

Raised Iron Fist damage increase from 1.2x to 1.3x, removed ability for Melmetal

Added Smart Strike, Razor Shell, Shadow Claw to Blademaster boosted moves

New ability Blazing Soul: Fire type Gale Wings (Only procs at full HP). Given to Rapidash, Typhlosion as Hidden Abilities.

Rapidash HA Flame Body->Blazing Soul

Typhlosion Ability Blaze->Flash Fire, HA Flash Fire->Blazing Soul

New ability Feline Power: Doubles Special Attack (special Huge Power)

Skitty, Delcatty Normalize->Wonder Skin, HA Wonder Skin->Feline Power, SpA 55->65

Meowstic Keen Eye->Prankster, HA Prankster->Feline Power, SpA 83->50

Mewostic-Female Keen Eye->Competitive, HA Competitive->Feline Power, SpA 83->50 

Meowth HA Unnerve->Feline Power

Persian HA Unnerve->Feline Power, SpA 65->55

Alolan Meowth HA Rattled->Feline Power, SpA 50->40

Alolan Persian HA Rattled->Feline Power, SpA 75->50

Added Iron Head move tutor in Celadon

Added a tutor in Saffron that teaches Hydro Pump, Drill Run, Blaze Kick, Pain Split, 

Zen Headbutt, Weather Ball, Air Slash, Hex, Mystical Fire, Seed Bomb, and Leaf Blade

Teleport updated to Gen 8 move effect

Changed TM34 Shock wave to TM34 Teleport, added in game location

Changed TM32 Double Team to TM32 Solar Blade, can be found in same spot in Safari Zone

Changed TM48 Skill Swap to TM48 Meteor Beam, still found in same spot 

Changed TM41 Torment to TM41 Dragon Dance

Changed TM20 Safeguard to TM20 Hyper Voice 

Added TM42 Facade Location in Route 10(Lavender Town side) 

Scope Lens available in Mt Moon after attaining Rock Smash

Removed TM Roar from Celadon Mart, replaced with TM Toxic

Heart Scale sells for 4500 now

Added Frisk to field abilities that boost chance of wild Pokemon holding items if in lead spot (On top of Super Luck, CompoundEyes)

Fixed one of Blaine’s teams Torkoal not having Drought, optimized some of the sets/EVs 

Slightly tweaked Koga’s team 

Significantly buffed Erika’s team

Fixed Clair’s Kingdra having Fishious Rend, slightly tweaked her team

Buffed & tweaked Sabrina’s team

Buffed & tweaked Giovanni’s final team 

Slightly modified Brock’s rematch team

Slightly modified every E4 member’s team

CFRU Additions:

Triple Axel now has new animation

Using Continental Crush animation for Meteor Beam as placeholder

New buffs:

Move Buffs:

Arm Thrust 15 BP -> 25 BP

Dragon Hammer 90 BP->100 BP

Skull Bash now raises both Attack and Defense on charging turn rather than just Defense 

Pokemon buffs:

Meganium Grass->Grass/Fairy, can learn Play Rough from Move Tutor and Dazzling Gleam from TM, Strength Sap from Egg Moves, Draining Kiss on evolution & at Level 1. Reverted stats back to vanilla.

Electivire can learn Bulk Up by TM, Aura Sphere Move Tutor

Pidgeot can learn Focus Blast from TM, Hyper Voice from TM

Jynx can learn Aura Sphere move tutor, learns Psycho Boost at Level 80

Gothitelle learns Psycho Boost at Level 70

Magmortar gets Mega Launcher as Hidden Ability. Now learns Aura Sphere by Move Tutor, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse by ™, Scald by TM  

Camerupt gets Scald by ™

Magcargo gets Scald by TM 

Seel line gets Scald by TM

Lapras gets Scald by TM 

Walrein line gets Scald by TM 

Basculin attack 92->110 

Bouffalant Speed 55->65, Head Smash as Egg Move 

Crustle Speed 45->55

Carbink learns Recover at Level 65

Drifblim learns Nasty Plot from move tutor

Zangoose hidden Ability Toxic Boost->Tough Claws

Gorebyss SpA 114->104, Water->Water Fairy, Hidden Ability Hydration->Regenerator, learns TM Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast at Level 65

Huntail Attack 104->94, Water->Water Dark, Ability Swift Swim->Intimidate, Hidden Ability Water Veil->Strong Jaw, learns Aqua Fang at level 50 instead of Hydro Pump, Crunch at Level 65 instead of 34. Learns Psychic Fangs at Level 1. Can learn Psychic Fangs from Move Tutor.

Kanto Marowak HP 60->80,SpA 50->30. Learns Head Smash through Egg Move

Octillery Ability Sheer Force->Suction Cups, Hidden Ability Moody->Skill Link, Speed 45->75

Sawsbuck can learn TM Earthquake, Rock Slide

Sandslash Attack 100->110, Defense 110->120, SpA 45->25, SpDef 55->65

Alolan Sandslash Attack 100->110

Swoobat HP 67->75, Defense 55->65

Throh Defense, SpDef 85->95 

Sawk Defense, SpDef 75->80, Speed 85->95 

Stoutland HP 85->90, Attack 110->115

Turtwig learns Shell Smash, Grav Apple as Egg Move 

Kricketune Swarm->Technician, learns Pin Missile at level 22 instead of Focus Energy

Infernape Attack 104->110, SpA 104->110, Speed 108->113 can learn Aura Sphere from Move Tutor, learns Pyro Ball at Level 68 instead of Flare Blitz

Hitmonlee learns Pyro Ball at Level 66

Toxicroak can learn Aura Sphere from Move Tutor

Terrakion, Virizion, Cobalion can learn Aura Sphere from Move Tutor

Toucannon HP 80->90

Trevenant attack 110->120, Defense 76->82

Hitmonchan Attack 105->125

Cryogonal Special Attack 95->110

Jellicent Hidden Ability Damp->Water Bubble, Defense 70->80, SpA 85->60

Liepard Ability Limber->Moxie

Lurantis Grass->Grass/Fighting, Speed 45->55

Musharna Hidden Ability Telepathy->Unaware

Comfey gets Spore as Egg Move

Clawitzer Speed 59->72 

Delphox can learn Nasty Plot through Move Tutor

Dhelmise learns Spirit Shackle at Level 64

Decidueye Hidden Ability Long Reach->Tinted Lens 

Hariyama hidden ability Sheer Force->Gluttony 

Mismagius HP 60->70, Defense 60->70

Pangoro Hidden Ability Scrappy->Quick Feet

Samurott Water->Water/Steel, Hidden Ability Shell Armor->Blademaster, Learns Smart Strike at Level 1, Razor Shell at Level 70 instead of 18 (Same for Evos), Learns Scald at Level 18 instead of Razor Shell 

Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon can learn Calm Mind

Flareon Speed 65->95, SpA 95->65, learns Sacred Fire at Level 70

Typhlosion ability Blaze->Flash Fire, Hidden Ability Flash Fire->Blazing Soul, learns Scorching Sands at Level 61, can learn Grass Knot

Whimsicott can learn Weather Ball from Move Tutor

Swanna can learn Hydro Pump from Move Tutor

Doublade learns Smart Strike on evolution

Ledian can learn Close Combat from Move Tutor

Vibrava Hidden Ability: Tinted Lens

Flygon Ability 2->Compound Eyes, Hidden Ability: Tinted Lens, HP 80->100, Special Attack 80->100

Kingdra HP 75->85 

Noctowl Ability 2 Tinted Lens->Keen Eye, still gets Tinted Lens as Hidden. Changed learning Oblivion Wing at 55 to Level 70

Clefable learns Teleport at Level 1

Slowbro, Slowking learn Teleport at Level 1

Onix, Steelix learn Earthquake at Level 57

Bellossom learns Moonblast at Level 1, Fiery Dance at Level 64

Blitzle, Zebstrika Motor drive->Sap Sipper, Hidden Ability Sap Sipper->Flare Boost, can learn TM Flamethrower

Victini learns Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt at Level 1

Sunflora learns Seed Flare at Level 50, can learn Overheat from TM

Inverted all Pumkaboo, Gourgeist forms Attack, Special Attack. 

Gourgeist Hidden Ability Insomnia->Flare Boost

Goomy gets Wish as Egg Move

Goodra can learn Dragon Dance, Giga Drain, Scald, ,and Drain Punch from TM . Learns Dragon Hammer at Level 75

Bagon gets Wish as Egg Move (Long ago there was a Japanese gift event that gave a wish Bagon)

Oricorio learns Quiver Dance at Level 60

Mudsdale learns Slack Off at Level 65

Delphox HA Magician->Magic Guard

Empoleon HA Defiant->Competitive, can learn TM Calm Mind, can learn Nasty Plot from move tutor

Luxray can learn Nasty Plot from move tutor

Oranguru HP 105->90, Hidden Ability Symbiosis->Sage Power

Passimian learns Mach Punch at Level 1, Sucker Punch at level 56

Swoobat can learn Hurricane from move tutor

Sigilyph can learn Hurricane from move tutor 

Mothim can learn Hurricane from move tutor

Vespiquen can learn Hurricane from move tutor

Archeops can learn  Hurricane move tutor, ™ Meteor Beam

Medicham can learn Close Combat from move tutor

Audino learns Moonblast at Level 65

Honedge, Doublade No Guard ->Blademaster

Heliolisk learns Boomburst at Level 70

Ambipom learns Arm Thrust at Level 60, Triple Axel at Level 65

Bounsweet learns Grav Apple at Level 44

Steenee learns Grav Apple at Level 48

Tsareena learns Grav Apple at Level 66

Gloom learns Apple Acid at Level 66

Vileplume learns Apple Acid at Level 70

Roserade learns Apple Acid at Level 70

Lilligant learns Apple Acid at Level 65

Druddigon learns Dragon Hammer at Level 70

Electrode learns Flash Cannon by TM 

Gallade learns Shadow Claw by TM 

Dusknoir learns Shadow Claw by TM 

Noivern SpA 97->102, learns Aeroblast at Level 75 instead of Boomburst(still learns Boomburst at Level 1)

Tyrogue gets Skull Bash as Egg Move

Charmander gets Fire Lash as Egg Move

Altaria learns Hurricane from move tutor, Calm Mind from ™

Pokemon Nerfs:

Primeape Attack 105->95

Mega Sceptile SpA 135->130

Melmetal Iron Fist -> Clear Body (Because of buff to Iron Fist, and hes already insanely strong)

Removed Typhlosion learning Eruption at Level 1 (still learns at level 82)

Removed Melmetal learning Double Iron Bash at Level 1 (still learns at level 85)

Changed Swampert learning Surging Strikes from level 56 to level 82

Changed Primeape learning Close Combat from level 39 to Level 70

Removed Cross Chop from Mankey/Primeape learnsets 

Changed Pansear learning Fire Blast from 34 to Level 50

Removed Simipour learning Scald at Level 1

Removed Exploud learning Boomburst at Level 1 (still learns at Level 58)

Wingull Ability Hydration->Raindish, HA Rain Dish->Hydration

Pelipper Ability Drizzle ->Raindish, HA Rain Dish -> Drizzle 

Torkoal Ability Drought->Shell Armor, HA Shell Armor->Drought

Sharpedo learning Aqua Fang at 58 to level 75

Weavile learns Triple Axel at Level 60->Level 74

Changed Kabutops attack from 85 back to 115, now gets Blademaster instead of Intrepid Sword. Learns Razor Shell on evolution instead of Slash, Sacred Sword at Level 63 instead of Wring Out. 

Did the Gen 8 nerfs to Aegislash (150->140 for Defenses in Shield Form, 150->140 to Attack in Sword Form)

Removed Quick Claw as a possible held item for all Pokemon that used to hold it

Replaced Quick Claw in Safari Zone with TM Iron Tail

Electivire Attack 123->113, Special Attack 95->105, now learns Plasma Fists at Level 70 instead of 62

Floatzel Attack 105->95, SpA 85->90, HP 80->85, learns Surging Strikes at Level 80 instead of 57

Accelgor SpA 100->95, Sheer Force->Unburden, HA Unburden->Sheer Force

Removed Boomburst from Taillow’s Egg Moves, Swellow learns Boomburst at Level 65


  1. Reverted Fearow’s Attack from 105->90
  2. Reverted Vespiquen’s speed from 30->40 
  3. Changed Floatzel’s Attack from 105->100, base HP 85->80, Technician-> Swift Swim, HA Water Veil-> Technician
  4. Revert Klinklang Steelworker, Steelworker->Plus, Minus, HA Clear Body->Steelworker
  5. Inserting images for every new item except Mega Stones
  6. Added drop locations for Scizorite, Salamencite, Pinsirite
  7. Added additional Rival battle


  1. Added Keldeo legendary encounter
  2. Added a Yellow Shard exchanger for Cosplay Pikachus
  3. Added item images for all Mega Stones, and other new items


  1. Added new abilities
    1. Striker – Boosts kicking moves by 1.3x, given to Tsareena and Hitmonlee as HAs
    2. Blademaster – Boosts sword/cutting moves by 1.2x and increases their crit rate by +1, given to Mega Gallade 
    3. Sage Power – Gorilla Tactics but for Special Attack, given to the Simis as HAs
  2. Buffs to existing abilities
    1. Can now use healing moves on loafing around turns for Pokemon with Truant 
    2. Defeatist activates at ⅓ health instead of ½ 
  3. Changed aid in Fuschia to give two battle items 
  4. Added weather rock seller 
  5. Can encounter Castform in Safari Zone 2
  6. Slightly modified Sabrina’s team
  7. Slightly modified Lt Surge’s team
  8. Fixed some cut trees
  9. CFRU fixes:
    1. Flying mons can now flee from Arena Trap 
    2. Triple Kick/Triple Axel fixed 


  1. Entei learns Extremespeed at level 1
  2. Houndoom learns Dark Pulse at level 56 instead of Crunch
  3. Hail chip damage increased from 1/16 -> 1/12 
  4. New ability introduced: Icy Veil: If hailing on switch in, create a mini Aurora Veil(Lasts 3 turns, not boosted by Light Clay). Given to Glaceon and Lapras as Hidden Abilities
  5. Cannot Thief/Magician trainers
  6. New move: Aqua Fang. 90 BP with 10% chance to flinch, boosted by Strong Jaw. Sharpedo learns it at level 62 instead of Night Slash, Bruxish learns it at level 48, Gyarados learns it at Level 42 instead of Hydro Pump, Basculin learns it at level 42 instead of Thrash 
  7. Fixed Deerling/Sawsbuck alternate forms having bugged level up learnset 
  8. New ability: Surprise! Does one of 5 random effects on switch in. Signature hidden ability of Delibird. 


  1. Modified Champion Gary’s team a little 
  2. Fixed the Aid Mega Starter stone bug
  3. Fixed the Game Corner spawning Shiny/Hidden Ability Exploit
  4. Added wimpod location in Route 12 fishing w/Good Rod for this dumbass Xan


  1. Lapras Water/Ice->Water/Dragon 
  2. Granbull Fairy->Fairy/Fighting, HP 90->100
  3. Raichu HP 60->70, Attack 90->80, SpA 90->100 
  4. Luvdisc Ability Hydration->Soul-Heart, SpA 40->110
  5. Mega Aggron Steel->Steel/Dragon, Ability Filter->Clear Body
  6. Stick along with boosting Farfetch’d crit rate chance also boosts speed by 1.5x. Farfetch’d Normal/Flying->Flying/Fighting, speed 85->65


  1. Added happiness checker + groomer in Cerulean 
  2. Added Mega Stone locations for Latios, Latias, Medicham 
  3. Fixed bug relating to infinite Slowbronite, Moltres 
  4. Did a bunch of wild Pokemon tweaking
  5. Change Chuck giving 5 focus sashes to 1
  6. Reduced Walrein base HP 110->90
  7. Added TM locations for Focus Blast, Roost, Dark Pulse 
  8. Whismur line have rare chance of holding Throat Spray
  9. Graveler, Golem have common chance of holding Weakness Policy 
  10. Hawlucha has common chance of holding Power herb
  11. Shelmet has rare chance of holding Rocky Helmet 
  12. Added Nasty Plot move tutor by Fuschia 
  13. Mega Absol gets Blademaster, Leavanny gets Blade master as HA 
  14. Changed Blademaster boost from 1.2x to 1.1x 
  15. Added some Meteor Beam distribution
  16. Added sacred sword to Leavanny and Farfetch’d level up learnset 
  17. Reduced Kabutops attack 90->85
  18. Electivire can learn Close Combat from move tutor, Iron Fist as Hidden Ability
  19. Icy Protector not working properly, so removed temporarily
  20. Added guy who gives random fossil Pokemon in Cinnabar

v1.7 to v1.8

Fixed bug relating to Shard Collector

Fixed Darmanitan-Zen level up learnset

v1.8 to v1.9

Charge Beam 10% accuracy ->100% acc

Shellos evolving at Level 32 -> 30

Absorb Bulb key item ->regular item

Fixed Seafoam Islands strength boulders not working 

Fix Fuschia Egg Move Tutor Heart Scale text 

Removed Pixilate from Dunsparce and reverted to Serene Grace, Run Away

Fixed incorrect Cubone Spawn in Pokemon Tower

Fixed happinesss groomer so that he only grooms once a day. Also only gives 30 happiness points instead of 50.


Added Fury Cutter, Solar Blade to moves boosted by Blademaster

Kingdra learns Snipe Shot at Level 70

Can now evolve Rockruff to Lycanroc Dusk using Dusk Stone 

If you want to download the latest version of the game, click here!