Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark

Pokemon Solar Light

Download Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark RPGXP Fan Game

Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark is a RPGXP Fangame made by Chai-Tao and WaterTrainer using Pokemon Essentials. It is now available to download and was last updated in ??.


As the game begins, you will encounter some challenges in obtaining your beginning pokemon. As you sat in front of the TV, watching different Pokemon Trainer fights throughout history. You like the conflicts and continue to gain battle skills from the elders. Suddenly, your mother enters the room and informs you that your best buddy Rodney is expecting you in pokemon solar light and lunar dark rpgxp download zip. The game features two main characters, one male and one female. Cole is the name of the male character, and Ella is the name of the female character. Several new journeys await you, and you must ensure that you accomplish them all on time.

Rodney, your friend, is waiting for you downstairs, and he says Professor Pinewood has summoned you to choose your first starter pokemon. Fortunately, you are anticipating the moment when the professor will call you and offer you with the starter pokemon. As there are various types of beginning pokemon available with the professor, all you have to do is pick one. Choosing the appropriate beginning is an important component of the game, and a better one makes your gaming much easier.


  • Different kind of storyline.
  • Professor Pinewood has different starters.
  • Amazing graphics and moves.
  • There are about 350+ new Fakemons available.
  • Rustbolt City’s Casino.
  • Different new rival teams.
  • Enemies have their own unique powers.
  • New tiles and Sprites.

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Chai-Tao and WaterTrainer