Pokemon Grueling Gold

Pokemon Grueling Gold

Download Pokemon Grueling Gold RPGXP FanGame

Pokemon Pathways is an RPGXP FanGame by phantombass made using RPG Maker XP & Pokemon Essentials. It is now available to download in English and It was last updated on January 24, 2024.

  • Creator: phantombass
  • Version: 1.2.27
  • Updated: January 24, 2024


Consider the multitude of individuals who traversed the expansive landscapes of Generation 2, only to find themselves contemplating the prospect, “Imagine how much more enjoyable this experience would have been with a meticulously crafted and logically balanced level curve.” Perhaps your desire extended beyond mere nostalgia, and you yearned for a revival of Johto that posed a more formidable challenge.

In that case, Grueling Gold beckons to you—an arduous endeavor meticulously designed as a fan game within the framework of v20.1 of Pokemon Essentials. Embrace the relentless trials that await in this challenging adaptation of the beloved region, where strategic prowess and tenacity are paramount for success.


  • Mega Evolution, including some custom megas
  • Updated base stats and movesets for normally underused Pokemon
  • Competitively challenging boss battles, gym leaders and rivals
  • Added story elements to combine nostalgia with a fresh take
  • Custom moves and abilities to give a more interesting competitive battling scene
  • 2 difficulty levels
  • An option to remove grinding and EVs
  • A Nuzlocke option
  • A Dexnav that works with day and night cycle so you can chain hunt encounters for shinies or egg moves and hidden abilities
  • Use of Essentials Deluxe to insert boss Pokémon and certain gimmicks within battles
  • A completely reworked and custom AI to optimize the battle experience and make the game actually difficult
  • Pokémon from gens 1-9 (no DLC mons until Kanto is released)
  • A fully working randomizer that can randomize encounters, static and gift mons, trainer teams, level up moves, abilities, and base stats
  • Expert mode now plays a good bit differently from normal mode! (1.2.0 update)

This first main release completes the Johto story with a Kanto post-game to follow at a later date.

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“Pokémon Essentials” was created by:
Poccil (Peter O.)

With contributions from:
AvatarMonkeyKirby, Marin, Boushy, MiDas Mike, Brother1440, Near Fantastica, FL., PinkMan, Genzai Kawakami, Popper, help-14, Rataime, IceGod64, SoundSpawn, Jacob O. Wobbrock, the__end, KitsuneKouta, Venom12, Lisa Anthony, Wachunga, Luka S.J., and everyone else who helped out

“mkxp-z” by:
Based on “mkxp” by Ancurio et al.

“RPG Maker XP” by:

Golisopod User
Nuri Yuri
Mej 71

Ekat & Idilio- tilesets

Pokemon Gen 9 Project:
-Eskiss (Original Legend Plate script)
-StCooler (Original PLA Expansion script for Gen 8 Project in v18 and Status sprites)
-PorousMist and curryofthepast (Adapting the PLA Expansion script script for v19.1 use)

-PorousMist (Updated the abilities, items, and moves description)
-DJChaos (TM Items)
-Futuresushi (Shortened abilities and moves description)

Pokemon Battler Sprites:
-Gen 1-5 Pokemon Sprites – veekun
-Gen 6 Pokemon Sprites – All Contributors To Smogon X/Y Sprite Project
-Gen 7 Pokemon Sprites – All Contributors To Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
-Gen 8 Pokemon Sprites – All Contributors To Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project
-PLA Pokemon Sprites – Smogon Sprite Project
Blaquaza, KingOfThe-X-Roads, KattenK, Travis, G.E.Z., SpheX, Hematite, SelenaArmorclaw
-Gen 9 Pokemon Sprites – KingOfThe-X-Roads, Mak, Caruban, jinxed, leParagon, Sopita_Yorita, Azria, Mashirosakura,
JordanosArt, Abnayami, OldSoulja, Katten, Divaruta 666, Clara, Skyflyer, AshnixsLaw, ace_stryfe
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Blaquaza, KattenK, Travis, G.E.Z., SpheX, Hematite

Pokemon Icon Sprites:
-Gen 1-6 Pokemon Icon Sprites – Alaguesia, harveydentmd
-Gen 7 Pokemon Icon Sprites – Marin, MapleBranchWing, Contributors to the DS Styled Gen 7+ Repository
-Gen 8 Icon Sprites – Larry Turbo, Leparagon
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-Gen 9 Icon Sprites – ezerart, JordanosArt
-PLA Vanilla Icon Sprites – LuigiTKO, Pikafan2000, Cesare_CBass, Vent, Cesare_Cbass, MultiDiegoDani, leParagon, JWNutz
and thanks for Pokémon Icons Act 2.9 – Teracristalizando
-Gen 9 Vanilla Icon Sprites – Vent, Katten, leParagon, Cesare_CBass, AlexandreV2.0, Carmanekko, GRAFAIAIMX
also thanks to Axel Loquendo, CarmaNekko, Divaruta 666, Okyo, JLauz735, and ClaraDragon for Iconos 9na Gen gba completos

Pokemon Gen 9 Overworld sprites:
-Gen 1-5 Pokemon Overworlds – MissingLukey, help-14, Kymoyonian, cSc-A7X, 2and2makes5, Pokegirl4ever, Fernandojl, Silver-Skies, TyranitarDark, Getsuei-H, Kid1513, Milomilotic11, Kyt666, kdiamo11, Chocosrawlooid, Syledude, Gallanty, Gizamimi-Pichu, 2and2makes5, Zyon17,LarryTurbo, spritesstealer, LarryTurbo
-Gen 6+ Berry Tree Overworlds – Anarlaurendil
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-Gen 7 Pokemon Overworlds – Larry Turbo, princess-pheonix
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-PLA Pokemon Overworlds – Boonzeet, DarkusShadow, princess-phoenix, Ezeart, WolfPP
-Gen 9 Pokemon Overworlds – Azria, DarkusShadow, EduarPokeN, Carmanekko, StarWolff, Caruban

Pokemon Footprints :
-Gen PLA-9 Pokemon Footprints – Caruban

Pokemon Cries:
-Gen 1-6 Pokemon Cries – Rhyden
-Gen 7 Pokemon Cries – Marin, Rhyden
-Gen 8 Pokemon Cries – Zeak6464
-PLA Pokemon Cries – Morningdew
-Gen 9 Pokemon Cries –
Edited from Lightblade Absol’s Gen 9 Cries compilation video
Edited from HeroLinik’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Walking Wake and Iron Leaves Cries video
Edited from HeroLinik’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – All Teal Mask Cries video

Item sprites:
-Gen 9 item sprites – lichenprincess, Caruban, jinxed
-PLA item sprites – AztecCroc, 3DJackArt, Caruban, lichenprincess

Pokeballs battle animation and summary icon:
-WolfPP (Beast ball battle animation)

Compilation of Resources:
-Gen 9 Pack – Caruban
-Gen 8/9 Resized Sprites – http404error
-Gen 8 Pack – Golisopod User, UberDunsparce

Phantombass – art, all other scripts and plug-ins not mentioned, mapping, events

ThatWelshOne_ – feedback, etc., and the Quest UI

Pokémon is owned by:
The Pokémon Company
Affiliated with Game Freak

This is a non-profit fan-made game.
No copyright infringements intended.
Please support the official games!